Tribhuvan University has announced Admission open for different programs, such as MBS, M.Ed, MA, and MSc. The notice was published by Tribhuvan University’s (TU) Institute of Science and Technology, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Notice Date: Dec 30, 2022

IOST seeks to advance the caliber of its departments and transform them into Centers of excellence by establishing well-equipped laboratories, utilizing a qualified workforce, and offering consulting services in science and technology in close collaboration with national and international organizations. Ultimately, it seeks to raise people’s living standards and instill a scientific culture.

Admission to the MBS, M.Ed, MA, and MSc programs at Tribhuvan University is open as of 2079.

The notice says,” For the benefit of all concerned faculties, institutes, campuses, and students, the Tribhuvan University campuses that are part of the faculties of humanities and social sciences, management, education, and institute of science and technology studies will be accepting new students in the first semester of the postgraduate level.”

More about Admission to the MBS, M.Ed, MA, and MSc programs at Tribhuvan University is open as of 2079.

1. On Poush 5, 2079, applications will be distributed and due as of Magh 4.

2. Additional information on the entrance exam and Admission, as established by the Dean’s Office for each institution

3. Class will begin on 2079 Magh 22.

4. To be admitted to each faculty/study institute and subject, students must submit different application forms to the campus. 5. A recent photograph, transcript, and attested copy of the character certificate should be submitted with the application form.
6. Extensive data gathered from the relevant dean’s offices and universities
It’s feasible.

Note:- the necessary organizations to conduct student admissions, classes, and exams by the academic calendar that has been announced.

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