PTE stands for the Pearson Test of English. It is an English language test designed for non-native English speakers to check their level of English in order to get admitted to the University level English language instructions program. PTE in Nepal was recently introduced. It was launched in 2009 in order to fulfill the demand of accurate, objective, secure and relevant test of English. It is a computer-based test of English.

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Types of PTE exams in Nepal

There are two types of PTE exam. They are:

PTE Academic

Generally, those who are non-native English speakers but want to pursue their graduate courses at the University of English speaking nation, then this test is required to test their level of English. PTE scores are widely accepted by London Business school in the UK, Harvard University, Yale University of USA, Australian University, Canadian University, and more than 6000 organizations in the world.

You must send your PTE score manually to the college you choose.

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PTE General

It is an English language test to check the ability of test-takers to communicate in English. It examines how well a learner can communicate in authentic and realistic situations. It has been accepted as a valid proof of the English language by different countries like Albania, Colombia, Italy, Greece, the UK, Ukraine, Switzerland and much more.

PTE Test format in Nepal

Like IELTS, PTE Academic has four sections. They are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

However, in PTE General, it has two sections which are further divided into six sections. The first section has a written paper and spoken test while the second section has to listen, reading comprehension and writing skills sections.

The validity of score:

PTE Academic score is valid only for two years from the date of an issue while PTE General is valid throughout life. It never expires.

Exam center and time:

PTE Academic test is conducted in more than 200 test centers over the world and over 363 days in a year. PTE General is conducted only three times a year in the month of May, December, and June.

PTE test center in Nepal

PTE result in Nepal

PTE results are available within five business days.

PTE test type in Nepal

Both types of PTE test is a computer-based test.

How to book PTE exam in Nepal

To apply for PTE General Test, you have to register yourselves form Edexcel Online system.

Similarly, for PTE Academic, you can simply register from the official website of Pearson.

PTE in Nepal exam fee

In Nepal, the price for the PTE exam is USD $170. For late booking, it costs USD $212.5.

Endorsement of PTE exams:

PTE Academic exam is conducted by the Pearson Language test and endorsed by the Graduate Management Admission council aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

PTE general exam is conducted by Pearson in partnership with Edexcel Limited.

PTE score in Nepal

It is a thermometer style score that gives you a complete overview of your skills. It is aligned with the Global Scale of English. In your report card, it will include your personal details along with a photo, your score and a detailed breakdown of your performance. The range for the score is 10-90.

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On the test day PTE in Nepal

On the test day, you need to show your ID that maybe your passport, check-in with the administrator and take your sit in a computer room. You need to take digital photographs, signatures and scan your palm. When you are ready, your test starts. PTE academic test takes 3 hours of time. Remember that it is a completely computer-based test.

In Nepal, there are various institutions where you can take a PTE preparation course. Besides, you can get practice tools from the internet.

For more information, visit the official website

PTE in Nepal is emerging. The popularity of PTE in Nepal is increasing. PTE test centers are only one in Nepal. You can book PTE date Nepal online as well. To check the test centers all you have to do is click this link

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And you will find a drop-down list where choose your country, in this case, Nepal. Then it will show you the test centers in your area.

Or just click this link that will send you directly to test centers in Nepal.

For test dates, you can also sign up and schedule your own test or check this website

Where is PTE test center in Nepal

Pearson PTE test center in Nepal is Alpha-Beta and British Professional College.

PTE Test centers in Nepal

PTE Academic is a multi-level test, like IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC. The test price in Nepal is only 170 USD. PTE’s official test center is Alpha Beta only in Nepal. The Pearson Test of English results are very quick and are published from 1 to 5 days.

The exact location of PTE centers in Nepal is as follows.

Alfa Beta Institute Pvt. LtdAlfa Beta Complex
1st floor, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
Kathmandu 44600

British Professional CollegeTrade Tower, Thapathali,
Kathmandu 44600

The map location of centers in Nepal is shown in the image.

two centers for PTE in Nepal

PTE Syllabus in Nepal

Speaking and Writing: This module assesses the communication skill of the test taker where it ensures that the test taker is able to easily read and write English.

  • Reading a Text Aloud
  • Repeating a sentence
  • Describing an Image
  • Re-telling a Lecture
  • Answering short questions
  • Summarizing a text
  • Writing an essay

Listening: This module assesses the capability of the test taker is able to listen, understand and interpret.

  • Summarizing spoken text
  • Multiple Choice Questions based on the recording
  • Fill blanks in a transcript based on a recording
  • Writing a diction

Reading: This module assesses reading skills of the test taker.

Module includes

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Re-ordering Paragraphs
  • Filling Blanks in a text

It is advised for test-takers to take classes for this test so that they are properly and adequately trained. The test classes are found commonly in the Kathmandu valley. All the registrations should be done in time. Another English test is IELTS, you can book IELTS Test Date 2020.

How to score 65 plus in PTE in Nepal

To get 65+ just go through youtube videos. You don’t need to join any PTE coaching centers in Nepal. Utilize the materials available on Google. Spend time in speaking without hesitation. Fluency is the key to speaking.

Practice lots.

You need to speak flat but nonstop. If can’t remember exactly the word, just keep going, don’t stop. Time management in exam means, once you finish just click next, don’t wait. Spend more time in fill in the blanks in reading section. Simply you will get 65+.

How to score 79 plus in PTE in Nepal

I will share my personal experience on how I got 85+ in each module in PTE in Nepal. I took the PTE exam 9 times. My aim was to get 79+ in each module. I missed up with few scores in a single module many times.

I will share with you how I cracked PTE.

I never attended any classes. I didn’t buy any materials. I utilized the sources from Google and Youtube videos. Practice, practice.

Speaking fluency is the key. Never stop. The content might be missing, even in the dictation, I made up sentences but completed.

Writing needs to be precise with logic in the essay.

In the reading section, try to organize time better and spend more time in a single word fill in the blanks.

Summarise in one sentence is a bit tricky but if u are able to pick at least 15 keywords and understand the context. Just make it a sensible sentence.

To summarise text, pick keywords and form sentences, but need to understand the context very well.

Time management is key. Never let go of time. Finish before and click next.

PTE helps to gain 20 points for Permanent residency in Australia. If you need further points, you can do NAATI CCL Nepali.