Top destinations to backpack around

Thailand Thailand is one of the best destinations to backpack around as it is perfect for people looking to spend in a budget while enjoying the tropical lands with rich culture and awesome cuisines. Thailand is the gateway to southeast Asia with beautiful islands, long night parties, white sand beaches and beautiful blue waters of

How to buy Big Cinemas nepal ticket

Big Cinemas are the second best cinemas after QFX. Best known for its reasonable price and great quality services. First introduced to Nepal in 2009, in CityCenter, Kamalpokhari. It raised popularity for usage of the high tech equipment. It used 2K Barco Digital Projector Systems, Crystal Clear Dolby Digital sound system. The facilities and infrastructure were far

Top Mobile Games in 2018

To all the gamers, here’s the list of games that you shouldn’t be left out.  Alto’s Adventure Alto’s Adventure is a high-speed snowboarding game that is very relaxing. It has very simple one-touch controls that allow you to control Alto down the mountain. It has beautiful scenery and amazing day-to-night transitions with very awesome soundtracks.

Top 5 Smartphones to Own in 2018

 With each new smartphones comes with new innovation, features and various range of price. Here are top 5 which you should consider thinking to own.  Samsung Galaxy Note 9 The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the best smartphone for 2018. Best known for its size. It’s a whopping 4000mah battery which lasts almost a full day with

How to see Nepali Calender online

Nepal has the own Calendar. Where the festivals, events and important dates and days are marked. In Nepal, most of the organisations especially government and even banks follow B.S. B.S means Bikram Sambat. Where the universal calendar and dates we follow is in the format of A.D (Anno Domini). Most of the system in Nepal

How to buy QFX Tickets Online

Nepalese people have always been huge fans of cinemas and watching movies in theatres but most of the cinemas were providing bad services and qualities. There were few good cinemas but were pricey and not reasonable. That is when QFX was introduced. Cmoing with the renovation and revamping of Jay Nepal, which was the oldest cinema


Here are the ways how to Web Recharge Ncell, NTC, Netflix and Esewa NTC To web recharge for NTC go to the website It will show you a form. First choose the type of sim you use such as prepaid, postpaid, landline, GSN etc. It will then ask you to provide your phone number. After

What to watch in Netflix Nepal

Netflix has been introduced to Nepal, and there’s a lot of hype. Due to the large variety that one can watch in Netflix. Its impossible to choose what to watch. So here are some honourable mentions 13 Reasons Why( Season 1 and Season 2):13 Reason is surrounded by a lot of controversies and is known

Vehicle Tax in Nepal (Bike, Car, Bus, Jeep, Van, Truck)

vehicle tax nepal

Are you looking for buying vehicles such as cars, bikes, scooters, trucks, then you must know the vehicle tax policy of Nepal. It is well known there are no manufacturers of vehicles in Nepal. So, it is imported from neighboring countries, being that the car price is extremely high. The import tax for cars, motorcycles,