About Us

WapNepal.com.np is an authentic and registered portal of Nepal. WapNepal.com.np is registered according to the rules and regulations of Nepal Government.ntension to provide

WapNepal.com.np is registered and is legal to provide the following activities to Nepalese.

  • To provide communications-related services to Nepalese.
  • To provide information to audiences with the use of computer technology.
  • Any kind of web design and web-development works.
  • Any kind of certification and training in context computer and technology.
  • Buying and selling of services and products online.

WapNepal.com.np plans which are actively in the planning phase

  • WapNepal.com.np has a plan to start its own college (Bachelors level) in the near future.
  • WapNepal.com.np has a plan to start different certification courses for students in collaboration with international authorities.
  • WapNepal.com.np has a plan to innovate a new concept regarding e-business in Nepal.

Why WapNepal.com.np is different than others?

  • WapNepal.com.np is the first registered website of Nepal in regards to providing technology related services and information to the public.
  • WapNepal.com.np will make public known about its earning details and financial related activities.
  • No hidden works. Each and every services, earnings and plan of WapNepal.com.np will be made public through WapNepal.com.np.

Why WapNepal.com.np?

  • Critical questions always have solutions. WapNepal.com.np will make a Nepalese life easier with solutions to each and every context of Nepal.
  • People no longer need to access different websites in search of their queries. WapNepal.com.np has talented writers, researchers who actively research on different topics and provide a strong opinion along with a solution to the audiences.
  • WapNepal.com.np is a multi-dynamic portal covering different aspects of Nepal. We are actively going through the inner core of queries and we are on a way to provide a solution to people in a digital way.

Do you have any queries regarding WapNepal.com.np?

If you have any queries regarding WapNepal.com.np, feel free to contact us through our contact form. Our support staff will get back to you as soon as possible.