Dharan was once just a small trading settlement but as soon as British established a recruitment center for the British Gorkhas, it has now become Nepal’s one of the most beautiful city. It connects the hill and terai region of the Eastern side as the trading post. Now, it has beautiful roads, well-established shopping centers, educational institutions, health posts, banks and much more. It is one of the cleanest city of Nepal. It is situated in the Sunsari district on the foothills of Mahabharat range.

Here are the five interesting places to visit in Dharan:

  1. Bhedetar

-2079Bhedetar is one of the most interesting place to visit in Dharan from where you can view the Himalayan ranges, the valley of Dharan and the Sapta Koshi river. There is three storey tower called Charles tower to view the surrounding countryside. It is a small hill station just 5 miles from Dharan. It is most famous for its unpredictable weather since rain and the sun plays hide and seeks game with clouds. It is a borderline of Sunsari and Dhankuta District. It is one of the favorite tourist spot in Dharan.

  1. Raja Rani Lake

-2079Raja Rani lake is one of the favorite place for a picnic just 20 km from Dharan. If you are planning to visit Dharan then this place must be on your list. This lake is very calm, beautiful and pleasant. All your hustle and bustle life will get a bit of relaxation by sitting on the beach of a lake and by viewing the Himalayas like Kanchenjunga, Mt Everest, Makalu, and Kumbhakarna. You can enjoy the boating service in the lake. This place is pretty cold due to the strong wind. So, don’t forget to take your jacket.

  1. Pakhri Bash

Pakhri Bash was once a place for the recruitment of British Gorkhas. It was chosen by the British to build the base camp for the recruitment process. It is a small village where now you can see the British monuments available. There is still building of church built by them. This place is also famous for a homemade liquor called Tongbaa. It is made from the fermented millet seeds and lemonade. Especially, westerners love this liquor.

  1. Hike to Basantapur

-2079If you are fond of hiking, then Dharan offers you one of the pleasant trekking routes to Basantapur. It is situated on a hill, 90 km from Dharan. It is the starting point for the trekking route of Kanchenjunga base camp. One the way to Basantapur, you have to walk through the beautiful Rhododendron forest which is the national flower of Nepal. It will surely add pleasure in your hike.

  1. Holy Temple

-2079If you are Hindu, then Dharan has many historical Hindus temples which you must visit. Some of them are Pindeshwori Temple, Dantakali temple, Budda Subba temple and Panchakanya temple. Dantakali is believed to be one of the powerful temple since there are historical and religious myths that Sati Devi tooth has fallen on this place and it is named after it. Danta means teeth in Nepali.