Basic Level Examination (BLE) is the final level examination for the students of class 8 in Nepal, previously known as DLE (District Level Examination).

Along with school education, a student in Nepal has to undergo three main examinations: Basic Level Examination (BLE) in grade 8 as the final exam of basic level which is also known as BLE (Basic Level Examination), Secondary Education Examination (SEE) in grade 10 as the examination of regional level and National Examination Board (NEB) examination in grade 12 as the examination of national level.

BLE Result BASIC Level Examination

District level Examination result is updated. The educational structure in Nepal encompasses school education and higher education. After the amendment to the Education Act of 1971 in 2016 AD, school education subsumes basic level (from grade 1 to 8) and secondary level (from grade 9 to 12), which form school education. Higher education consists of Bachelor, Master and PhD levels.

What is BLE (Basic Level Examination)?

As mentioned, District Level Examination (DLE), Jilla Stariya Parichya, also known as the basic level final exam, is taken in grade 8 in Nepal and is coordinated by district education offices (DEO). This exam takes place in Chaitra, the last month in the Nepali calendar.

basic level examination

Every student must pass this examination before proceeding to further education. The examination comprises 8 compulsory subjects: Nepali, English, Science & Environment, Mathematics, Social Studies & Population Education, Occupation Business & Technology Education, Moral Education, and Health & Physical Education.

The optional subjects may be Sanskrit Language, Extra English, Computer Education, Geography & History Education, Extra Mathematics, Business Education, Technology Education, and Office Practice & Accountancy.

The education department of the respective municipality gives any information regarding Basic Level Examination, like routines for the examination, examination centers, and publishing of the results in each district. This information is imparted to the schools via notices. The school then conveys the data to its students. You can also get up-to-date information about the examination on the official municipality websites. The websites for each municipalities are different, but the websites have been built in the same style and manner so that conveying the information becomes more accessible.

district level examination result

How to check BLE Result (BASIC Level Examination Result)

If you want to know your routine or result, then follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official website of the municipality. For example, is the official website of Kathmandu. Go to your browser and enter the website’s name.
  • On the homepage, you will see different options to choose from. The website is built in the Nepali language, and all the information is also delivered in the Nepali language.
  • Check the search bar on the top. Type आधारभूत तह and click search.
  • The list of Class 8 notices opens. Whether it is related to the routine, examination centers, or results, the notice is given there. If the notice has not been published, you need to check the website regularly to see if it is updated.
BLE result Kathmandu

BLE Result

For all places, Tips to check BLE exam results.

To check the BLE exam result, the following procedure is used :

  • Go to the official website of your municipality. For example, is the official website of the Pokhara Metro. Go to your browser and enter the website’s name.
  • Check the latest notices. You will see a notice about your class 8 result if your result is recently published.

As municipalities publish lots of notices every day, notices might be messed up.  If you don’t find follow these steps.

  • See the search bar.
  • Search by typing आधारभूत तह or copy and paste this on the search bar over there.

This is the only most straightforward way I found. It may or may not work, but I am sure it works for many municipalities. Let us know in the comment section how you go.

BLE result 2080 Pokhara

BLE result 2080 Chitwan

BLE result 2080 Rupandehi

  • BLE exam routine for Rupandehi.
  • BLE exam result for Rupandehi.

BLE result 2080 Kathmandu

BLE result 2080 Hetauda

BLE result 2080 Lalitpur

BLE result 2080 Dhangadhi

BLE result 2080 Biratnagar Morang

BLE result 2080 Bhaktapur

BLE result 2080 Nawalparasi

  • BLE exam routine for Nawalparasi.
  • BLE exam result for Nawalparasi.

BLE result 2080 Nepalgunj

  • BLE exam routine for Nepalgunj.
  • BLE exam result for Nepalgunj.

BLE result 2080 Dhanusha

  • BLE exam routine for Dhanusha.
  • BLE exam result for Dhanusha.

BLE result 2080 Dang

  • BLE exam routine for Dang.
  • BLE exam result for Dang.

BLE result 2080 Nawalpur

  • BLE exam routine for Nawalpur.
  • BLE exam result for Nawalpur.

BLE result 2080 Budhanilkantha

BLE result 2080 Dipayal

List of BLE results of all municipalities.

Satyawati gaunpalika Result

Melauli municipality Result

Itahari municipality Result

Thakur baba municipality result

Indra sarowar municipality result

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