WOW TIME Live TV is a first linear TV and Video on demand (VOD) service in Nepal provide by Nepal Telecom for its customer in collaboration with Win Nepal Pvt. Ltd. With the increasing demand for quality services and enhancement in technology, Nepal Telecom now has started WOWTIME TV. WOWTIME is accessible to the active mobile users of Nepal Telecom. The wow time can be accessed over NT network and WIFI as well. Upon the successful registration into the WOWTIME, Users can enjoy features as:

This perfectly matches with the changing lifestyle and culture in urban communities of Nepal. You can now watch everything in your smart Phone. Catch the latest updates on your way home, make your boring road trip interesting with your favorite movie. Basically, WOW Time provide your television in your hand at a reasonable cost.


wow time live tv app

WOWTIME aims to provide quality linear TV service along with numbers of Video on Demand, informative sections such as FM all in one single app to all the Nepal Telecom GSM and CDMA Mobile users. The best thing is it has a pay per view system so you are not paying extra for what you haven’t watched. Basically, it what we are doing right now we are paying for hundreds of channels that we don’t even watch. WOWTIME eliminates that which is the best thing about WOWTIME.
With more than 130 channels, 50 radio channels, thousands of movies, WOW TIME LIVE TV is a complete package of entertainment.

How to get the wow time app in your Phone?

  • Download the wow time app for IOS or android. the shortcut link to download is
    WOWTIME Android:
  • Register with your NTC number.
  • Subscribe to enjoy all the premium tv channels that can be accessed on NT network or WiFi.

The wow time TV is much cheaper compared to other Television services. After registration, the wow time TV can be accessed over Nepal Telecom Network and on WiFi as well. You can buy affordable packages and watch your favorite show on your smartphone.

WOW TIME LIVE TV Subscription packages

  • 24 hrs package: You can watch all premium channels for 24 hrs paying just Rs 9.
  • 7 days package: You can get 7 days package for just RS 44 and can enjoy all channels.
  • 30 days package: You can get 30 days subscription package for Rs 99 only.

WOW TIME LIVE TV Data Packages

  • 2 hrs: You can buy 2 hrs data package at a price of NRs 45 which is valid for 7 days.
  • 4 hrs: You can buy 4 hrs data packs for NRs 80 which is valid for 14 days.
  • 6 hrs: You can buy 6 hrs data pack for NRs 115 and is valid for 21 days.

WOW TIME LIVE TV contact details


We are in the 21st century where everyone is very busy in their work and professional career. We don’t have time to sit at home and get some entertainment. We do not have time even to get updated with the news and other sports by sitting at a place and watching TV with family members, relatives or friends.

People are traveling every time from one place to another due to various reasons such as for study, for business purposes or for something else, which has an impact on our social life as well as in spending the time to get updated with the world and get connected to it. In this busy world, we need everything in our hands so that we can use it at any time of the day whenever we get time.

Considering these kinds of issues, Nepal telecom which is the
telecommunication service provider of Nepal for the communication has to start WOW TIME LIVE TV in collaboration with WIN PVT. LTD for watching TV channels, movies and films, and other many more purposes.

Telecom is the government-owned network provider in Nepal which has agreed to start and will provide WOW TIME with the Nepal telecom network to its potential customer. This is an app called WOW TIME app which was launched by the Nepal Telecom and the Win Nepal PVT. LTD and is available to download for NTC users from 2076 Ashoj 3.

According to the company win Nepal WOW TIME is the first TV and Video on demand at the over the top service to collaborate with Nepal only the largest oldest and one of the government level network service providers.

To get started with WOW TIME LIVE TV one has to download by using cellular data from NTC or by using WIFI once the Nepal Telecom provides the grant to subscribe to its active user. To start the service, first, you need to register with the app using the NTC mobile number to use this facility provided by Nepal Telecom.

How can you register WOW TIME app with the Nepal telecom number

Before you can enjoy the facilities provided by the Nepal telecom like using the WOW TIME LIVE TV app you need to register this app with your NTC, GSM, CDMA prepaid or postpaid SIM. Once you get registered using the following step then you can enjoy the features that are available.

  • First of all, you need to download the WOW TIME LIVE TV app to your mobile phone by using either a cellular data or by using WIFI.
  • Once the download is done open the app and sign in with Nepal Telecom by clicking on the “sign in” bottom.
  • On the process of registration, you need to provide your name and number so that you will get the password instantly in the number you have provided.
  • You need to enter the one time password that you get from the Nepal telecom.
  • Once you put the one time password provided by the telecom then the registration is successful.
  • Once the registration is successful then you can access all the tv channels, videos and many more from the app.

There is a different feature provided in the WOW TIME LIVE TV.
As we already came to know that this is the app launched by the telecom and the win Nepal to provide the recent video and many other entertainments like news update and many more to the Nepal telecom customer. This app has various features such as it provides

  • It also provides the video on demand such as the music video, funny video or the educational tutorial and many more.
  • This app is also very useful if you are a movie lover. It allows you to watch a movie of Nepali Hindi or English according to your wish at your fingertips.
  • For this, you only need to be a telecom network user and have to download the WOW TIME LIVE TV app and register with the network. Once you have done this by using WIFI or mobile data you can watch any movie of your choice available in the app.
  • We can also listen to the FM/News using this app. As the app is up to date.
  • LIVE TV channel to its customers.

WOW TIME subscription charges

Since the app has launched, it is free to subscribe by using the Nepal telecom network from the month of Ashoj 3,2074. Once the subscription is done we can use the app to watch our favorite channels and shows on the basis of weekly, monthly or on a daily basis for which it charges the regular data pack.

There are various subscription rates available while using WOW TIME LIVE TV and that depends on the time period you want to subscribe and the price rate you pay for it. There are various rates available for the subscription of NTC’s WOW TIME app. The different rate is listed below:

1. For a day subscription of WOW TIME live TV app it cost only Rs. 24.

2. For 7 days subscription of WOW TIME LIVE TV cost only RS. 90

3. In the same way, for the monthly subscription pack of the WOW TIME app, it cost Rs. 250 only.

The charges that are listed above are only for the subscription of the application and the different content available inside the app.

On the other hand, you will be charged a regular data rate or pack for the video or movies or news streaming services. But if you are using the WIFI for the app then you will not have to pay anything for watching the movies, video, news or FM and many more.

They have characterized different categories to use the WOW TIME app like some may like to only use YouTube videos and live TV whereas other like to watch only Nepali channels and some others like to listen to FM or music only. So the user of the application with different choices can choose the data pack for their need of interest.

Who can use WOW TIME app

Both the Android and the iOS mobile users can use this app by registering it with Nepal Telecom’s existing number. For the Android users, they can download this app from (search for the “WOW TIME android app”) Google play store.

Similarly, for the Apple smartphone user, they can download it from Apple’s (iOS) app store or search for the WOW TIME app in it. There is no restriction that only one type of mobile user can enjoy this app. It can be download by both android and apple users and enjoy the app through the registration of NTC number.

By using this app one is taking a chance to watch the world current affairs and happenings in their hand, anytime, anywhere and the package of entertainment in their hand which they can watch at any time of the day. They can watch anything they like and enjoy the news update sports movies music and many more.