Every year, the Russian government has been providing 15 state partial scholarships to the government of Nepal so that it will help to boost the mutual relationship between two countries and the Nepalese fellows can get a chance to interact with the Russian cultures. Under partial scholarship, the Russian government will cover the tuition fee, accommodation while the students have to pay for food and catering, life and health insurance, the cost of travel to the place of destination and personal expenses.
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To be eligible for the scholarship, the candidates must have passed the higher education level which should be equivalent to the complete secondary education in Russia. They must not have below 80%in higher secondary level to qualify for the application. They must have good marks in all of the remaining subjects too. Similarly, there should be no more than 3 years of the gap from the time of completion of higher studies. The candidates must be below 27 years of age. Above 27 years will not be accepted.

Candidates having a master degree in science/Arts can apply for the Ph.D. courses but their age must not exceed 35 years.

All the candidates who are applying for the Russian scholarship must undergo a medical examination and the HIV test. The official medical bodies as appointed by Government of Nepal must issue that the candidate health is good to stay in the Russian Climate.

All the application of candidates will be examined by the government of Nepal. The Russian government has given full authority to the Nepal government for selecting the nominees for the scholarship. The government of Nepal examines the application and based on merit, percentage, and performances in an interview, the name of candidates will be notified through the national newspaper and the official web address.

The selected candidates who have been admitted to the Russian institutions must arrive as per following information:

– Preparatory faculties – from September I till September 15
– Ph.D. courses – before December 1
If you have been selected for the scholarship then, please read the following information carefully before you leave your country for Russia. This information is as per included in https://www.russiancultureinnepal.org/
The students coming to Russia are supposed to:
– have proper clothes and footwear for all seasons, including warm clothes for autumn and winter
– have at least $100 for travel from the Moscow International airport to the place of study
– have at least $100 per month for personal needs, because the amount of (bursary) is not enough to cover minimum monthly expenses
– have some amount of money for obtaining required Life and Medical insurance.

For more information, you can visit the Education Minister office in Kaisher Mahal, Kathmandu or you can simply follow the web address www.moest.gov.np