While many Nepali audiences watch bollywood shows and hollywood series, Nepali media is also trying its best to win audiences heart. There are many light hearted as well as informative shows in Nepal these days. And these shows have very good fan following too. We now have international shows as well some our originated shows which are doing so good. We all need entertainment and these shows give the just enough dose for that. With shows like What the Flop, It’s my show, Herne katha, Nepal idol, the voice, Ko banchha Crorepati  and so on Nepali audiences now have wide variety to choose from. Today in the article I am listing few popular shows in Nepal.

Ko banchha Crorepati

It is an international television game show franchise of British origin. This show has changed many peoples life and made many people millionaire. The show was orginally created by David Briggs, Mike Whitehill and Steven Knight. It is adopted in many countries including India. In India the show is owned by  Sony Pictures Television. In the game show contestants tackle a series of multiple-choice questions to win large cash prizes reaching million. The program debuted in 1998 and received mostly positive reviews. With grand success in all over the country, Who wants to be a millionaire is now in Nepal as Ko banchha Crorepati ?

 The program aired in Nepal few days back and in the first episode it got quit a good response even the contestant couldn’t do quite well. The program is hosted by one and only Rajesh Hamal and undoubtedly  there could be no better host for this.  The program has just started  and within few weeks it is getting very good response.  

Nepal Idol

Nepal adopted the idol series in 2020 as Nepal Idol which is also first franchise show in the country. The program was broadcasted by the only HD channel of country “ AP1 HD and became the most watched Nepali show both on TV and youtube. 

The ultimate aim of the idol series is to  find the most outstanding and  unsigned solo recording artist in a region.  After series of audition Panel of judges select group of finalists. The finalists then perform in the weekly live shows. On each live show, the contestants all sing and each week there is elimination of one contestant. Elimination are done on the basis of judgement by the panel and vote by audience. Then there is final where a contestant with highest number of votes becomes the winner for the season.  The winner receives cash prize and many contracts. Not only for the winner the idol series opens opportunities for many contestants; contracts ,international shows and much more.

The first season completed with huge success and Buddha lama became the winner of the firs season. Similarly the second season also started in 2020 and it also created a huge buzz. We could see better pool of candidate and it was really a tough choice, But with maximum votes Ravi Oad became  the winner of Nepal idol season 2.  Nepal idol is definitely one of the best Nepali show.

 The voice

The voice is another very popular singing reality show in Nepal. It is a franchise show . In 2020 Nepal also started The voice series and that too completed with grand success.  The voice of Nepal season 1 and Nepal idol season 2 aired together and gave good competition to each other. The voice of Nepal was also equally loved and supported by Nepali audience. In fact it became more popular the idol series . The candidates were better and the judging panel too was extraordinary. One thing I personally like about the Voice is that there is no role of audience vote. Only  judge decide the elimination and selection.

The voice had the best judging panels of Deep Shrestha, Abhaya Subba, Sanup Poudel and Pramod Kharel. The voice had extraordinary contestants and each finalist were equally deserving. It was CD Bijaya Adhikari who won the tile in the grand finale hosted in Qatar.                                                                   

Himalayan Roadies

Himalayan Roadies is a reality show in Nepal. It is definitely one of it’s kind and also the most popular show in country.It has successfully completed  two seasons and is preparing for the next. This is a quite different show where selected contestants have to survive till the end with their physical and mental strength. They perform many tasks throughout the season and there is an elimination every week based on their strength and game planning ability. The tasks usually test the contestants mental and physical strength. The one who survives till last becomes the winner of the season. This show is full of thrill, adventure and drama that’s why it is one of the most popular show in Nepal.

What The Flop ?                                                      

 What the flop is a comedy show hosted by Sandip Chettri .He is one of the most popular stand up comedian in Nepal. He often goes for international and national shows and has Nepali viewers form  over the world.  This is typical show that makes humor from any topics as in Politics, latest trend in Nepal, sport and so on. The character from this show Mithai lal Yadav is  very popular as well which is also played by the host Sandip Chhetri. What the flop airs in Kantipur television but also has very good response in You tube . It has many regular followers and viewers. This show is undoubtedly one of the best Nepali show

 Herne Katha

Herne Katha is a Nepali web series, directed and founded by Bidhya Chapagain and Kamal Kumar . Bidhya Chapagain worked as  Host for the popular TV debate show Sajha Sawal and now she is doing herne katha. This is typical web series based on real life incidents of rural of Nepal It showcase untold stories of ordinary people from rural community in Nepal. This show is loved and appreciated by a lot in Nepal.  The videos are about 14 to 30 minutes and beautifully convey people’s story. And even it has viewers from other countries as well . First episode of Herne Katha was aired on March 2020 and now within a year it has become one of the most successful web series in Nepal not just for the entertainment but the value it has.