Lok sewa aayog announces several www psc gov np vacancy for different positions. You can get these details online in a single step. If you wish to get the latest vacancy notices, you are in the right place.

This page and other information just below this page consist of numerous lok sewa aayog vacancies. If you want to see more job vacancies in www psc gov np, you can see under the Related topics section just below this article. This consists of all the listed jobs.

Here are the latest vacancies by Lok Sewa Ayog. लोक सेवा आयोग (Public Service Commission) latest vacancies. Download Full details of Lok sewa ayog from here. Download form for lok sewa ayog.

www psc gov np vacancy

Nepal government needs a huge number of employees for the smooth functioning of administration and all the operations throughout the nation. On the behalf of the government, various commissions advertise for the vacancies time and often.

Public Service Commission (www psc gov np vacancy) is also a government-controlled body. It looks after recruitment, training as well as employee development for different government posts.

www.psc.gov.np vacancy is to work as a civil servant in the nation. It looks after fulfilling the HR needs of ministries, districts as well as local administrations, and other government-controlled offices.

Www Psc Gov Np Vacancy Announcement

When any government body realizes the need for more human resources, it goes through a formal vacancy announcement via Lok Sewa Aayog (www psc gov np). We can notice www psc gov np vacancy announcement time and often in national dailies.

www psc gov np vacancy

They announce for the vacant post along with job specifications, descriptions, and all the competencies the interested candidates should possess.

Thousands of people fight for Lok Sewa Aayog and government job is considered a secure and career-building opportunity.

Each candidate goes through lots of hard work as he or she needs to prepare for the lok sewa exam respective to the post he or she is applying for.

The exam is competitive and only the bests are selected for further process.

latest psc gov np vacancy

However, Lok Sewa Aayog vacancy is not randomly published or announced like that of private companies. Public Service Commission has a definite time frame for recruitment and one needs to wait till then.

With government bodies also owning official websites, www psc gov np vacancy announcement can be found on the websites too.

One has to stay updated and he/she can retrieve all the necessary information. There are lots of information portals to announcing the www psc gov np vacancy. They use the information from the Public Service Commission and publish the announcement.

With growing numbers of information portals, getting information about Lok Sewa Aayog and all its announcements have also become much easier. You won’t need to wait for daily papers. Just log on to the website and get the information.

Lok sewa aayog vacancy has been opened. Currently, www psc gov np has opened a vacancy for 551 section officers all around the country.

For the latest job vacancy announced by lok sewa aayog, seats are being reserved to dalit, pichadiyeka, mahila, madeshi etc.

The general competitive seats for all candidates are 310. Women’s seat is reserved 79 in number. Janajati seats are reserved 64 in number. For Madeshi, 55 seats have been reserved. Similarly, Dalit 22 seats, disabled 15 seats, pichadiyeko chettra 6 seats are reserved.

Apply Www Psc Gov Np Vacancy

Lok sewa aayog job vacancy full notice is placed over here. You can study the requirements for the post and apply it as directed.

www psc gov np results lok sewa aayog result

This time Lok sewa aayog job vacancy can be applied online using the internet. This is the first time that psc gov np has launched an online application for its job vacancy. www.psc.gov.np job vacancy is the most favorable job vacancy which every Nepalese love.

There are certain steps that a candidate must follow in order to apply a www psc gov np vacancy online.

Lok sewa aayog job vacancy is a permanent full-time job in which selected candidates will serve for Nepal. You can apply to lok sewa learning the above-mentioned procedures. Above mentioned procedures are mentioned in the Nepali language as only Nepali citizenship holder can apply for the job vacancy.

Www Psc Gov Np online application

www.psc.gov.np is the official website to apply for lok sewa aayog job vacancy online. After login to the website named www psc gov np login, you will see Online Application on the topmost right side of the page.

You need to click on it to apply online for the post. If you do not have an account, you can create a new account and start the job application process.

If you are an old applicant, you can request a forgotten password session and start applying for the job.

lok sewa online apply

Lok Sewa Ayog vacancy and latest lok sewa jobs by PSC have been updated on this page. www psc gov np vacancy (Public Service Commission) is the main constitutional body involved in selecting meritorious candidates required by the Government of Nepal for Civil Service Vacancy.

PSC is regarded as one of the most credible modes of recruitment. This is mentioned in the present constitution of Nepal in 2072. The Constitution of Nepal 2072 has regarded the commission as an independent constitutional body.

After submitting the application, you need to prepare psc Lok Sewa aayog Questions.

How to see the latest Www Psc Gov Np Vacancy

www psc gov np vacancy lok sewa aayog vacancy

The vacancy in different civil services is listed on the official website of Lok Sewa Ayog i.e, www.psc.gov.np. The site can be viewed in both Nepali as well as the English language.

Here in this article, I will discuss various useful buttons and steps to access and apply for the vacancy through the English version of the official website.

  • Open the official site psc.gov.np. A homepage with various details is displayed.

We can see various buttons like Home, About Us, Offices, Forms, Recruit and Select, etc. The following are the essential tabs for assessing vacancy and Filling forms.

  • Form Tab
    • Demand Form: Used by Civil Service Concerns to demand the vacancy.
  • Online Application: It opens Public Recruitment Management System for Online Application. Here new users need to register for ID and password by filling their General Details whereas Old/ Existing Users can directly login using their User Id and Password. Further User Manual is also available on the webpage giving detailed instructions on the above process.
lok sewa aayog nepal
  • Recruit & Select
    • Advertisement: We can view and download a copy of the advertisement for the vacancy available through the button. It lists various vacancies and job details of the vacant post and services along with the required requirements & Procedures.
    • Approved Name List: It gives details of Approved Names of candidates selected through Online Application for various vacancies.
    • Exam Centre: Gives Details of various exam centers for vacancies available.
    • Written Result: Provide lok sewa result of written examination held and selected candidates for interview.
    • View Marks: Applicant can check the marks obtained in their written examination by providing the necessary details like Master Id, Roll No. , Advertisement No. and Date of Birth.


It provides the details of the Course Structure for written Examination for various categories of job vacancies from which the applicant can select the required details about the course contents to be prepared for the exam.

Steps to apply www psc gov np vacancy

www psc gov np vacancy

The candidate can follow the following steps to access and apply for the vacancy available.

  1. Login to the website of psc.gov.np
  2. Go to Recruit & select >> Advertisement and choose the appropriate job vacancy he wants to apply.  Download and View the approved details required for the job to be applied and follow the process accordingly.
  3. For vacancies requiring Online Application, Go to Forms>> Online Application and Fill the form accordingly.
  4. Go to Recruit & select >> Approved Name list for a Name list of selected candidates applying via online application route.
  5. After following the above process and filling Application forms (either Manual or Online), candidates can Check their Exam Centre and attend the exam.
  6. The PSC result of the written Exam can be viewed through the Written Result tab.
  7. Selected candidates need to go for an interview and Selection results are published accordingly.

In this way, a candidate can access the vacancies and apply for the job by the means of the website of Lok Sewa Ayog. Wish you all the best for your future !!!