It’s one step process to check Purbanchal University result online. The university regularly publishes the result through a notice board section on its website. You must follow a few important steps to check your PU result through its official website.

Purbanchal University Result

How to check the result of Purbanchal University?

Please follow the steps by steps procedure to check the result of Purbanchal University.

  1. First, open up any web browser you are familiar with. You can use Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Torch, etc.
  2. Type the University’s official web address given here. It is
  3. On the header section, click on Results.
  4. Click on Find Results.

Then, a page related to the result section will be loaded and opened, as shown in the figure.

Select Faculty to check result by clicking on the drop-down menu.

Select Faculty to check result

Then select your program under your chosen faculty.

select program of your faculty

Select your semester/year.

select your semester or year

Select your exam type.

select exam type regular or back paper

Select your exam year.

Select your intake.

Enter your symbol number correctly.

Enter your registration number.

Click on Show Result.

Your result will be shown.

Remember that you have to enter your symbol number and registration number correctly.

Getting Latest Purbanchal University Result Notices

Purbanchal University website has a notice board where important exam notices are published regularly. This helps to know whether your Purbanchal university exam routine or exam result is published.

Purbanchal University Notice Board

You can go to the homepage of Purbanchal University and click on Notice Board and select Exam if you want to get latest exam related notices.