Netflix has been introduced to Nepal, and there’s a lot of hype. Due to the large variety that one can watch in Netflix. Its impossible to choose what to watch. So here are some honourable mentions

  1. 13 Reasons Why( Season 1 and Season 2):13 Reason is surrounded by a lot of controversies and is known for many reasons. Mainly being produced and promoted by actor/singer Selena Gomez. It is about a girl, named Hannah Baker and she committed suicide. In this series, she tells 13 reasons why she gave up her life in cassettes recording. It’s filled with mystery and anticipation. As it focused on such a sensitive topic as bullying and suicide, it has a lot of mixed reviews. But it is worth to watch.
  2. Anjaan: Special Crime Units: An Indian Crime series which is about two officer solving crimes. Viewers have given a high rating to this series as it has a touch of supernatural, thriller and possibly horror.
  3. How I met your mother: This is a romantic comedy. It is a sitcom where the main lead character named Ted, tells his son and daughter about how he met their mother. The show has grown popular over the years for its unique structure and humour and infusion of dramatic elements.
  4. Breaking bad: Created and produced by Vince Gilligan it is a  neo-western crime drama. It is about Walter White, a depressed chemistry teacher who is suffering from lung cancer. With one of his student Jesse Pinkman, he started to produce and promote crystallised methamphetamine. Breaking bad refers to either raising hell or changing the lifestyle to the criminal lifestyle.
  5. The Flash: The flash is an American superhero series in Netflix. Flash is a superhero who has a power of super speed. The series is about him and all the fight scenes. It is supposedly a spin-off of another great series called arrow which was loved by many.
  6. Game of Thrones: A classic, most mainstream Netflix series. It revolves around the politics and conflicts among the dynastic noble families. It is about seven kingdoms and Iron Throne. An eventful adult series, with 7 seasons.

Hope you like the list. There are so much more you can watch. Here is the website that will lead you with full list of shows that you can watch.