Are you thinking about blogging? Then read this post carefully. There are various tools for blogging but wordpress is the best. When WordPress born then the previous hotspot for blogging platform nearly die. WordPress is the best of the best blogging tool that allows you to make your blog world class.

How to Learn WordPress in Nepal?

To make a blog on wordpress, first go to and click on sign up button. A new page will open and you have to field all the required fields. Make attention while filling the site address field because it is the address of your blog like After fill the form you are asked to choose theme for your blog, that is the design of your blog. You are not required to have a programming knowledge. Follow every instructions shown in the registration process, choose a nice theme and update your blog regularly. It will help you to be established in blogging field.

WordPress is not just for blogging it is everything. You can make any kind of site including social networking site like facebook for free and you are not required to have any programming knownledeg. The user intraface of wordpress is also awesome. So what are you waiting for? We will be happy to welcome you in the field of blogging.