Vodafone is a known name to all. It is a multinational telecommunication company with its headquarter in London, UK. It was founded in 1991. This world leading Telecommunication Company with its subsidiaries all over provides the services regarding products like fixed line and mobile telephony, internet services and digital television. In Australia, the brand Vodafone operates in a joint venture. It is a 50-50 merger between Vodafone Australia and Hutchison 3G Australia. In Australia, its headquarter is in North Sydney, New South Wales. Founded in 2009, it comprises of 4500 employees and approximately 5.4 million Vodafone users. It is known as VHA (Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Limited) in Australia. It mainly provides services for prepaid and posts paid mobile phones and wireless broadband to the denizens.

vodafone australia

vodafone australia

How to recharge Vodafone Australia account Vodafone recharge options

So, you already have a Vodafone mobile, its account and are connected to it. The only thing you are wondering about is how to recharge it. It is not a big deal. In fact, it’s very easy, and there are many processes to recharge. However, the fastest would be to recharge online via express recharge.

Vodafone Express Recharge

After being registered to Vodafone, to recharge via express recharge, you need to go to the website of Vodafone Australia www.vodafone.com.au”. Then, go to the top up options and select recharge now. You have to enter your Vodafone number, a valid one. Then only, you can proceed further. After entering your mobile number, you have to choose the top-up method. This may be done through your credit or debit card or the recharge voucher. Then you have to enter the amount to top-up. Then, provide the information about your credit or debit card which you used to register for the Vodafone account. You might have to provide another Vodafone number for the confirmation. Then click continue.

Vodafone recharge application

You can recharge via the website of Vodaphone, the application of Vodafone in your Android or iOS devices or person as well. If you are trying to recharge through website or application, the accepted payments are credit cards, debit cards, PayPal or MasterCard. Also, there are many outlets that provide you with the recharge vouchers. Just look for the Vodafone signs in any outlets in your city. In the website or application, you have to click recharge with a voucher and enter the number in the voucher. The next idea to recharge is to visit a Vodafone store in person, and you can have your account recharged right away. You can also send TXT to 1511 and then follow the prompted advice for recharging. However, before using TXT service, you will have to have recharged using other methods first.

Just hop on the website of Vodafone Australia, www.vodafone.com.au, and there are ample of choices to recharge. You can use any according to your convenience.