Making your choice after +2


Choosing your faculty after +2  can be quite challenging. Since that decision will somehow shape your life, it is very important to make decision wisely at that time. If you are from a management you have comparatively easy choice because the choice will be limited. But if you are science student in +2  like me there are chances you will be very confused. I did my + 2 in science. Then i had all the option after my +2 and it got me so confused. I could do engineering, IT, pure science, Medical, nursing ,agriculture or even choose other fields than science.

My own experience

By the end of my + 2 I realized science is not what I want to do so now I am doing my bachelors in Business Administration and I am quite happy with that decision I made. Since that timely decision that I took has proven so good for me, I wanted to write this article solely for our +2 appeared students.

  Stay calm and make your choice

You people will complete your high school in few months and will have so many choices .If you have already chose a course for you then you are one wise person. Well if you are like me who is still confused, don’t worry you will find your way. What I suggest in this case is that you can even take a break for a year and decide what you truly want to do. It is better to be late than regretting your decision for life. Yeah taking a break for a year can be depressing especially when you see your friends progressing but don’t worry it is actually fine. A year won’t make that much difference but choosing a wrong course definitely will. You don’t want to regret your decision all your life .

I have many friends who now regret their choices. You don’t want to do that. Wait until you are fully sure. Follow your passion and dreams. Know what you truly want to do all your life and choose course as per that. It is better to earn less with a job you love than earn more in a job you hate. I hope this article will help you .I am listing some course that you can take after you complete you +2 :


MBBS is definitely one of the biology students firsts choice. Well many people take biology so that they can do their MBBS . Doing  MBB in Nepal is not quite easy. The fee for private colleges is quite high and the seats in government colleges are very less. There is always a very tough competition. People go to entrance preparation academy right after their +2 to ace the entrance examination. If you study well and prepare yourself right you can get full scholarship to study MBBS in IOM or MOE. Some of the entrance preparation institutions are NAME, Vibrant and so on.


Engineering is another highly appreciated field in Nepal for science student with physics and math as their core subject.  Getting admission in engineering college is also quite challenging. There are also entrance preparation institution you can choose after +2 . They guide you with the IOE entrance examination. If you can do well you will get admission in the most reputed college of engineering in Nepal Pulchowk Engineering college. The students giving the entrance examination is quite high so if you really want to get into a college then you must give all you have. Otherwise ,you can also study in private college .

Information Technology

Information technology is the future and with all the technological advances throughout the world, IT is a demanding course not just in Nepal but everywhere. There are many colleges in Nepal for IT studies that run with foreign and national affiliation. If you are the one who has passion for technology then IT is the course for you. The good news is students from both science and IT can choose this field after +2. And don’t worry about the scope there is no way you can be jobless with IT degree.  IT was nor very popular before but has gained appreciation these days. For science students there is even Bsc.IT . BSc. IT is slightly different than BIT.

 The main issue in Nepal these days is lack of proper management. So you can anticipate yourself how big is scope of management. There is no field in the world which doesn’t require management .So if you want to get into management then that is also fine. Dreaming of those fancy corporate jobs, then yes management is what you want to do. I will be listing few popular courses in Nepal in management.


BBA stands for Bachelors in Business Administration . This is a comprehensive course that prepares market ready middle level managers. You want to make future in corporate field or even see yourself as entrepreneur then BBA is right course for you. You need to pass Central management Admission test to get admission in BBA in TU affiliated colleges and KUUMAT to get admission in   KU affiliated college. You can prepare from your CMAT by yourself or even join some institution. There are many institution in market.

You can even get international with foreign affiliated colleges. BBA will prepare for the market but it is always up to you and how much you can make of your degree. It is 4 year course and is valued as one of the top management course .


 BBS stands for Bachelors in Business studies .BBS is also quite similar to BBA . Previously it was a three year course but now is 4 year course . The teaching approach and only few subjects differ from BBA otherwise it is quite similar. People who want to work while they study choose BBS since many college provide morning classes for BBS. BBS degree also has its own integrity.                             

Hotel management

Hotel management has always been very popular course. If you have love the hospitality business an d culinary art then you can choose Hotel management. To study hotel management you need to do you +2 with core subject hotel management . Hotel management has very good scope all over the world. NATHM is the top college for hotel management studies. The course overall is also very fun. You get practical experience while studying and students quite enjoy it.