After lots of Bank merge Nepal process, the old banks, now have new names. List of all New Bank Names and Old bank names of Nepal. This list includes the name of banks before it merged with another bank.

I had a share in Nepal Consumer Development Bank. Finding the bank it merged with took me lots of time and effort. After research, I found that it became a Reliable development bank. Again, Reliable development bank merged with Global IME.

Bank Merge Nepal

So, to make everyone easy. Please find the list of all the old banks and new banks in Nepal.

NCC Bank Ltd

Infrastructure Development Bank Ltd
Apex Development Bank Ltd.
Supreme Development Bank Ltd
International Development Bank
Swastik Merchant Finance Limited
Royal Merchant Banking and Finance Limited
Rara Bikash Bank Limited
Api Finance Limited

Prabhu Bank Ltd

Grand Bank Nepal Ltd.
Kist Bank Ltd.
Gaurishankar Development Ltd
Zenith Finance Ltd
Sambridhi Bikash Bank Limited
Baibhav Finance Limited
Century Commercial Bank Limited (Merged with Prabhu bank after acquiring the following banks)
Alpine Development Bank Limited
Seti Finance Limited
Sagarmatha Finance Limited
Innovative Development Bank Limited
Araniko Development Bank Limited
Surya Development limited
Patan Finance Ltd.
Sagarmatha Merchant & Finance Company Ltd.

Jyoti Bikas Bank Limited

Raptibheri Bikas Bank Limited
Jhimruk Bikash Bank Ltd.

Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Limited

Kamana Bikas Bank Limited
Sewa Bikas Bank Limited
Kaski Finance Ltd.

Shangrila Development Bank Ltd

Cosmos Development Bank Ltd.
Bageswori Bikash Bank Limited

Grameen Bikas Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha

Nepal Grameen Bikas Bank Limited renamed to Grameen Bikas Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha

Purwanchal Grameen Bikash Bank Limited
Madyamanchal Grameen Bikash Bank Limited
Paschimanchal Grameen Bikash Bank Limited
Madya Paschimanchal Grameen Bikash Bank Limited
Sudur Paschimanchal Grameen Bikash Bank Limited

Global IME Bank Limited

Reliable Development Bank Limited
Pacific Development Bank Ltd.
Social Development Limited
Gulmi Bikash Bank Limited
IME Finance Limited
Lord Budha Finance Ltd.
Commerz & Trust Bank Limited
Subhalaxmi Finance Limited
Hathway Finance Ltd
Nepal Consumer Development Limited
Janata Bank Nepal Ltd (Janata Bank merged with Global IME after acquiring the following banks)
Siddhartha Development Bank Ltd.
Triveni Bikas Bank Limited
Ekata Bikas Bank Ltd.
Nepal Awas Finance Ltd.
Public Development Ltd.
Bright Development Ltd
Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.
Lumbini Bank Ltd. (merged with Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. initially)
Navadurga Finance Company Limited (merged with Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. initially)

NMB Bank Ltd

Pathibhara Bikas Bank Ltd.
Bhrikuti Bikas Bank Ltd
Clean Energy Development Ltd.
Prudential Finance Co Ltd.
Om Development Bank Limited (Bank merged with NMB after acquiring the following banks)
Manaslu Bikas Bank Limited
City Development Ltd
Om Finance Ltd.

Nepal Investment Mega Bank Ltd.

Ace Development Bank Ltd.
Mega Bank (Mega bank merged with NIBL after acquiring the following banks)
Paschimanchal Development Ltd.
Tourism Development Bank Ltd.
Matribhumi Bikas Bank Ltd
Kalinchowk Development Bank Ltd.
Gandaki Bikas Bank (Bank merged with Mega bank after acquiring the following banks)
Fewa Bikas Bank
Biswo Bikash Bank Ltd

Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd

Yeti Development Bank Ltd.
Malika Bikas Bank Limited
Mahalaxmi Finance Limited
Siddhartha Finance Limited
Imperial Finance Limited
Manakamana Development Limited
Yeti Finance Limited
Valley Finance Limited

Lumbini Bikas Bank Limited

Lumbini Finance & Leasing Company Limited
Vibor Society Development Bank Limited
Vibor Bikas Bank Ltd.
Society Development Ltd.
Bhajuratna Finanace Limited
H & B Development Bank
Birgunj Finance Ltd.
Himchuli Bikas Bank

Sunrise Bank Ltd

NIDC Capital Market Ltd.
Narayani National Finance Ltd.
National Finance limited
Narayani Finance Ltd.

Prime Commercial Bank Ltd

Biratlaxmi Bikash Bank Ltd.
Country Development Bank Ltd.
Khadbari Development Limited
Kailash Bikas Bank Limited (Bank merged with Prime Commercial after acquiring the following banks)
Nepal Express Finance Ltd
Metro Development Ltd

Himalayan Bank

Civil Bank Limited (Bank merged with Himalayan Bank after acquiring the following banks)
Unique Finance Limited
Hama Merchant and Finance Limited
International Leasing & Finance Company Limited
Axis Development limited
Civil Merchant Bitiya Sanstha Limited
Pashupati Development Limited
Udham Bikash Bank Limited

Central Finance Ltd.

Bhaktapur Finance Company Ltd

Laxmi Bank Ltd

Professional Diyalo Development Bank Ltd.
Diyalo Bikash Bank Limited
Professinal Development Limited
Hisef Finance Limited

Siddhartha Bank Limited

Business Universal Development Limited
Business Development Limited
Universal Finance Limited
Business Development Limited
Universal Finance Limited

Sanima Bank Ltd

Bagmati Development Bank Ltd.

Kumari Bank Limited

Kasthamandap Development Bank Limited
Mahakali Bikash Bank Limited
Kakrebihar Bikash Bank Limited
Paschimanchal Finance Limited
Shikhar Finance Limited
Western Development Bank Limited (Bank merged with Kumari bank after acquiring the following banks)
Namaste Bittiya Sanstha Limited
Deva Bikas Bank Limited (merged with Kumari Bank after acquiring the following banks)
Sajha Bikas Bank Limited
Union Finance Limited
NDEP Development Bank Limited
Rising Development Bank Limited

Garima Bikas Bank Limited

Subekshya Bikash Bank Ltd.
Nilgiri Bikas Bank Ltd

Citizens Bank International Limited

Premier Finance Limited
Nepal Housing and Merchant Finance Limited
Peoples Finance Limited

Reliance Finance limited

lotus Investment Finance Limited

Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited

Civic Development Ltd.

Gorkha Finance Limited

Gorkha Bikas Bank (Nepal) Ltd
Kathmandu Finance Ltd.

Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited

Gaumukhi Bikas Bank Ltd.
Shine Development Bank Ltd.
Resunga Development Bank Ltd.

Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited

Standard Finance Limited

Synergy Finance Limited

Butwal Finance Limited
Alpic Everest Finance Limited
CMB Finance Limited

Shree Investment Finance Company Limited

Shree Investment and Finance Company Ltd.
Everest Finance Ltd.

NIC Asia Bank Limited

NIC Bank Limited
Bank of Asia Nepal Limited

Nabil Bank Limited

Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited (Merged with Nabil Bank after acquring the following banks)
Nepal Srilanka Merchant Finance Limited
Nepal Bangladesh Finance Limited