Development in the finance companies in Nepal is a must for the Nation’s economic prosperity. In recent years, Nepal’s financial sectors have had many reformations. Not only A-class commercial banks but the establishment of C-class financial institutions has also increased. There are thousands of such institutions in Nepal.

While most of us take financial institutions as a company concerned with depositing and withdrawing money, it carries a broader term. Finance companies are small financial institutions established to serve the small financial need of customers.

There is a high abundance of a financial institution in Nepal. Finance companies in Nepal are C-graded banking institutions licensed by Nepal rastra bank. They are established to serve customers’ needs at a lower and local level.

Currently, There are 17 C-Class Finance Companies in Nepal.

Name of C-Class Finance companies in Nepal
Nepal Finance Ltd.
Nepal Share Markets and Finance Ltd.
Goodwill Finance Ltd.
Progressive Finance Ltd.
Janaki Finance Co. Ltd.
Pokhara Finance Ltd.
Multipurpose Finance Co. Ltd
Samriddhi Finance Company Limited
Capital Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd.
Guheshwori Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd.
ICFC Finance Ltd.
Manjushree Finance Ltd.
Reliance Finance Ltd.
Gorkhas Finance Ltd.
Shree Investment & Finance Co. Ltd.
Central Finance Ltd.
Best Finance Ltd.
List of C Class Finance Companies in Nepal
Top 10 finance company in Nepal

Role of Finance Companies in Nepal

The finance company has played an important role in Nepal in recent years in income generation, entrepreneurship development, and women empowerment. Finance companies in Nepal are now established in rural areas, helping people at the local level.

best finance companies in Nepal

Companies play an essential role in increasing the living standard of people in rural areas. Some finance companies also provide internet banking services that allow users to use Esewa. Users can recharge NTC and Ncell online. Some also provide debit card services to users. Here is a list of some financial companies in Nepal.

A specialized monetary organization supplies credit for purchasing consumer goods and offerings by buying retailers’ time-scales contracts or granting small loans directly to consumers.

Having your money on the line, you want to make the best choice. There are a lot of factors that make a finance company great. Well, here are the five best finance companies in Nepal.

Among the thousands of such institutions, I am listing the best finance companies in Nepal operating in town in this article.

Shree Investment Finance Co. Ltd

Shree Investment & Finance Co Ltd is the other name in the finance sector. It has its head offices in Dillibazar, Kathmandu. It was established in 1994 by renowned businessmen of Kathmandu. Since then, they have attracted clients with unique schemes and reliable service. For more information on their schemes and services, please visit their website:

Shree Investment and Financial is a “C” Class Financial institution licensed under Nepal Ratra BAnk. Through hard work and persistence, this company has successfully taken a position in the financial sector of Nepal and has shown prominent growth over time.

The company is dynamic, accepting, introducing, and evolving new products and services to constantly be revolutionary and hold up with modifications to fill the demands and provide satisfactory services to investors, shareholders, stakeholders, and customers.

The company currently has branched out seven department offices outside of Kathmandu Valley, and the headquarters is located in Kathmandu to unfold out to other locations of the country shortly continuously.


Ph:- 01-4422038 / 4426146
Fax:- 977-1-4421779
P.O. Box 10717

Lalitpur Finance Ltd

Lalitpur Finance, often termed LAFIN is another trusted financial institution in Nepal. It was established in 1998. They have their head office in Lagankhel, Lalitpur.

They have managed to stay in buzz with continuous innovation and dynamic strategies that best suits the need of customers and clients. Since its establishment, it has received a good response from clients. For more information on their schemes and offers, visit their website:

Established under the Finance Company Act 2043, the first private sector finance company which Lalitpur District owns is Lalitpur Finance Ltd. This company has been able to and is performing its features successfully under the guidance of Nepal Rastra Bank. Due to its capability, this organization’s financial result displays its sturdy strength.

Lalitpur Finance was once listed on Nepal Stock Exchange on September 18, 1992. Transparency, accountability, statistics disclosures, and stringent ethics practiced at Lalitpur Finance Ltd.(Lafin) have now become its hallmark.

The concepts mentioned above have not solely been established to be general formulae; however, in the years, Lalitpur Finance has additionally helped us win investors’ confidence.

LAFIN helps customers in various organizations and households, providing them with revolutionary monetary products and solutions and supporting them in materializing their dreams. Lalitpur Finance offers multiple financial services organizations where speed, creativity, and responsiveness are the keys to their success.

Contact: Branch Location:

Lagankhel, Lalitpur Branch

Contact: 5536598, 5523850, 5525115

United Finance

United Finance Limited is another popular name that a reputed businessman in Nepal promotes. It has its head office in Durbarmarg, Kathmandu.

It aims to provide a solution to all the banking needs of the customers through continuous improvement. It started its operation back in 2051 B.S. as a National level finance company. For more information, please visit the website:


Branch Location: IJ Plaza, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu Nepal

Branch Contact: 01-4241648

best finance companies in nepal

Jebil’s Finance

Jebils finance has also been started with a team of professionals from various fields. Since its establishment, it has been serving a variety of customers. The head office is located on New road, and branch offices are throughout the country. For more information, please visit the website: Jebils Finance.

Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. Acquires Jebil’s Finance Ltd.

Nepal Finance Ltd

Nepal finance limited, also known as Nefinsco, is The First Finance Company run by the Private Sector in Nepal. It was established in 2049 B.S. to serve the community, and they claim to be a trendsetter in the field of hire purchase and margin lending. For more information, visit their website:


Address: Kamaladi, Putalisadak, Kathmandu

Phone: +977-014545885/86/87, 01-5912195/96

Gurkhas Finance

Gurkhas Finance, also known as Kathmandu Finance Limited (KAFAL), was established in 2051 B.S. The ultimate motto of the company is to improve quality and provide better service to the customer every day.

With different schemes and offers for the customers, finance has managed to gain the trust of valued customers. It is one of the best finance companies in Nepal.

Since its establishment, it has been working to provide all financial solutions to its customers. The head office is located in Dilli Bazaar, CharKhaal Road, Kathmandu. For more information, please visit the website:


Tel: 014437401, 014425960

Charkhal, Dillibazar, Kathmandu

ICFC Finance

ICFC Finance was registered in 2001 under the company act 2053. It has its headquarters in Bhatbhateni, Kathmandu, Nepal, and operates throughout the country through its branches. Well-qualified professionals also run the finance company from diverse fields. They focus on the financial needs of small and medium enterprises. ICFC is one of the best finance companies in Nepal.


Tel no: 01-4425292 / 01-4473052

Goodwill Finance Limited

Established under the Financial Company act 2042, in 2051BS commenced its operation as a financial organization under the license from Nepal Rastra Bank.

This company is the leading issuer of financial services with a unique combination of dedication and idea execution. With the imaginative and prescient of offering satisfactory financial services for success.

The company shares are listed on Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE).


Address: Hattisar,Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu

Phone: 01-4444039Fax: 01-4443414

PO Box: 8867