EDV result 2023 is out today. Find the list of all EDV result 2022 winners & namelist. You can also download EDV 2022 winners of Nepal namelist. You can also find the most easiest way to check Edv result 2023 Nepal.

The latest update about EDV is that EDV result 2023 is on May 7, 2022. The time of result publish is 9:45 PM Nepal Standard Time.

According to our research, it has been found that due to excessive number of visitors, the EDV official website (dvlottery.state.gov) was responding very slow. If you are still not able to check EDV, you can try now or after some time.

EDV result 2023 is ready with the name list of all EDV winners. EDV result 2023 publishes in May 2022 this year. EDV result 2023 result has already been published. Apropos of the Immigration Act 1990, in the United States of America, there was the establishment of a Diversity Visa (DV) program. The Diversity Immigrant Visa program is the Green Card Lottery Program to receive a US Permanent Resident card.

Under edv program, 50,000 permanent resident visas are made available every year. Applicants are selected from the countries with a low rate of immigration in the previous five years. This program has been conducted to diversify the immigrant population in the US. After the name of its sponsor, this program is also known as Schumer program. EDV result was completely based on a random selection of candidates who filled edv form.

What is EDV Result 2023?

The eligibility for this DV program in the USA is determined by the candidates’ country of birth. Nepal is one of the eligible countries for the American DV Program. 50,000 Diversity Visas are available each year.

edv result 2022

It is a short form to the Diversity Visa Program, which is also known as the green card lottery. That means the person who has been chosen for EDV result 2023 through the lottery process, that person will be given rights to become permanent resident or citizenship by the US government. The registration period of DV lottery for 2023 started on October 2021, and closed on November 2021. The registration was done online through different institution or even small cyber cafes.

However, no countries can receive more than 7% of total DVs that is 3500 per year. 100,000 applicants are selected at first for the DV program. It is because, after the selection, the applicants need to be qualified for the visa which includes background and security check. Also, some may choose not to go further with the proceedings. Thus, even though you are selected, you might not be granted the DV sometimes.

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How to check EDV result 2023?

This US DV program has been administered exclusively online since 2012 AD. The applicants can verify online whether they are selected or not and winners are also notified online. So, let’s talk about the ways to check EDV result.

how to check edv result
how to check edv result

The American EDV (Electronic Diversity Visa) has been around for a while now, and people who are cognizant are applying for it.

www.dvprogram.state.gov is the authorised website for EDV lottery result. Here, you can apply for DV and also check for your selection and the final edv result. This website is managed by The Bureau of Consular Affairs, US Department of State.

Step by Step procedure to check result

edv result

EDV result page will send you to the site where it will ask you for your personal information such as Confirmation Number which will be of 16 digits. EDV result page will also asks Last/Family name and the Year of Birth. You have to authenticate which is basically captcha (Words on the screen) that you have to type. On a single click on the button named submit, you can see your EDV result.

After doing that, if you have been selected it will give you good news message and further information about the next process you need to proceed to or also you can contact to the institute working for DV for 2nd letter and processes. And if you are not selected, you will be given a sorry message and ask you to try again.

To check for the EDV result, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your browser and open the official website for EDV i.e. dvprogram.state.gov.
  • The page opens with information about the registration period at the top. Just below it, you can see DV Entrant Status Check. You have to click on check status. The link is just below the instruction which tells you to Click the link below to check the DV entrant status.
Edv result 2022 Nepal
edv result online

Click on the link, and a page opens in which entrant status check instructions are provided. It tells you to be sure to have the Entrant’s Confirmation Number, Last/Family Name, and Year of Birth to check the entrant status online. Then, Click on continue.

Then, a page opens where you have to enter the entrant information. You will have to enter the confirmation number provided to you while applying for the DV, your last/family name and year of birth. Then you have to type the characters shown for the authentication.

Be sure to enter all the information correctly. Then click on submit. You will get your EDV result then.

Video Guide to check EDV result 2022

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Step by Step video guide on How to check EDV result 2023

Step by step guide to check EDV result 2023 Nepal

Step 1: Go to dvprogram.state.gov

Step 2: Make your confirmation number ready

Step 3: Follow the instructions mentioned underneath.

This step by step guide helps you to check result easily. Please click on highlighted button to check the result.

EDV result 2022 Nepal
EDV result 2022 Nepal
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

When is EDV 2023 result?

EDV 2023 result is on May 7th of 2022.  The result will publish on the noon of June 6. That means the Nepali time for the result is 9:45 PM.

You can also know the exact Nepali date on Nepali Calendar.

dv 2022 result may 8

You can get every detail about EDV 2022, EDV 2022 result date and all about EDV Electronic Diversity Visa 2022.

Exactly telling, EDV result 2022 used to publish on the day of International labour. Because of pandemic this year, result date is on May 8, 2021. The official website of DV has mentioned date as May 8 2021, starting at noon.

EDV result 2022 is on a way. Applicants can get their EDV result of 2022 by the first week of May/June 2021. So, stay finger crossed wishing for the best. Wap Nepal will update EDV result 2022 and list of all EDV result 2022 winners on this page.

Finally, EDV result is published on May 8 2021. We will update the list of all EDV 2022 winners with name and address. We would like to congratulate all EDV 2021 winners for being selected.

In the days to come, we would be providing you with more information about EDV 2021 application and its procedures to apply. You can get complete EDV application tutorial in our other post.

We are getting the list of EDV 2023 winners. We will be updating this page with EDV winners namelist by today evening. If you are EDV winner 2023, please use the comment section to provide your information.

We would love to include your name on the EDV result winner list 2023.

Name List of EDV winners 2023

edv 2020 winner

EDV result name list is not available online. It can be only checked by the applicant.

Any website claiming the list of names of EDV winners is fake.

So, do not trust those websites which claim to provide the EDV result 2023 Nepal name list.


In conclusion, EDV result 2023 is ready and will be on your hands on May 7, 2022.

Requirements for EDV winners

To be able to register for EDV 2023, all you need to have is a high school degree that is have 12 years of both elementary and secondary education and also has at least two years of experience of occupation. Informal courses will not be qualified. You can check or visit the department of labour to verify if the occupation qualifies or not.

edv 2020 form

You must at least have a high school degree or in other words, equivalent to the 12-year course of elementary and secondary education in the US. You must also give two years of experience in your occupation. Informal courses will not be satisfactory.

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Thus, you must have formal courses of study. You can also visit the department of labour to see if your occupation qualifies or not. There is no age restriction but you have to pass high school to apply. You don’t need any English language exams or even be fluent in English to apply and you do not have to relative or job or show any amount of money to be able to apply. All you have to make sure is that you don’t have any criminal record, mentally unstable or be considered as a threat to the US in any shape or form. Also, every individual in a family including spouse can separately apply for DV.

If one of the spouses gets selected the partner can come along with the selected spouse after few processes and in case of death, DV will be terminated and will not be passed to the family members. To check the DV results simply log on to this website on https://www.dvlottery.state.gov.

Why U.S brought EDV program?

America is one of the biggest and most developed countries in the world with the highest economic rate of growth. Compared to Nepal, America can be a bit of heaven i.e. everything a citizen might have ever wished for.

edv nepal usa

The infrastructure, road, economy, education, facilities, elder and below poverty help campaign and just everything is a billion times better than Nepal. It’s kind of a bitter truth but what do you expect from one of the top countries in the world.

Well as controversial as it seems, life just seems better there with better job opportunities and a better lifestyle in general. But it can be quite a struggle to find a good job and afford a good living there. Citizens of there are advanced and also the country will anytime and every time give priority to their own citizens than other population.

In EDV result 2020, if you get chosen, you will simply will directly will provide a chance and right to the citizenship or permanent resident of America which is a huge bargain that’s why people have so much craze about it. Though it is solely upon your luck as it is a lottery system.

Will EDV program continue?

Well, there are let’s say more of a rumour concerned with the issues about the immigration process. Despite rumours, we can expect that EDV program will continue.