Zoos in Nepal

Why should zoo be banned

Central Zoo in Jawalakhel is the only zoo the country. It was first formed by Juddha Sumsher J.B. Rana as private zoo in 1932 but later it was made accessible to the public.It covers area of around six hectares. There is around 700 animals of around 108 species. This is a data of 2067 but the number has increased now. It is attraction for many internal and external tourist. Another zoo is about to open in Bhaktapur that has wider area and claims better living condition for animals. The zoo was supposed to be started earlier but it is still under construction. But today this article is not an informative one or I am speaking about in favor of these zoos. I am talking about why zoo should be banned.

Condition of animals in the zoo

It claims that it will have better spaces and areas for animals. They claim they will take proper care of animals and that they will try to make it as their natural habitat. But is it ever possible ?

There is no way an animal can happily live in zoo. No matter how good care you will take of the animals they will always be sad and lonely. But who cares? We are so busy mocking them, watching them roar out of frustration. Who cares about the loneliness and frustration they are going through. Just imagine yourself being trapped in a cage with all the facility and not being able to do what you want to do.

When I look at the tigers in the central zoo at Jawalakhel, I get frustrated. Is that what we humans are supposed to do ? The tigers have forgotten how to roar.They are no more the fierce hunters of The jungle whose one roar would shake the forest. They are now that pathetic creatures trapped in man made cage waiting for food and water. They can no more be in the forest. And all these for what ? For the sake of man’s entertainment. Is not it the cruelest form of humanity.

But at least the tigers are a little open space. The bears and the leopards are in even more severe condition. The cage is so small. they can do nothing and when they roar out of frustration we clap and enjoy their frustration. I don’t understand when humans became so cruel that we no more even realize the crime we are doing to these innocent animals. Being the most smart creature it is our responsibility that we let them live on their own and if possible protect them from being extinct. But what are we doing? We are capturing them and making money out of that. The under construction zoo has even more space and will include more species of animals. They will be torturing more animals. And what are we doing ? we are waiting for it to open soon also that we can make fun of those animals condition.

Why should we ban Zoo ?

It is even more surprising when the animals right activist are watching all 0f these and doing nothing. Now it is high time that we ban zoos. We are doing  pure torture to these creatures. They want to live in their natural habitat, live on their own. The forest has its own system and we should not interfere in the wildlife. If possible we should protect them like they do in National parks. But National parks should also not be turned into tourist area. Just imagine someone peeking into your home, capturing pictures. The wildlife should not be accessible to human. Animals are not meant to be captured.

Condition of birds in the Zoo

The zoo has around 100 species of birds. All those beautiful creatures have to live in a cage and can not fly. How can a bird live without flying? Flocks of birds are living in a small space. As they reproduce the space becomes even more smaller for them to live. The condition of every animals is pathetic in the zoo. Have you been through the aquatic section ? Marine fishes are living in a small aquarium with artificial heat, oxygen, food and man made living condition. The fishes that would have been swimming in some sea are now living inside a box with no place to even swim. Being the smartest creature we should think of all the living kind and what are we doing instead? We are being cruel to them, we are capturing them and using them for business, entertainment.

Why we should not interfere in the wild life ?

There is a lot of interference going on these days in the wildlife. Forest itself is a system. It has own set of rules and working mechanism. We should not make changes in the mechanism. It will eventually affect us as well.But humans are interfering in the wildlife. Animals need their privacy and want to live on its own. From safety point of view as well it is not safe for both humans and wild animals. When any wild animal by any chance enters the human civilization, we do not take a minute to kill it. But when it comes to us we do everything that we want to. We kill them for money and we capture them for entertainment.

What if someday these animals start fighting for their rights? Is it possible? Is it possible for these creatures to realize that we have been torturing them for long and they start to rebel? Well you can never say anything. What if this actually happens ?

What can we do to ban zoos ?

Well lets not go there but I hope we can someday finally ban zoo. For now as well if we all just stop visiting the zoo we can help those animals. If no one will visit the zoo, they will have to shut it down eventually someday. Please share your views on this issue in the comment section below.