As we can see, the trend of Nepali students going abroad for further studies is increasing very dramatically. As long as the students utilize their skills learned in their home country, this is a boon for the country. Students are choosing to pursue their degrees from foreign countries, and this trend is only increasing. Student mobility is itself a good thing for the country. With globalization, student transfer is also increasing. This trend helps in building the Nation’s Human resources.

What do you think? Is Studying in the USA, Australia, Canada, or Europe Good or Bad?


A large number of Nepali students apply and go abroad for higher studies due to not having proper education facilities of quality education and proper universities. To enrich your mind with knowledge, positive vibes, and more experiences, one of the fantastic opportunities is studying abroad. You can find out the best place for abroad if you are having a monotonous and lackluster in your college life or your student’s life.

You can contact consultancies, which is not the only center for giving educational techniques for students applying abroad but also one of the centers for business and sought-after study abroad destinations for Nepalese. There are different destinations for Nepali students for abroad destination. Some are the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Cyprus, Japan, and Korea.

The number of students going abroad is increasing every year. Especially in the past few years, the number of students going abroad has been increasing. Some of the reasons behind that are easy access to foreign countries, more awareness in people, and lack of the desired course of studies in Nepal. Since many countries have broadened their visa approval, students get easy access to foreign countries these days.

Also, students are becoming more aware of visa processes, study requirements, and many things. The other reason is easy banking facilities. For all of these different reasons, the number of students going abroad is increasing every year. This has both positive and negative aspects. We will talk about that in our other article.

In the past few years, the flow of students towards particular countries has been increasing. This list presents the names of top destinations for study for Nepalese students.

Best places to study for Nepali students

I list a few of the most preferred destinations by Nepali students for study abroad. In recent years, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA have remained the most preferred destinations.

Best Destinations for Nepali Students to Study Abroad


The United States of America has always been one of the most preferred destinations for Nepali students. Who wouldn’t want to get a degree from America? Even now, more than 50 percent of students choose America for their studies. The USA has lists of the world’s leading and most reputed universities. America is a land of opportunities.

nepali students in usa

The only drawback of students studying in America is that they eventually want to settle in the country. This happens in most cases. And there are only a few who return home after completion of their studies. America also provides lots of scholarship opportunities for Nepali students. America has the most expensive as well as the most affordable colleges, that’s why it is the choice of a wide range of students.

The USA has been known or listed as one of the leading countries for its quality education. The USA offers various options per your academic and cultural preferences. The reasons for choosing the USA are that,

  • It is one of the most renowned academies in the world; the USA has some of the top universities among 4000 universities in the world, which offer different courses in all academic fields and a wide range of degrees. Among the 20 leading universities in the world, 16 are universities in the USA.
  • It has flexibility in academics, as according to student’s needs and interests, the American higher education system offers flexible options. Students at the undergraduate level can choose different courses before selecting a major at the end of the second year, giving them time and options to explore their interests.
  • They provide career opportunities, a degree from reputed universities, and a wide range of career prospects from international degrees widens the scope even further. It broadens the students’ career path as different international companies choose them as a candidate and offer them jobs and perspectives for their products.
  • Use of technology, As USA is in top place in inventing and using of new technology. The use of new technology makes the students sharpen to perform any sort of task.
  • Help and support for international students, as it is difficult for international students to get used to the new student life in an international university. Many universities in the USA provide better guidance and support to all students for achieving success.
scholarships in USA

The USA has always remained the top priority for young students out there. There is no doubt that the USA is best known for studying. It has a list of A-ranking universities and colleges with worldwide certification. There is no way students will not want to go to America in that case. And, of course, it is America, a country of opportunities; many people wish to live in America, and a study visa acts as a gateway for them to do so. It sounds negative, but many students want to live in developed countries, and that’s why they enter the country for the future.

The other reason for wishing to go to America is the options available. There is a list of many colleges that offer affordable fee structures as well. Students can choose from affordable to expensive colleges. Also, the USA provides Scholarships to students for study. With that scholarship, it becomes much easier for students to complete their studies.

In the case of postgraduate courses, they also offer assistant teaching chances for students. They can learn and work with professors. It gives their career a big push. Despite the expensive living and complex environment, students wish to study and eventually live in America. But with the tightening of policy by Trump, we have seen a reduction in the number of students applying for America, which has shifted to Australia.


Undoubtedly, Australia is the most sought-after destination for study abroad. In recent years, the number of students going to Australia has increased dramatically. The main reason behind this is that most of the Universities in Australia are ranked among the top Universities in the world.

Furthermore, the accessible environment for students makes it the top choice. Students can get 20 working hours a week during their studies and apply for a post-work visa two years after completing their degree.

study abroad Australia

Similarly, the other reason is the relaxation of rules. Rules are made so that getting a visa for Australia is much easier than before. It is easy to change colleges in Australia if you don’t like the college you are studying at. Recently, the Australian Government has revised its policy to make it easy for students to get a visa.

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Students need to research well to find out a cheap university in Australia. University fee is different in different universities. A huge fee may create a huge problem at the time being in Australia. So, students need to make time to select the cheapest and best university.

We have listed out a few universities with their fee structure. This might help students feel the difference between the fee structure of different universities in Australia.

Why international students cannot find a good job in Australia

Things to Know Before Studying Abroad in Australia

Daily, many Nepalese students are heading towards Australia for higher studies. Among 100 top universities in the world, Australia has seven top universities with over 22,000 courses across 1100 institutions.

In the world, it has the 3rd highest number of international students studying in different institutions. On the basis of student mix, affordability, quality of life, and employer activity, Australia has five of the 30 best cities in the world. Australia has all the elements regarding students when choosing the best destination for abroad studies.

scholarships in australia

The Australian government provides more than 200 million dollars as a scholarship each year to make it easier for students to come for higher studies, which can make your future bright and is one of the career opportunities for students planning for higher studies abroad.

In the study areas of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Life and Agricultural Sciences, Clinical Medicine and pharmacy, and Physics, there is every chance within at least 1 university across 50 top universities. It has an impressive education degree, which is mainly considered before choosing any quality for abroad studies.

There is no doubt that Australia is the first name on the list. Many students who wish to go abroad wish to go to Australia. This trend increased particularly after Trump adopted a strict policy for international students in America. That way, all the students applying for USA applied to Australia, making it the top priority of students.

There are a number of reasons why students wish to go to Australia. First, in my view, is permission to work after completing studies. Almost all the students who go abroad settle there eventually. In Australia, students can live there even after completing their studies and eventually make their way to PR.

Australia gives PR to eligible students so they can live there forever. In search of that opportunity, they go there. Once students live and study in a developed country, they automatically wish to settle there. For PR, students may need to get 8 bands each in PTE and may need to complete NAATI CCL.

Australia has a wide variety to choose from and top-ranking universities worldwide. There are many reputed universities with worldwide recognition. Students choose the country for its reputation as well.

Furthermore, students can at the same time work and study. Australia provides part-time working facilities to international students. They can choose to work and study at the same time. That is why even though they have to spend a fortune, they go to Australia. The other reason is the relaxation of laws. Australia has adopted a simplified student visa procedure, making it easy for students to apply and study in Australia.

Fee structure to study in Australia

Note that this structure is updated yearly. So, students must go to the official website for the actual fee.

Fee structure for postgraduate coursework programs. Fee structure for MBA/MPA/MIT/MHM colleges/universities.

Kings Own Institute fee $6000/Semester
Central College fee $7000/Semester
Central Queensland University fee $10440/Semester
James Cook University, Brisbane fee $12000/Semester
Australian Catholic University fee $11580/Semester
Southern Cross University, Sydney/Melbourne fee $11240/Semester

University of South Australia fee of $14500/Semester
Curtin University, Sydney/Perth fee $15300/Semester
Deakin University fee $16500/Semester
Charles Sturt University fee $8490/- and $11320/Semester
University of Tasmania fee $12932/Semester
ATMC+CDU fee $10720/semester
ATMC+Fed University fee $10400/Semester
*The above-mentioned Fees are the only indication. They change annually.

English requirement for Australia

The IELTS requirement for a Postgraduate coursework program is an overall score of 6, with no band less than 5.5, and the IELTS requirements may vary from university to university rules. It is good to have research on selecting universities. The fee for postgraduate ranges from 6000 to 20000 per semester.

Australia also accepts the PTE test which is available in Nepal.

So, there is a huge importance of the English language.


Japan is another destination Nepali students prefer. The country is ahead in terms of development and prosperity. And now, it is the most famous for its technical education. Many Nepali students choose Japan as their destination.

Also, the country offers Japanese embassy scholarships for students in their courses, mainly graduate courses, postgraduate courses, and PhD programs. This is one of the reasons behind its popularity. Students can get twenty-eight working hours per week. Even though it is one of the most expensive places to live, many students choose Japan for their studies.

The only drawback of studying there is the language. Students often find it difficult to cope with the language. Students must learn a language for a year or two before starting any degree in Japan.

Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world, especially in terms of technology and innovation. It also has always been one of the top destinations for Nepalese students. Just like in Australia, Japan also provides working facilities to students. Students can work for limited hours a week to look for their expenses on their own.

Since Japan is so developed, people also seek chances for further settlement. One of the disadvantages of studying in this country is the language. Students have to learn the basic language before going there. And frankly, even after knowing the basic language, it is not easy for students to study there. But despite all these disadvantages, people still choose the country for further studies.


indian embassy scholarships for nepalese

Our neighboring country, India, is among Nepali students’ top destinations. Unlike other countries, Students do not require a visa to study in India. They can get admitted to any college. Also, traveling to and from India is much easier for Nepali students. India is developing every year in terms of education. In such a scenario, the flow of Nepali students is also increasing annually. Nepali students mostly prefer engineering, management, and nursing courses to study in India.

India has always been a top destination for Nepalese students. You don’t need a visa to study and even work in India. And since India is so rapidly developing in terms of education, then why not?

Students going to India to study is increasing every year. The open border is one of the reasons. But we can’t also deny that India has greatly developed its education. It is an opportunity for us to access India Universities and colleges being Nepali easily. Many Universities directly admit students from entrance examinations. They also provide Indian embassy scholarships for Nepalese students.

The major cities for students are Bangalore and Mumbai. Delhi and even Darjeeling. India is close to the country, so students can easily come home, and parents can also visit their children without incurring many expenses. There are some, but not compared to what you would have to bear if you go to America or Australia. This is one of the reasons why students choose India for further studies.

The other best thing about India is that most students return to their homeland and work here after completing their studies in India, unlike those who study in Australia or America.

New Zealand

New Zealand also makes it up to the list. Like Australia, New Zealand also offers post-work study visas and part-time working facilities for students. This is the reason why Nepali students prefer New Zealand. There are eight universities in New Zealand, and all eight are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world. Another reason for choosing New Zealand is that there is a high chance of getting a Permanent Residency.

New Zealand has just started gaining the attention of Nepalese students. The relaxation of laws in New Zealand has made it easier for students to study and eventually live in the country. There is a facility for post-study work visas and also part-time work.

New Zealand also ranks as the top country for studies. It has the best Universities, with almost all falling in top-ranking universities.


Cyprus is one of the Good study-abroad destinations for Nepali students. Cyprus is where the East meets the West, located at the crossroads of 3 different continents. It is also known as a wonderful center for Nepali students for business sought-after abroad study. Cyprus has got a Mediterranean climate and many more interesting traditional events.

Cyprus is known as the best destination for Nepalese students to study abroad as it is one of the countries with a highly educated population and is one of the members of the European Union. Due to its very low crime rate and high standard of living, it is recommended as a location for study.

Cyprus has a lot more reasons why Nepalese students can choose to study abroad studies, some of which are

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Cyprus is recognized worldwide.
  • English is the primary language of instruction.
  • The living costs are affordable as the standard of living in Cyprus is high.
  • Cyprus has high academic standards.
  • The crime rates are extremely low, and the country is very safe.
  •  Mild and pleasant climate.
  • Credits can be easily transferred to all other European Union countries, as well as the US and Canada.
  • To all International students, Scholarships cover up to forty percent of tuition fees.
  • The varied culture enhances the learning environment.
  • Students can work hard and then party harder.
  • Students are prepared to work in today’s marketplace.


Germany has an invigorating culture with a rich and complex history and something more every student looks forward to than that of their country in new countries. It is one of the ideal countries for studying abroad for Nepali students. There are world’s world-ranked universities where students can complete their higher education or quality of education. It provides innovative and international programs to provide awareness to the students.

Many students go to Germany yearly for higher education as the German Education system highly focuses on an international domain. Lecturers from different nations can share their expertise as the universities are incorporated with their curricula and international study programs.

There are different courses available for different students of different faculties. Different natural and intellectual resources are worth exploring in Germany, which it is one of the most diverse and interesting countries for Nepalese students to study Germany

There are many more destinations to study abroad for Nepali students, where students can get quality education and opportunities to make their future bright or grab a golden opportunity regarding their career.

Abroad Study – USA, Australia, Canada, Europe – Good or Bad?

The trend of Nepali students going abroad for further studies is increasing every year. There are a number of reasons behind it, the weakness of the government and the education system plays a role in this increasing trend. Education in Nepal has not yet been successful in filling the gap between educational degrees and jobs. But are the government and the education system solely responsible for the increasing trend of abroad study in Nepal?

Abroad Study – Advantages and Disadvantages

Well, I see a different side of the story as well; somewhere, our students’ attitude plays a role. They are ready to spend millions of rupees to get a visa but are not ready to invest it in some productive sector that will provide them with a good return and assist in the nation’s Economic Growth.

Previously, only students from well-to-do families and those extraordinary students who earned themselves a scholarship used to travel abroad. But since 2012-2013, the trend has increased so much that it caused a loss of trillions of rupees and triggered a severe brain drain among Nepali students.

It is good that average students have access to study abroad, but at what cost? Students are following the trend because everyone else is doing so. Without proper research and vision, many students go for abroad studies and get depressed and frustrated seeing the harsh reality there. We often hear the tragic news of Nepali students committing suicide in foreign countries.

Number of Nepalese going Abroad Study

Ministry of Education distributed 16,499 no objection letters in 2014-2015, which doubled from 2015-2016 and is further increasing till now, making Australia, Japan, New Zealand, India, USA, and Germany the top choice of Nepali students Abroad studies in 2020.

This shows the brain drain in Nepali students. Parents are also so convinced that their child will have no future here in Nepal that they are ready to spend millions of rupees to get a study visa, which will become a gateway to permanent settlement in some developed country.

abroad study

The trend has increased so much that if proper initiatives are not taken, Nepal will face a severe shortage of qualified young professionals soon. We are also seeing the effect now, and we are facing a severe shortage of skilled professionals.

Benefits of Abroad Study for Nepalese Students

Abroad study can be a boon if students return and use their skills and knowledge back home. Many successful entrepreneurs have made the most of their study abroad and contributed to the economy, like Khalti Digital Wallet, and Tootle App Mobile-based motorbike ridesharing platform in Nepal.

But in the recent scenario of Nepal, study abroad has become a gateway for students to settle in some developed countries. It’s fair for youths to blame the lack of opportunity in the country for this, but it’s a vice-versa process. If young people don’t stay in-country, who will contribute to the nation’s development, and who will create opportunity?

Whatever the reason is, it is sure that the effects are severe. Student Mobility is not a big issue but a global phenomenon. Even developed countries hold the leading position in sending students abroad, but they utilize the skills and knowledge of their foreign graduates for the development of the Nation.

But, in the recent scenario of Nepal, we are losing our qualified manpower because of the increasing trend. It is high time that we realize the devastating effect and come up with ways to attract our manpower back, and when I say we, I mean not only the policymakers but the private sector and the youths as well.