Nepali calendar also called the Bikram calendar is the official calendar of Nepal. This same calendar system is used in India as well. It uses lunar months and solar sidereal years as the reference. It is used as the official calendar in Nepal. The Vikram calendar is similar to the Jewish calendar but is completely different from the Gregorian calendar. The Jewish and Vikram calendar maintains the integrity of the lunar month, unlike the Gregorian calendar which makes essential changes.

Origin of Vikram calendar

The Vikram calendar was used in early ancient civilization. The Vikram calendar got its name from the name of Indian king Vikram Aditya. It started back in 57 BC.  People of India have been using these calendar since then. Later the Rana rulers of Nepal made the Vikram calendar official calendar of Nepal in around 1901 CE. Since then it is being used in Nepal.

 Nepali calendar system

As per the Nepali calendar, new year falls on the month of Baisakh. It falls usually on the months of April and may according to the Gregorian calendar. The first day of the month Baisakh is celebrated as a new year with a carnival that takes place in Bhaktapur. Other regions also have their own way of celebrating the festival. The Nepali calendar has 12 months and 365 days. The days sometimes differ as per the lunar and solar cycle. The days on the month differ sometimes. Each month has 30 tithis which have significant value in the lives of Nepali people. The tithis determine the dates and many occasions are done as per tithis. Some Nepali Tithi is supposed to be auspicious and some as inauspicious. So Nepali people often schedule special occasions at auspicious tithis only.

How to see Nepali calendar online?

Previously we used to buy our calendars. But these days you can get your calendar in your hand. There are different websites through which you can watch your calendar online. You can plan your schedule as per the calendars and make the most of your time. Similarly, you can even download apps that inform you about coming festivals, national holidays not just providing dates. Hamro patro is one of the very popular apps that allows you to get Nepali calendar on your phone.In this article, I am listing a few websites that allow you to see Nepali calendar online. Recently, Nepal government has cut off many national holidays, these calendars are the updated one.nepali calendar
  •  As soon as you enter the website, you will directly see a calendar. You get an option to see important dates, national holidays dates, festival dates and so on.
  • As you enter the homepage click on the calendar icon on the top. You will see your calendar. Users can even get in on google play and app store and can download the calendar to use it whenever required online or offline.
  • They provide you the reliable and accurate Nepali. They even provide you with the facility of converting your Nepali date into AD.
  • is another platform through which you can see Nepali.
The biggest thing a person need is a calendar. Every person in the world would look at the calendar once a day. But with the evolution of the internet, it has made it easier to watch the calendar online. There is a lot of websites that provide a daily update of the day and with various information like horoscopes, a good day for marriage and various things.There is no need for the wall calendar that we put on the wall and watch every morning. The world has changed with the evolution of the calendar. We don’t have to tear the pieces of the calendar to see the next day in the morning. People search for a lot of good things on a calendar every day such as their birthday, anniversary, their friend’s birthday, suitable for someone’s marriage and other things.Nepal has its own Calendar. Where the festivals, events and important dates and days are marked. In Nepal, most organizations especially the government and even banks follow B.S. B.S means Bikram Sambat. Where the universal calendar and dates we follow is in the format of A.D (Anno Domini).Most of the system in Nepal follows B.S but most of the accessible calendar such as laptops, watches, cell phones, and tablets, etc. are in A.D format. It is convenient to be able to check Nepali Calendar online. Rather than flipping the pages of the calendar which cannot be accessible everywhere. So here is the list of online Nepali 5 nepali calendarOn the contrary, the calendar system or the date of Nepal is quite different than the regular calendar. Sure, there are twelve months and averagely 30 days in a month but what separates the Nepali calendar is the difference in a year is approximately 56 years and 8½ months ahead of the Gregorian calendar (A.D). Nepali calendar is separate in 12 months like the normal calendar and these are important for people living in Nepal and important for tourists to find a suitable month to travel.Nepali Calendar follows the Bikram Sambat system which uses lunar months and solar sidereal year. There is a lot of websites that provide this information and more than a hundred apps in the play store or app store. While being a lot of them, there may be some people that are new in the internet era and are willing to learn about them. So, this a guide for those who are new and willing to learn.You are to follow the following things if you are new in internet
  1. There are many of search engines like Google, Bing, Internet Explorer, etc. which provide a platform for all of the people. With the search engines, we can search mostly anything.
  2. After you have selected your search engine, you have to search for a Nepali calendar in the search menu. After your page has loaded, a lot of websites are given to you as a choice. You just have to select the website you wish to see.
  3. Then, you have a Nepali calendar in front of you which shows the best day for marriage, national holidays, international holidays, etc.
While it is easy for a pc or computer user to search for the Nepali calendar. Android and ios users can choose between downloading the app or searching on the internet. If you are an android or an ios user then you can download an app that will provide a significant amount of data to every day. There are thousands of such app in the play store and an app store that you can download. These are some steps that you should use to download an app in android;
  1. You have to find an application called Play Store which is default installed in your android device.
  2. Then you have to open it and you have to search ‘Nepali calendar’ in the search option.
  3. After that, you get a lot of apps to choose from. Then you have to select the right one and press the install button to download and have the application in your android device.
For ios, it is similar to android but a little different. If you have a ios devices, follow the following steps to download Nepali calendar:
  1. You have to search for an application called the app store.
  2. After you have opened the app, you would have to press the search button and search for the Nepali calendar.
  3. Then you selected a suitable app for your iPhone or your choice. You have to press the cloud-like button to install the app on your iPhone.
This type of calendar also provides various other options to the user to provide a great view of the world. Some functions are horoscopes, news, date converter, gold silver rates, etc to help people to have information about the world in the morning while seeing the calendar.Since there are a lot of them out there, I have specific research and put a narrow vision and have to make a list of both websites and applications for ios and android. These are the 5 websites and app that I would highly recommend to all the readers searching for a better Nepali calendar:

Hamro Patro

A famous app in the play store and app store with a download of more than 1 million and with the rating of 4.6, this app is famous for its easy use and how it provides  information about every Nepali festival, cultural events, forex rates, FM radios, prompt updates of world news, reviews, blogs, date converter, gold silver rates, daily horoscopes, podcasts, and daily horoscopes. Hamro Patro is a Nepali mobile app that serves you a daily dose of a weather forecast, daily quote, favorite audios, daily newspapers, and several other features. It is an ideal choice as a calendar.Another well known online Nepali Calendar. It also provides mobile apps, desktop apps, and widgets. Not just that it also provides news, Rashifal (fortune-telling), foreign exchange and much more. Link:
hamro patro

Nepali Patro

It is the same app with a little different feature with about or more than 1 million downloads. It is also a great app available for both Android and IOS and including for MAC, Windows, Firefox, Chrome. This app helps you stay connected with various Nepali dates, events, and festivals. A country like Nepal which so many priorities for every single festival, it is a great app for that propose. With a rating of 4.6, it is the best app for your daily propose.Nepali Patro is a website which not only shows you Nepali Calendar but also converts A.D. to B.S. Nepal Patro very popular and mostly used. Because Nepali Patro has extended its platform from being just a webpage to both IOS and Andriod apps, MAC and windows. It also has adds on extensions on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browsers. Link: 
nepali patro


This is the most famous website that shows the  Nepali calendar. With the easy layout of the website, even a 10-year kid would easily use it. It shows the various special with red marking and is also feature with a date converter that helps you convert B.S into A.D and A.D into B.S. It also shows the current Nepali currency exchange rate and also shows the time of sunrise and the time of sunset with an easy feature. If you want to use a Nepali calendar as a widget or want to use it on your website, you can easily do it from here. If you are searching for a suitable website with an easy feature to master, this is the website I would highly recommend.A very simple, with no complications. It is basically a Nepali Calendar but online with the simplistic design that is not only sophisticated but clear to read. With a bonus of date converter. Easy to understand and accurate. Nothing to dislike. Link:
Nepali Calendar

Smart Patro

This is the app that has 4.2 rating and is created by the same creator of  NEPALI CALENDAR exclusively develop for iPhone devices. It is useful for both the Nepalese community in Nepal or abroad. It has the same features as the website but is condensed to fit in your pocket as a pocket calendar. It shows various public holidays, festivals, Panchang and other important events for a people who want to know about. It also provides fresh new every morning about Nepal and other countries. It a great app for the people searching for a good Nepali calendar for their iPhones.
Smart Patro

Pahila Online Nepali Calendar

You will find a lot of calendars out there but not as this online calendar which has a calculator for converting valve of jewels, land and VAT into money. It is an easy website with features of converting date ( B.S. into A.D and A.D into B.S)and with a calendar showing important event in Nepal and the world.  It also shows the information of sunrise and sunset and the time when the moon is seen. All in many, it is not the best but certainly a good website for calendar.
nepali calendar-2076
These are the list of website and apps that we think is the best among all the website out there that provide Nepali date and calendar. In the past few decades, the use of the internet and the use of the online calendar has greatly increased. Hope that this much information will help you gain a little bit of knowledge and gains some ideas about the Nepali calendar and how it works. There is a lot of websites that may provide much more information than the above website and apps.

Ashesh Nepali Calendar

Ashesh is a web page that shows the Nepali Calendar. The reason why this page is on the top 5 list is due to the services it provides. It not only shows  the calendar but also converts A.S. to B..S and vice versa. Other many more such as foreign exchange rate, Nepali Panchang. Also Preeti to Unicode and vice versa, widget, Nepali time, moon phase and etc. LINK:


An online Nepali Calendar which is accurate. Enlists all the holidays and important dates of each month. Very detailed and informational and also with an add-on of date converter. Link: