Nepali Jokes are always fun either written in Nepali or English words. We, Nepalese have heard millions of Nepali jokes from our childhood and we still feel fun on hearing them. We have made a collection of Nepali Jokes that keeps our mind romantic and fun ever.

I prefer reading Nepali comedy Jokes early in the morning as it makes my day with a smile on my face. This makes a day bright, cheering cheerful, and happy. I usually make jokes with friends the whole day which makes my company more strong and memorable to them. Basically, Nepali Jokes is the factor for good company, everlasting memory, and a smiley face.

Why Nepali Jokes are important?

Jokes are also of different categories based upon the nature of content they cover. Jokes are sometimes used to make fun of some professions and sometimes of some specific habits or events too. A joke early in the morning really makes the whole day fulfilled. Jokes are often good time pass during leisure time and no matter how old a man is, he is fond of jokes. There are millions of jokes in Nepali and we Nepalese have grown hearing lots of them. They are great mind fresheners.

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A joke generally consists of conversation of two or multiple party and answering to each other in a different way. Simple answers would be expected by everyone but when the answer is found insensible and abnormal, it surprises people bringing them great laughter and amusement. Jokes are often cracked in informal meetings, conversation. However, they have also been practiced as talent demonstration these days. Whenever, it comes to entertainment in a program too, jokes are presented. In class, teacher also cracks jokes to make students laugh so that they remain fresh. Meanwhile, students present jokes so that they are confident to speak and communicate fluently in front of others.

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Nepali Jokes

yeuta chor yeuta dhani manchekoma chori garna gayecha. darajma yo lekhera tasiyeko thiyo ” daraj futauna jaruri chaina, kebal 452 number thichnu, agadi rato batan press garyo vane daraj afai khulnecha”. Jaba chor le tyo botton thichyo, alram bajyo ra police ayera tyo chorlai samatera lagyo. jada jadai chor le tyo sahuji lai vanyo “aja bata malai manche sanga biswas harayo”

Two married womens are talking about their husband
First Wife: my husband is very kind. He weeps when someone kills goat too.
Second wife: my husband is more kind. He weeps while cutting turnip (Pyaaj) too.

Wife: How much you love me?
Husband: As much as Saharja does
Wife: If so, after i am dead, you will make a taj mahal in my remembrance.
Husband: I have already bought land for it. You are doing late.

Bhikari: saheb, yek rupaiya dinus
saheb: laaj lagdaina? sadak ma uviyera vik magna lai?
bhikari: ani k ta tero yek rupaiya ko lagi ma office kholau ta?

yeuta jungle ma yeuta nangai keta bath gari raheko theyo .. tyo jungle ko animals haru le tyo keta lai dekhera hasna thalyo..
keta le animal lai sode cha timiharu kina hasa ko ha?
animal: aba k bhanu sabai jana ko puchar pchadi huncha tero chai agadi cha..

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Janmine bitikai Dudh ko bottle
Alik thulo vayo, pepsiko bottle,
jawanima beerko bottle,
tespachi whiskyko bottle,
kidneyle kaam garna chadyo glucoseko bottle,
operation garyo, ragatko bottle,
jiwan samapta bhayo, gangajalko bottle!

Funny Nepali Chutkila

Nepali Jokes have always been amazing for time pass. They often use slang but also cover common issues of a common man’s daily life. They have lots of humors and events making them funny. No matter was written in English or Nepali, they can turn people in a gloomy mood to laughing faces. Nepali jokes are indeed very much powerful and can be good laughter medicines. After all laughing is good for health.

Nepali professional jokes

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Nepali Jokes are very funny and they often cover topics related to our society, people, and events and sometimes they are also used as satire for various groups or events that are not appreciated. In recent times, lots of jokes are made on politicians too due to the failure they are facing. No matter what, jokes never intend to hurt sentiments of others and are basically meant to entertain and make mood of people. Nepali Jokes have been making millions of Nepalese laugh.

From childhood to old age, we hear millions of funny Nepali Jokes. They have been part of our life and most important of all, they have been working as medicine for making our moods. The jokes make us feel fresh from all the toilsome works and bring laughter helping us overcome gloomy mood. Jokes are really funny. They don’t cover new things rather add spice to common issues and happenings of our daily life. This helps us feel and act differently.

Funny Nepali Jokes have also been used to bring social awareness. It is not better to point out mistakes of people directly so, jokes are used as satires. They are more used for politicians these days in order to point out their mistakes and all the unacceptable practices and activities they have been doing. Jokes are great for time pass. They are usually shared during leisure time but they have also been started being practiced as a category for talent shows and communication. With time, Jokes are also being modified and they have also been brought to skits making things more presentable. Jokes have been part of classrooms to make studies interesting, they are shared in cafes.

Funny Nepali Jokes online 

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Funny Nepali jokes cover wide range of topics and contents. They sometime mention about some groups, sometime about events but all these mean just for entertainment. They aren’t composed to hurt someone and should someone be affected, they are just by co-incidence. Jokes don’t say age and all types of people are found enjoying them. No matter which language they are in: Nepali or English, they entertain us a lot and make us laugh till out stomach starts aching and our mouths are exhausted.

Unlike other forms of writings, they are very informal and don’t need to be necessarily following any rules. However, funny Nepali jokes do use slang often. But there are also jokes with polite language. Listening to jokes make our day with lots of joy and laughter. They bring immense energy in us as they stimulate our body and we get over exhaustion. Laughing is good for health and jokes work as medicines bringing laughter and adding this health booster in us. Increase your good health listening to funny Nepali jokes on your daily life.

Most Funniest Nepali jokes

pahilo gadha: yar mero malik le malai sadhai kutne garcha!
doshro gadha: teso vaye vagera ja ta ! kina tesko ma baseko ta ajhai?
pahilo gadha: vagera ta janthe tara yeha vabisya ramro dekhera vagna maan chaina yar!
dosro gadha: vabisya ramro cha rey tara kasari?
pailo gada: malik ko yeuti ramri chori chey ani chori kaile kai badmasi gare dherai badmashi garyo vane, tero bihe gadha sanga gardinchu vancha!! yehi aash ma baseko chu yar

Boy: Aaj Godabari Park tir jaau hai…
Girl: Bho..janna…Timi le je payo tehi ta gardai nau ni ?
Boy: Promise kehi gardina k !!!
Girl: Bho…tyaso bhaye kina janu paryo ta..!!

Nepali Funny Jokes
Nepali funny jokes

Rajesh Dai Jokes

Top TEN Collections of Rajesh dai’s facts

  • Rajesh dai does not celebrate tihar because once he did, universe was formed.
  • Rajesh dai can hack internet from a calculator.
  • Rajesh dai was once gym instructor of a skinny person. Today he is known as Arnold.
  • Only Rajesh dai can block Mark Zukerberg on Facebook.
  • Rajesh dai was once cutting his long nails. Today we know it as JAGDAMBA STEELS.
  • Rajesh dai suffered from cold and sneezed. That’s why a strong tornado occured in USA.
  • Earthquake occurs if rajesh dai performs break dance.
  • A bus was badly damaged in an accident. Police found that it had collided with a bicycle rode by RAjesh dai.
  • Rajesh dai can sell e-bay to e-bay from e-bay.
  • Rajesh dai wasn’t born. The world just came to know of his existence today

Husband wife joke in Nepali

This is the most funniest joke I found in the Internet. The husband and wife jokes often entertain us.

husband wife joke in Nepali

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