Nepal television is national television channel of Nepal. Owned by the Government of Nepal, it is also the oldest television channel of Nepal. It started its service from late 2040’s. It served as the lone channel for many years. Following its trail, numbers of other channels have started their services these days. However, Nepal television still remains the best when it comes to program management and reliable service.

Established in the 2040s, Nepal Television is continuously providing its service to Nepali. It is owned by the Government of Nepal and is also the oldest television channel of Nepal. It was the only channel for many years. It broadcasts programs of different natures and tastes. It has continuous news services as well as various public concern programs and entertainment shows.

It serves all day and night and serves the viewers continuously without interruption. It serves 24 x 7 and gives taste of programs in various languages. Dedicated to whole Nepal, it has various programs being broadcast-ed in various languages. It has programs in languages like Newari, English, Maithili with Nepali being the primary language. Being operated from Singha Durbar, the stake holders have also started operation of other channels, NTV Plus and NTV News with the growing television industry. These are sister channels of Nepal Television and are serving various types of programs helping the network grow.nepal television rating

Nepal Television programs

When it comes to introduction of the programs broadcasted by this channel till the date, some names that cannot be missed are Devi, Hijo Aaja Ka Kura, Bahas, Disa Nirdesh, Tito Satya, Jire Khursani, Krishi Karyakram, NTV News. These programs have made mark in the Nepalese television industry as some of the most popular television programs. According to a survey, it was also found that NTV News of 8:00 pm was the most popular program while Tito Satya, comedy soap was the second popular.

It is 24 hour service channel and is the national television. It has programs produced in different languages being Nepali as the primary. Meanwhile, it airs programs in Newari, Maithili as well as English languages. With the sense of growing communication and media needs, Nepal Television and their authorities have been operating other sister channels like NTV Plus and NTV News. The channel operates from Singha Durbar and is broadcasted worldwide.

nepal television best program

Nepal Television has presented numbers of popular shows till the date. Devi, Hijo Aaja Ka Kura, Bahas, Disa Nirdesh, Tito Satya, Jire Khursani, Krishi Karyakram, NTV News have been some of the popular programs of Nepal Television. A recent survey on the statistics and viewers response on the programs of Nepali Channels stated that NTV News of 8:00 pm has the largest response and second to it is the program Tito Satya which is comedy soap and is dedicated to raise public awareness.

Nepal Television is owned by government but there has been issues regarding this time and often. Various efforts are also being made for transformation into publicly owned and independent television channel. Nepal Television has produced large numbers of programs in variety of categories like Comedy, Drama, Game Show, Kids, News, Reality and Miscellaneous. Nepal Television is no doubt providing quality service but it has often been criticized being mouth-piece of government. This has compelled the media stakeholders to transform it into Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) entity.

With various government owned operations being privatized, there have also been demand of transforming this channel to public owned. It has often been criticized for being mouth-piece of government which apparently appears being rumor. It is dedicated in entertaining and relating to viewers of all the age group. It broadcasts public awareness programs, kids programs as well as various other information related and entertainment programs.

Nepal Television has well balanced shows and they are also dedicated to public interest. It has presented itself as a reliable source of information for entire Nepal. It has been one of the best television channels in Nepal till the date.

Nepal Television is aware about taste of Nepali people so, it produces relevant programs. Unlike other TV channels, it has well balanced shows. They address public interest and are also addressing and helping public relating important messages and news. Nepal Television has indeed been a significant means of communication for Nepalese both inside and outside Nepal.