The initial step to getting a new driving license is completing an online application form. After passing the license examination, you can get a smart driving license. Throughout this phase, you need to go through several steps. One must wait a few months to get their new license printed in Nepal.

First, we discuss how to know the status of the license. We have one simple step to know whether your smart license is printed or not.

Smart Driving License Print Check Status Online

The Department of Transport Management (DOTM) has introduced the innovative Smart Driving License system, where applicants can effortlessly access their driving license print check status online. This refined process allows individuals to monitor the progress of their license application with ease and convenience. With a simple click, one can swiftly obtain the status of their driving license print, which is embedded in a smart card for increased security and functionality.

To access this remarkable feature, applicants must first visit the DOTM’s official website and provide their unique license number. Upon entering the required information, they will receive real-time updates about the progress of their license print, from initial data processing to the final issuance.

By leveraging the power of technology, this online check status system paves the way for a seamless experience, ensuring holders of smart driving licenses can efficiently and securely manage their pivotal automotive documentation. The continuous embrace of digital innovations propels us forward, streamlining tedious procedures and offering unparalleled ease of use, value, and accessibility in driving license management.

Online Driving License Check Nepal

Check Online driving license print status check:

You can also use your mobile phone SMS service to know the print status.

There is a massive database of driving licenses printed list. You can use the SMS service to know if your intelligent driving license in Nepal is printed or not.

For this, you need to type LC<space> Application ID and send it to 33001.

To know the result of the driving license Nepal test, you need to type WT<space>Application ID and send it to 33001.

People are searching for a driving license check online in Nepal. This means that they want to know whether their license for Nepal is printed or not.

Check driving license by SMS

Nepali Smart Driving License Check Online

The Nepali Driving License Check Online is an essential service for drivers in our esteemed nation to verify the validity of their driving licenses. This online platform offers a convenient way for license holders to perform a swift and secure check on their Nepali driving license status. By utilizing this invaluable online resource, individuals can ensure that their license is up-to-date and concurrently maintain compliance with driving regulations.

Official link to check valid Smart license online:

smart card license search Nepal

Nepal Driving license Original or Duplicate Check

You can verify your driving license in Nepal online. Here are the three steps to check the authenticity of a driving license in Nepal.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Put your Date of Birth
Step 3: Put your License Number
Step 4: Click on Search License
Step 5: You will see your license details if your license is original.

You can also select to see all your information, including personal photo, citizenship number, address, blood group, and all identification details. The details can be seen as follows.

Smart Driving License Nepal


The transport management authorities have introduced an online driving license registration system, allowing applicants to efficiently navigate the process of obtaining their driving license. Through this online platform, individuals can readily fill out the necessary online form, select the appropriate category of their desired driving license, and conveniently schedule an appointment date for the mandatory driving exam. Once the exam has been conducted, applicants can seamlessly check the status of their license application by accessing the online portal. This streamlined approach not only ensures transparency but also promotes effective transport management.

How to check your driving license in Nepal

To verify the authenticity of a driving license in Nepal, one may follow a series of steps to ensure its validity. Firstly, visit the official website of the Department of Transport Management of Nepal, the authoritative body for issuing and administering driving licenses in the country.

Official link to check valid Smart license online:

How can I check my license status in Nepal

To ascertain the status of one’s driving license in Nepal, it is essential to contact the Department of Transport Management (DoTM). They maintain a comprehensive database of all active licenses within the nation. Applicants seeking information regarding their license status may visit the official website of DoTM, follow the prescribed guidelines, and enter the relevant details to access the digital records. Moreover, they may visit their nearest DoTM office to receive personalized assistance and further guidance on the requisite procedure.

Check your driving license print status check:

How to check driving license details online in Nepal

To check driving license details online in Nepal, individuals can utilize the official portal established by the Department of Transport Management (DoTM), Government of Nepal. Accessing this user-friendly platform allows one to easily verify their license information and remain updated on its status. To begin the process, it is essential to provide relevant personal identification details, such as the driving license number and the applicant’s date of birth. After submitting the required information, you can check driving license details online.

Check your driving license:

How to view digital driving license

You can view your digital driving license online after submitting your license number and date of birth.

Smart driving license in Nepal:

Online driving license verification Nepal

The Government of Nepal has taken commendable strides in digitizing various public services, including the online driving license verification system, in recent years. This key initiative not only enhances the overall efficiency of the Department of Transport Management but also ensures a smoother and more transparent license acquisition process for the citizens of Nepal. By leveraging the power of technology, this platform significantly reduces waiting times and administrative burdens, ultimately contributing to the augmentation of the nation’s digital infrastructure and fostering a more responsible and well-regulated driving community.

Nepali license verification: