Gandaki Boarding School has announced a Scholarship application for Class 4. Gandaki Boarding School (National School), Lamachaur, Pokhara, published the notice regarding the Scholarship provided to the class 4 students.

Notice Date: Jan 17, 2023

This Scholarship is provided to those students enrolled in Gandaki Boarding School’s class 4 for the academic year 2080. However, the students must not be more than ten years old at the end of the academic year 2079.

Application for Class 4 at Gandaki Boarding School for Scholarships

More about Application for Class 4 at Gandaki Boarding School for Scholarships

This scholarship program includes both partially and fully funded scholarships. The scholarship also includes partial funding. According to their income source, parents and students who received partial scholarships (75%, 66.6%, 505, 33.3%, and 25%) will be required to pay the tuition balance.

Documentation required to get a scholarship at Gandaki Boarding School:

The students who meet the abovementioned criteria must send two copies of their photos and the application form. A letter of advice from your institution. A duplicate of your birth certificate, grade report, or transcript. And a letter of recommendation from the appropriate ward office and documentation of your monthly or yearly salary.

Scholarship Entrance examination:

On Saturday, Magh 7, 2079, the following centres will host the scholarship admission test. On that day, at 8:00 am, the application form will be available in the right centre, and the written exam will begin at 11:00 am. The application form can also be obtained and filled out at

The entrance examination will include the syllabus from the following subjects: Math, English, and Nepali.


  • Any test sites mentioned above are available to eligible candidates to take the exam.
  • This award is only available to low-income students or those who meet the institution’s standards. If it turns out that the information submitted is false, the scholarship may be revoked at any time. All ownership rights to the scholarship will belong exclusively to the school.
  •  Students who wish to enrol in class 4 can fill out the form, which will be given out starting on Falgun 1, 2079.

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