In Nepal, a Nata Pramanit (Family Composition certificate, Relationship Certificate) from local authorities like VDCs or municipalities verifies family relationships, including names and birthdates. It’s crucial for students planning to study abroad, often required by foreign institutions and governments to confirm family backgrounds and Nepali residency.

Application details must be accurate, and fees vary by location and language (Nepali or English). Once submitted, a relationship certificate is issued with a registration number, as shown in the sample provided.

relationship certificate Nepal

What is Relationship Certificate & Nata Pramanit in Nepal?

Nata Pramanit, also known as a Family Composition certificate, is a document issued by the local government, either the Village Development Committee (VDC) or the municipality, in Nepal. This certificate proves the relationship between family members living under one household.

It includes detailed information such as names, dates of birth, and relationship to the head of the family. The Nata Pramanit is commonly used in various official processes and is particularly useful for those planning to study abroad. Many educational institutions and foreign governments require this document to verify the family composition of students applying for scholarships or visas. It helps ensure that the information provided by the students matches the reality of their family background. Additionally, it serves as a proof of the student’s residency and citizenship in Nepal. Obtaining a Nata Pramanit requires submitting necessary documents and completing the application process at the local government office.

Relationship Certificate Application Form

The Relationship Certificate Application form consists of the necessary details about the applicant and the individuals for whom the certificate is being applied. The form requires the applicant to provide detailed information such as their name, residential address, and contact details. Additionally, it also asks for the names of the applicant’s father, mother, and siblings, if any.

In order to process the application, the form mandates the submission of a photograph of each individual mentioned in the application. This certificate is often required for various legal purposes, such as claiming inheritance rights, applying for visas, or for obtaining government benefits. It serves as proof of the existence and relationship between the individuals mentioned in the certificate. Therefore, it is crucial to accurately fill out the application form with complete and correct information to ensure a smooth processing of the relationship certificate.

Relationship Certificate Nepal Application Form
Relationship Certificate Application Form

Cost and Fees for making Relationship Certificate in Nepal

We have seen that the fee differs between every municipalities and VDC’s. Even, we found that the cost is different if document is issued in English or Nepali. Most of the municipalities and VDC’s charge 265 Nepali Rupees for Relationship Certificate in Nepali language and 510 rupees for Relationship Certificate in English language.

Make sure you contact your local government about the fees.

Relationship Certificate Sample

After submitting the application form along with required documents to the municipality or VDC, you will get a relationship certificate with a registration number on the top. The Nata Pramanit document looks like the sample shown below.

Relationship Certificate Sample / Nata Pramanit Sample
Relationship Certificate Sample / Nata Pramanit Sample