Dashain Tika Time 2080 is at 11:02 AM on 7 Kartik 2080 in Nepal. The Dashain Sahit differs between every country, so we are making a list of countries with the auspicious time of receiving tika in those countries.

In this article, we will be including Dashain Tika time for Nepal, India, Hong Kong, Qatar, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Thailand, Portugal, Norway, South Korea, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, different states of USA like California, New York, Texas, Kentucky, and different states of Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.

Dashain is one of the longest festivals celebrated by every Nepalese of different castes, ages, rich or poor throughout the country and abroad. It unites all the family members for a blessing full of time and happiness. The fifteen days of celebration occur for the duration of the brilliant lunar fortnight, and the glorious festival will sadly end on the day of the full moon.

Dashain Tika Time Worldwide

Dashain Tika Time in Nepal 2080

According to Nepal Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti (Calendar Determination Committee), Dashain Tika Time 2080 is at 11:02 AM on 7 Kartik 2080 B.S which is 24 October 2023 in Nepal with Tika facing in West Direction.

Yespali Dashain ko tika ko lagi perfect time (साईत) Kartik 7 gatey bihana 11:02 lai jureko chha.

P.S. Ghatasthapana (घटस्थापना) ko lagi vane shuva sait Ashoj 28 gatey.

When is Dashain in 2080 or 2023?

1st day of DashainGhatasthapana
15 October 2023 or 28 Ashoj 2080 B.S.
2nd day of DashainDitiya16 October 2023 or 29 Ashoj 2080 B.S.
3rd day of DashainTitiya17 October 2023 or 30 Ashoj 2080 B.S.
4th day of DashainChaturthi18 October 2023 or 1 Kartik 2080 B.S.
5th day of DashainPanchami19 October 2023 or 2 Kartik 2080 B.S.
6th day of DashainSast (Goddess Maa Katyayani Devi)20 October 2023 or 3 Kartik 2080 B.S
7th day of DashainPhoolpati / Phulpati/ Saptami21 October 2023 or 4 Kartik 2080 B.S
8th day of DashainMaha Astami22 October 2023 or 5 Kartik 2080 B.S
9th day of DashainMaha Nawami23 October 2023 or 6 Kartik 2080 B.S
10th day of DashainVijaya Dashami24 October 2023 or 7 Kartik 2080 B.S
11th day of DashainPampakusha  Ekadashai/ Ekadashai25  October 2023 or 8 Kartik 2080 B.S
12th day of DashainDwadashi26 October 2023 or 9 Kartik 2080 B.S.
13th day of DashainChaturdashi27October 2023 or 10 Kartik 2080 B.S.
14th day of DashainKojatra Purnima28 October 2023 or 11 Kartik 2080 B.S.
Dashain Tika time 2080 2023

We would like to wish happy Dashain to all visitors. Celebrate Dashain with lots of fun and pleasure.

We have updated the country-wise list of Dashain Tika time 2080 for Australia, USA, Malaysia, and all countries around the globe.

Dashain Tika time 2080 2024
Dashain Tika time 2080 2023 (NEPAL)

Another main festival of Nepalese, Tihar tika time is updated for 2080.

Dashain Tika Time Worldwide 2023

विभिन्न देशमा दशैँको टिकाको साइत: Dashain Tika auspicious Time for different countries as per their respective local time & date.

Dashain Tika Auspicious Time 2080/2023 for different countries, according to the International Panchang Samiti.

This is the latest timetable for auspicious Dashain Tika in local time, Sait, Muhurat & date for the following countries for Dashai 2023.

Country & CityDashain Tika Time
Nepal11:02 AM (Oct 24)
Delhi, India10:55 AM (Oct 24)
Hong Kong11:01 AM (Oct 24)
Doha, Qatar09:59 AM (Oct 24)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia11:15 AM (Oct 24)
Abu Dhabi, UAE11:05 AM (Oct 24)
Saudi Arabia09:11 AM (Oct 24)
Sydney, Australia11:15 AM (Oct 24)
Melbourne, Australia11:35 AM (Oct 24)
Brisbane, Australia10:25 AM (Oct 24)
Canberra, Australia11:21 AM (Oct 24)
Tokyo, Japan10:45 AM (Oct 24)
Bangkok, Thailand10:39 AM (Oct 24)
Lisbon, Portugal11:23 AM (Oct 24)
Oslo, Norway11:35 AM (Oct 24)
Wellington, New Zealand11:21 AM (Oct 24)
Toronto, Canada11:17 AM (Oct 23)
Vancouver, Canada11:35 AM (Oct 23)
London, UK11:31 AM (Oct 24)
California, USA10:31 AM (Oct 23)
New York, USA10:47 AM (Oct 23)
Texas, USA11:03 AM (Oct 23)
Kentucky, USA11:31 AM (Oct 23)
Washington DC, USA10:53 AM (Oct 23)
Paris, France11:25 AM (Oct 24)
Geneva, Switzerland11:55 AM (Oct 24)
Dashain Tika Time Worldwide

You can use Nepali Calendar to check the date, or you can convert the date online.

When does Dashain Start and End this year?

Dashain starts at some point in the month overdue September and early October in the Nepali Annual Calendar, where every Nepalese person basks in the most important festival of the year. As Dashain is based on the Lunar Calendar, the festival is celebrated for 15 days from Ghatasthapana (New Moon) to the Purnima (full moon day).

Dashain celebrates the inevitable victory of demons and evil of fact over untruth and justice over injustice. Dashain essentially commemorates the victories of the god over the demons. The goddess Durga, recognized as the goddess of victory, where she mascaraed Mahishasura, is worshipped with exquisite devotion.

The different days of this festival have their name that is referred to. The seventh day is referred to as Fulpati (also Saptami), the eighth day is said to be Maha Astami, the ninth is said to be Nawa Asthami, The ninth day is referred to as Nawa Ratri, and last but not least, the tenth day of this festival is referred as Bijay Dashami. These nine days are celebrated as a tribute to the battle between Goddess Durga and Demon Mahishasura during these nine days.

This festival significantly emphasizes family gatherings and the renewal of community ties. It makes a perfect excuse for people of every age, caste, and gender to come together, bond ties, and have a great time. While this bonding, there are specified traditions that people have been following and doing on this festival, including children around this time flying kites for entertainment, which doesn’t happen much during other times of the year and mostly only on Dashain.

The sky will be filled with colorful kites that are pleasant to watch and fun to fly. The unique swing made of bamboo and ropes is made in every neighborhood throughout the country, where people of all ages seem to enjoy and be seen swinging with joy. While most elders and older categories are seen playing cards, gambling, and feasting is a must.

Dashain is an important festival for all Nepalese and Indians. If you are celebrating Dashain in different parts of the world, you must know the Dashain Tika time of your location.

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Dashain begins on Ghatasthapana when the pots that symbolize the Goddess’s power are installed. On this day, the Kalash (Jug made of copper) is filled with holy water and covered with cow dung on which barley seeds are owned, then put in the center of a rectangular sand block.

Then comes the seventh day, ‘Fulpati,’ when a parade by the Nepalese military platoon in the Tundikhel Ground at Kathmandu is held. The eighth day, “Maha Ashthami,” is said to be the most powerful of Goddess Durga’s manifestations; Goddess Kali is appeased through the sacrifice of thousands and hundreds of buffaloes, goats, pigeons, chickens, and ducks in temples throughout the nation.

After the offering of blood, the Dashain meat is taken home and cooked as “Prasad” (food blessed by divinity), which is offered in tiny leaf plates to the household gods and distributed among the family. The ninth day is called Maha-Navami, when Vishwakarma, the god of creativity, is worshipped. Artisans, craftsmen, traders, and mechanics worship and offer animal sacrifices for their tools, equipment, and vehicles. This is done by believing luck and fortune to come to their business.

Dashain meat climate change

On the tenth day, as Bijay Dashami, the tradition of elders putting “tika” to their younger ones with the blessing. Tika is prepared by mixing rice, yogurts, and vermilion. It is then applied on the forehead of younger relatives and given blessing and Dakshina, which is money given to the younger.