canada scholarshipsCanada is an emerging destination for the abroad study for Nepalese students. Many youths are already studying in different universities of Canada and many of them are preparing to apply. Well, when it is related to abroad study, everybody knows how expensive it is. But don’t worry. If you have good academic records, then you can apply for the various scholarship provided by different universities of Canada under different schemes. Here are the list and a brief description of the scholarship for the Nepalese students in Canada.

  1. Humber International Entrance Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the Humber College situated in Ontario, Canada, one of the reputed colleges in Canada. The scholarship is provided for the undergraduate’s programs available at the college. This college is one of the renowned and friendly colleges for the international students. So, attract international students and to help them pursue their further study, it has announced the Humber International Entrance Scholarship from the academic year 2015. The interested candidates can apply for any of the undergraduate courses available in the college for this scholarship. Under this scheme, it provides a full and partial scholarship for the selected candidates. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be meet the certain criteria.

humber scholarship

  • The candidate must be an international student.
  • The candidate must not be a part of Humber’s EAP program.
  • The selection is based on candidate background, academic records, references, and recommendations.

The deadline is usually in the May month of every year. Please visit the official websites for detail information.

  1. York University international students scholarship

The university of York is another Canadian University that provides a scholarship for the international students to help them to complete their further study. There are different schemes and categories under which you can apply if you meet the requirements of the college. Some of them are York University automatic entrance scholarship, York university talent entrance scholarship, Lassonde Entrance scholarship, Faculty of science scholarship, the International circle of scholars scholarship, Global leader of tomorrow scholarship and much more. Please look at the picture given below for some more details or you can directly open the official page of the university by

york university

  1. International leader of tomorrow Award

This scholarship is provided by the University of British Columbia to help the international students to explore their knowledge. This scholarship is for non-Canadian international students having excellent academic background, significant participation in the communities’ activities and having a potential of a great leadership. The interested candidates can apply for any subjects available in undergraduate courses in the college. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must meet following criteria:

12 UBC

  • Candidate must have an excellent academic background.
  • Candidate must provide the sufficient documents for the need of a scholarship.
  • Candidate must be an international student and studying under Canada students visa.
  • Candidate must meet the UBC’s language test.

For more details, please visit the official site

  1. Fellowship by SDPI and IDRC

IDRC refers to International Development Research Center, Canada with joint collaboration with Sustainable Development Policy Institute of Pakistan provides a scholarship for the South Asian countries in the subjects like governance, security, Justice, developments and sustainable. This scholarship will be provided for two years master degree courses and for four in Doctoral courses. The candidates must be below 30 years to be eligible for this scheme. Please visit the official website of SDPI to get more details.

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