Kalimati Tarkari Bazar (Kalimati-13) is one of the biggest and renown as vegetables and fruits marketplace of Nepal which was established in 1987 A.D. as a wholesale market at Kalimati under the Department of Food and Organization marketing services.

Kalimati Tarkari Bazar serves vegetables and fruits and special fish meat not only in Kathmandu valleys consumers but also in various places of Nepal. Consumers can get seasonals and off-seasonals fruits and vegetables under one roof at a reasonable and reliable price.

The main objectives of the bazaar are to serve fresh and hygienic vegetables and fruits to their consumers. About Rs.4.6 million budget was provided to construct the market along with market facilities to Kalimati after an agreement between the Kalimati wholesale market project and united nation capital development.

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Kalimati Tarkari Bazar

Price of Stall in Kalimati Tarkari bazar

It occupied about 2.25 hectares of land which was enough to accommodate a large number of people and vehicles. Due to there larger space, management of it is a challenging task for Board to manage but they maintained better quality and accuracy in measurement of goods and are perfect for solving the various problems and conflicts, keeping the marketplace clean and hygienic.

Till now, they are a good example of its management team. Board has provided stalls for 300 wholesale traders, it covers 78 feet. The cost of each stall is Rupees RS 1 to 3 thousand. Every trader who owns a stall is not allowed to sell less than five kilograms of items.

Retailers market and even small traders sell their products which they carried in a basket known as Kharpan. More than Rs.1.1 million rupees are collected by the board from the wholesalers, retailers and from vehicles when it enters the marketplace. From the collection, the board spends Rs.70,000 for the whole management.

Kalimati Tarkari Bazar is famous for selling fresh and hygienic vegetables, meats and fruits at a reliable price with no compromise in quality. Due to that reason, most of the people of a valley or other places go there for buying necessary vegetables or fruits, even though there are so many other Tarkari bazar inside in the valley. Besides these, they keep the marketplace clean and no doubt in the measurements and other factors. Consumers can easily trust them in terms of quality, price, and measurement.

Disputes Among Consumers And Retailers

Although, consumers get facilities, quality, fresh and hygienic vegetables and fruits in it, sometimes, there are disputes among consumers and retailers in Kalimati Tarkari Bazar. In the name of producing more and more production farmers have used various harmful chemical pesticides that harm the human bodies when it is consumed for a long time.

To solve these problems and conflict, the government makes the cross-examination in the marketplace. The government sends a sample of various vegetables and fruits from it in a research laboratory to examine whether it was good for health or not for individual consumers.

After examining, it shows that if there is below 35% use of chemicals, consumers can keep consuming the vegetables and fruits. If it comes (35-40)%, consumers must wait for few days and they can consume it. But if it comes 40% over, it will not be good for the consumer’s health, they must not eat them. It must be disposed of or destroyed because there isn’t any alternative for it to use again.

So, every day there is a system of checking the fresh and hygiene of vegetables and fruits. Nowadays, consumers trusted them more and they went there for buying with confidence.

Kalimati Tarkari Bazar is only one place that adopts the technology to check the quality and hygiene of vegetables and fruits. Due to the great effort of government and management of Kalimati Tarkari Bazar, it is the best suitable place for buying vegetables and fruits for consumers.

Provisions and Fluctuations

If there is any fluctuate in a price list, they publish the notice in different social media to inform their potential consumers. A few years ago, there was a problem with the price of vegetables and fruits. They sold it at a high price. so related officers of Kalimati Tarkari Bazar had done a survey in various places. They served in the field where vegetables and fruits came in it for selling.

After the survey, they found that there are five layers of third parties to transport vegetables and fruits from the field to final consumers. When farmers grow the vegetables and fruits, they sold it to their local merchants, local merchants sold it to Kalimati Tarkari Bazar. Kalimati Tarkari Bazar to wholesalers, wholesalers to retailers and last layer retailers to final consumers. Due to that reason, the price of vegetables and fruits were increased in rapid burning ways.

Some consumers cannot buy vegetables or fruits because of the high price of it. To decrease the high price, third parties must be eliminated and there should be a proper provision such that farmers to wholesalers and wholesalers to retailers and retailers to final consumers chain is maintained in a balanced way.

Another reason for increasing the high price is that there aren’t the owners of the stall. Instead of that, there are an employee and lawyer who works in Kalimati Tarkari Bazar.

In the stall, they put four people to collect fair every month. One merchant should pay at least Rs.400,000 deposited and Rs.30,000 as monthly rent for vegetables and fruits management.

If the Kalimati Tarkari Bazar will be under the control and management of farmers, the consumer can get various vegetables and fruits at a low price. But It is just the opposite because there are lots of syndicates in it.

On 25 April 2015 massive earthquakes occurred all over the places of Nepal. After that day, few consumers were goes there for purchasing vegetables and fruits. So there was a massive decrease in the number of consumers to buy vegetables and fruits. It bears a huge loss in those days.


But the present, Kalimati Tarkari Bazar is one of the biggest and convenient places for buying and selling vegetables and fruits. It has maintained the quality, fresh, hygiene vegetables, and fruits that lured consumers to visit every day.

One of the reasons to visit there is because of affordable price and marketplace is clean. Management was too good if any problem or conflict arises the board manages it. Vegetables and fruits are brought not only from the valley or other places but also brought from our neighbor’s country like India and China.

It is the first marketplace that adopted the technology to check the hygiene of vegetables and fruits for better health of consumers. It means Kalimati Tarkari Bazar is also aware of consumer’s health which is too good for enhancing their trading. The Internet is all things in this busy world. Obviously, they had provided various relevant information about the price list of vegetables and fruits on their website which makes it easy for consumers. That means they had started to learn about adopting in this technology world.

We can find organic vegetables and fruits which are good for the health of people and to overcome the illness. Kathmandu valley has few fertile lands due to rapid population growth and migration of people where land is covered by buildings. So, few lands in the valley are suitable and available for cultivation.

Even there is less cultivated land and rapid population growth, Kalimati Tarkari Bazar can serve easily to their potential consumers without any hindrance and issues.

If its serving style or payment system is transformed into advanced modern technology for targeting all kinds of consumers, if it’s all physical process of tradings will be based on an internet basis, it will further increase in a number of their consumers which is good for them. And they will easily survive in the long run in this complex competitive world.