Avengers end game has become one of the greatest hit of marvel movies. Not just among marvel movies but it has become one of the highest collecting movies. And why wouldn’t it be ? The movie is just amazing. It has put an strong end to the movie even though many movies are still coming, End game has done so much justice to all these years of marvel movies.

Marvel definitely has the best super heroes and the best villains as swell. For me thanos is the greatest villain ever and the super heroes don’t need any introduction. Avengers have given so much memory to many of us . And for all the marvel fans, End game is must to watch. The movie is still running on theaters and I suggest everyone to watch it at least once. In my case I have watched it twice coming to this day. So in the article I am listing few reasons why End game is a big hit.  There are so many elements in the movie that makes it amazing . But I warn you that if you have not watched the movie yet, this article is going to spoil everything.

Tony stark has a heart

 From the very first of the very first Iron man Movies, Pepper pods believes that Iron Man has a heart. Yes he is a bit moody or arrogant at times, but he is the one who loves the world and the avengers team a lot. Throughout the marvel movies he seems like the selfish one or the one who stays far from the team. But if there is anyone who cares the most about the team. Then its iron man himself. Tony stark sacrifices himself for the Universe and for the people he loves.

Iron man is the one to take risks for the team. In Avengers : Age of Utron, he was the one to create the Ultron. But then he is  also the one to make it right. He may come off a bit arrogant or selfish but he always thinks for other. He has sacrificed time and again for the team . Iron man sacrifices himself for sake of others a lot of time. I love how at the end despite knowing that he will die he gives up his life. He snatches the stones and does the final snap which not only kills the thanos army but he destructs himself as well. Another great thing in this part is when Peppers says “ You can now rest “, He finally got the sweet release of death. Yes we don’t want to loose our Iron Man but look at how he dies. He dies for the one he loved so I don’t think there is any great sacrifice than that. He even has to leave his daughter and Pepper alone but he chooses to do it for the sake of universe. These ending makes end gam even better.

Ultimate definition of friendship                          

 While many people talk about how Iron Man sacrificed himself for the sake of universe. I can’t help but appreciate back widow for giving up her life for the soul stone. It is just amazing to see two friends trying to save each other. That scene gave me goose bumps. From the very beginning I love the friendship of black widow and Hawk eye .

They have been there for each other always. And at the end as well ,they try to be for each other. They try to save one another and kill themselves but Black widow succeed and kills herself. This friendship is amazing. Back widow has always been the one to keep the team together, she has no family but avengers and at the end she dies for the avengers and for their mission to save the Universe. Her love for her friend Hawkeye is beautifully portrayed in the movie. 

Hawk Eye gets his family and get to be with them just because of Black widow. She has immense love for him and the whole avengers team. In other marvel movies also she has constantly been there for everyone specially hawk Eye. These two show the ultimate definition of love and friendship. This is the beauty of the movie.

Captain America and Margaret

 Another very beautiful thing about the movie is how Margaret and Steve get to do their dance. From many reasons to love Captain America one of the greatest reason is his love for Margaret. He lost his seventy years of life in ice and never gets to be with Margaret. Throughout the movie even though he meets so many girls, his love toward Margaret never changes and he never looks for any on else. But the tragedy is  that they never get to be together throughout the movie.

But in end game, while Captain America goes to restore the stones, he takes those seventy years of his life back. He comes as a old man with all the beautiful memories he had with Margaret. In end game they finally get to there dance. From the  first series of Captain America these two wait for that dance. And finally get to do that. End game has so many emotions from love, friendship to hatred and sacrifice. This scene is one of the best part in the movie.

Thanos is evitable 

 I have already mentioned in my other article that I am a big fan of Villains. And thanos is definitely my favorite . But having said that I can’t ignore the fact that he did really bad to the universe. But his role and  his dialogues are just iconic. Thanos is inevitable, this dialogue is my favorite but in end game thanos dies. I am sorry if you have not watched the movie and I spoiled it . But Thanos finally dies in end game . So the new statement is that Thanos is evitable. Thanos not only dies in End gam but Avengers together restore half of the lives of Universe. Thanos kills half the universe in Infinity war and in end game Avengers together restore their life.