We often get in trouble with no balance in our phones. When there is no possibility for balance recharge or even borrowing form a friend, the Ncell sapati and NTC sapati are the only savior. Ncell started loan service 5 years back but NTC has just recently started its sapati service.

You can also transfer balance in NTC and NCELL if you don’t have balance.

How to take loan in Ncell ?

ncell sapati

We have using Ncell loan since very beginning but now on its 5 years of Ncell Sapati, Ncell has strated double sapati. When your current balance is less than Rs 5 you can get Ncell sapati. For that just dial *9988# and follow the instructions. The loan amount is of maximum 40 rupees. Previously, it was 20 rupees but now Ncell has stated double sapati offer.

The prepaid customers who have been using their Ncell sim for more than 2 months are eligible to use the service. The received loan is added to your current balance and it will be automatically deducted from your balance next time you recharge your phone. For a loan of will be charged extra charge of Rs 2.51 as service charge. The loan can be used to make calls to any networks, SMS and can use the internet as well. If you don’t recharge your phone right after you take loan.

To get Ncell loan, just dial *9988# from your mobile.

Ncell sapati

You will still be able to enjoy the service but you will not get next loan for another sapati.

The service can be used by by the customer at anytime of the day and as many times as one wishes but to do so one must have cleared the previous sapati and service fee of RS 2.51, requesting for another Sapati recharge.

Ncell Sapati is a very helpful scheme from Ncell for the prepaid users that allows you to request for a loan when your balance is less than Rs 5.

Where to use Ncell Sapati?

Your received loan is added to your main balance. Then, you can use to call to any network, send sms and use the mobile data. It has no expiry date. So, you can use anytime.

Who can take Ncell sapati?

Only the prepaid users who have been using the NCELL sim for more than two months are eligible for this service. And, they must have a main balance less than Rs 5.

How much amount of Ncell Sapati can we take?

You will be given a loan of amount Rs 20 at a time. You can’t get next loan until you clear your loan.

How much we have to pay a charge for the Ncell sapati?

You will be charged along with a loan Rs 20 plus a service charge of Rs 2.51.

When can we take the service?

You can ask for the loan anytime you want if your main balance is less than Rs 5. But remember that you must have to clear the previous loan if any.

Please keep following us for the updated news on NTC sapati. We will soon give you the details regarding it as soon as it launches its services.

How to take loan in NTC?

NTC announce its sapati service previous year but now from this year March it has officially started its service. Similar to Ncell sapati NTC credit service allows maximum of Rs 40 as loan. The prepaid user who have used the sim for at least 3 months are eligible to apply for Ntc sapati. Similar to Ncell, you can repay the loan next time you recharge your phone.

ntc sapati

The best thing about NTC loan is that the company claims that there will be no extra charges or any service charge for the sapati service. You dint have to pay any extra charge for your sapati. The credit or sapati can be used for making calls, SMS to any networks or to use the internet.

The service has just started and its already gaining good response from its users.

NTC sapati

To receive the sapati, just type start and send SMS to 1477 and to end this type stop in your message box and send it to 1477. The loan amount is from Rs 5 to Rs 40. NTC sapati can be taken as many times as required but the user must have cleared previous loan. NTC has started service late but with its no extra service charge scheme, it is step ahead from Ncell.

NTC SAPATI Loan scheme

Nepal Telecom Sapati service scheme called NTC Loan by Nepal Telecom makes easy to take NTC credit. NT Sapati scheme provides an emergency loan so that you can access to mobile communication without balance taking a loan. Previously, NCELL provided the service named NCELL Sapati of Rs. 20 for sim older than two months with a charge of Rs. 2.51. Due to compititive market, NTC is bound to start sapati scheme for its customers. Besides, telecommunication companies generate huge revenue on providing sapati service to its customers. NTC Sapati is expected to be cheaper than NCELL Sapati.

Like Ncell, NTC has also announced that it will soon launch a sapati scheme in NTC. It has also claimed that it will charge very less compared to NCELL. Through this sapati, you can make a call, send SMS and use the data service.

We are calculating for NCELL Sapati. Charges is 2.51 for 20 rs. So, percentage of interest is 2.51/20= 12.55%.

But, we pay sapati amount within hour or within a day. When you pay your sapati balance each time you are paying 12.55% more than what you took as a loan from NCELL.

Nepal Telecom being cheaper on every other expect, we are expecting for less charges for taking NTC sapati.

NTC Sapati news started with a speech of MD of Nepal Telecom Kamini Raj Bhandari. During her speech, she announced about Nepal Telecom Sapati / Nepal Telecom Loan service for its customers

Sapati balance is very much useful during emergency circumstances. Usually, recharge cards sometimes might not be on our approach depending upon our location. During that time, we can take sapati service so that we can make an emergency call or we can use sapati balance for data or SMS. Namaste balance transfer is also known as NTC Sapati.

How to take NTC Sapati?

This article provides you easy steps to activate Nepal Telecom Loan scheme. It is easy to activate NTC Sapati.

Type start and send SMS to 1477

How to take loan in Smart cell

You can take loan in Smart cell by dialling *129*40#.

After you dial the code, you will get an easy loan if your balance is less than 1 rupees. Smart cell charges 50 cent as a loan fee. You will get loan worth 10 rupees.