The latest method of checking Tribhuvan University (TU Exam Results) with mark sheet for all faculties is updated. It is the best place to get TU exam results with mark sheet, TU exam results 2020, TU exam results 2076. The latest updated trick to check the TU degree result. Many websites publish TU results. Among them, these are the best ways to check the TU result.

Tribhuvan University is the first national institution for higher studies in Nepal. It was established in 1959. TU official result is an autonomous non- profit motive organization owned by the government. Even being the first and the biggest university of Nepal, TU still lags behind in providing easy service to students. Today, we will provide you the ways of checking the TU results from home.

The TU entrance exam result checking procedure is also mentioned in this post.

tribhuvan university result by www tuexam edu np

The oldest and largest university of Nepal, established in 1959 AD (2010 B.S.) was named after King Tribhuvan. Its main campus is located in Kirtipur, Kathmandu. Its logo consists of a blue and red hexagram. Tribhuvan University provides an undergraduate and postgraduate level of education to the students at a very affordable rate. Thus, students from every nook and corner of the country are enrolled on TU. The affordability along with reputation and good education has encouraged enrollment of more students each year. The university at present contains more than 60 thousand students. Tribhuvan university prepares the TU exam routine, conducts the TU exam for different faculties and publishes TU result in time.

TU exam result

The government funds Tribhuvan University. It has the mission to provide good education to students irrespective of their economic standard. With the students increasing each year since its establishment, a single campus was not able to accommodate all the students. Thus, affiliated colleges have been established. The number of constituent campuses has reached 60, and the number of affiliated colleges has reached 1084.

TU has been imparting education in Certificate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate level. TU encompasses four technical institutes namely-Institute of Agriculture and Animal Sciences, Institute of Medicine, Institute of Engineering, Institute of Science and Technology and Institute of Forestry.  TU runs four faculties (Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Management) to impart education in these levels.

The written examination is the core of the evaluation system in Nepal. This trend has been continuing for a long time. Formative and summative evaluations are done. The results of internal examinations are handled within the respective colleges or campuses.

However, the final examination which is mainly semester examination is conducted at the same time in all the colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan University for a particular year and particular program. For example Bachelor in Education, 1st year’s students of Tribhuvan University and affiliated colleges, all face the same exam papers on the same date.

Thus, the results are also published on the same date for a particular program. The result takes time. Students have to wait a long time for their results. TU result is being issued on the official website of Tribhuvan University. So, to know your TU result, you should check the website from time to time.

How to check TU Result online Through Websites

Many students now have access to the internet so checking results online is one of the ways. The best about checking results online is that you get detailed information so there will be less confusion. Here are various reliable sources through which you can find out your result online:

Edusanjal TU Result

Edusanjal provides TU results of all faculty. It is an approved platform by TU for publishing its result. Once a result is published the site immediately starts its service. But make sure you enter correct symbol number, faculty and year. The official website for TU result is:

Nepal Telecom TU Result

Nepal telecom not only publishes the result of TU but also provides results of HSEB  and  SEE. To get your TU results, just visit the website:

Then enter your faculty and symbol number. Your result will immediately appear on the screen.

Nepal Telecom even has an IVR facility, you just have to dial 1602 and follow the instructions. It is also called TU result on a landline.

Education Sansar TU Result

Education Sansar is another officially approved platform to find out TU results. Once you enter symbol number, your faculty and year you can get your results with detailed information. The official website is:

Tribhuvan University TU Exam Results With Marksheet Online

How to check TU Result by SMS in Ncell and NTC

If you are away in a place with no or less internet connectivity, you can easily know your result through SMS. Follow the instruction below to know your result:

Type <yearfacultysymbol> in the message box and send it to 34949

Through the SMS system, you can receive your marks in each subject.

As mentioned earlier as well you can view your results via landline service. Using the Interactive Voice Response Technology (IVR) you can view your TU results. This service is available for PSTN(Public Switched Telephone Network) and CDMA phones. This is also a service run by NTC so that students can easily find out their results. Just dial 1602 and follow the instructions.

Here in this article, today we mentioned some reliable and convenient ways of finding your TU results. We hope this was helpful and would like to wish the best of luck with your results!

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Best way to check TU result online

Follow the steps below to check the result from the official website of TU:

  • Go to your browser and type which is the official website of TU.
  • After entering, you will see the home page of the TU website.
Tribhuvan University
Tribhuvan University (

Below the name of the university, you can see different options. On the right side of the page, click on notices.

tribhuvan university notice
Tribhuvan university notice

The page for notices open and the latest notifications are shown to you.

tu result
TU result

On the right side, under the notices category, go to the result. This is where you will find your TU result.

tribhuvan university result
Tribhuvan university result

There are other alternatives too. Follow any of the following steps:

  • Go to Enter your symbol number and choose your program. Then click on “submit the query”. Your TU result will be shown to you if it has been published.


  • Go to Select your faculty. Enter your symbol number and press enter. You will get your results if published.

After your result is published, you can submit your TU Transcript Form Online.