Lok Sewa Aayog Jumla has published a notice regarding Written Examination Center for Kharidar Post-Second Phase. The information was published by the Jumla Office of the Public Service Commission, Jumla, through Notification No. 15351/078-79.

Notice Date:Jan 11, 2023

Second Class Non-Gazetted, Kharidar or comparable Position (Internal Competition), Jumla Examination Center. The first and second papers at the Jumla Exam Center are now accepting online applications. You should be aware that a testing facility has already been erected.

Written Examination Center for Kharidar Post-Second Phase at Lok Sewa Aayog Jumla

More about Written Examination Center for Kharidar Post-Second Phase at Lok Sewa Aayog Jumla

Jumla’s Public Service Commission office. No. 15352-15356/078-79. Notification For (Open/Inclusive), (Combined and Integrated), Non-Gazetted Second Class, (Non-Technical) Kharidar or comparable posts, the Jumla Examination Center is hosting first-stage exams. Please be aware that the exam room is set up for students to move on to the second level after passing the second and third written test papers.

1. Exams without admission cards will not be administered. Candidates who require copies of their admission cards must obtain them from the Commission’s Jumla office one day in advance. It would be preferable if you arrived at the testing location (one) hour before the start of the test.
2. complete evidence of Nepali citizenship or any identity card with a photo issued by the government of Nepal must be presented at the exam time.
Without it, you won’t be allowed to take the test.

3. You must completely comply with all directions issued by the personnel assigned to the examination.
4. Bringing bags, cell phones, and other electronic devices into the exam room is not permitted.
5. Only black ink or point pens shall be utilized during the exam.
6. Examinees must don masks to enter the testing facility. Bring sanitizer with you as well. You’ll need to bring your water for drinking.
7. When entering the testing facility, using the restroom, and exiting the facility, the physical distance must be maintained.

8. The examinees are not allowed to congregate in groups.
9. All candidates must visit the Commission’s website to self-report their health status and information about Covid via electronic methods.
Fill out the declaration form completely.
10. Patients with Covid-19 infections can now receive special examinations at the Public Service Commission’s Jumla office.


To contact this office, use the phone number 087-520008 or email jumla@psc.gov.np.psckamali@gmail.com.


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