The government of China is providing scholarship schemes to the Nepalese students for their higher education, they provide these sort of opportunity with the aim to make a stronger bond and to develop mutual understanding between two countries i.e. Nepal and China. The students can complete or start their higher education in Chinese university and institutions.Chinese embassy scholarship

The full responsibility of selection of Nepalese students for scholarship as well as management of Chinese government scholarship is given to the Ministry of Education of China.  The students can get scholarships in any sort of fields like science, technology, medical, law, history, education, management, agronomy, economics, liberal, philosophy, arts etc. The scholarships with different schema have been providing to international students by the Chinese government. Some of the schemes are given below.

China-Scholarship chinese government scholarship

Scheme of scholarship from Chinese Government

With aim of exchanging education between China and other countries, a ministry of China has established these scholarship schemes, where for undergraduates and postgraduates level students can get either full or partial scholarship which will be easier for students to pay their tuition fees to college or institutions. To grab even more or detailed information you can visit a Chinese diplomat commission.

Scholarship Schema from HSK winner

The students who have given a brilliant performance in HSK test are eligible for this scholarship schema or this schema is provided to such candidate. It is one of the full scholarships as students have to pay for colleges. In order to grab more information related to this, you can contact the Chinese scholarship council.

A schema in Chinese culture Research Fellowship

Those students who want to do start any sort of research in Chinese culture, this scholarship is provided to such students.

Chinese language teachers scholarship schema

The Chinese government provides a scholarship for foreign teachers who are teaching the Chinese language so that they got a chance to improve their Chinese language even better.

According to a government of China full scholarship is provided only in tuition fee, emergency medical care, accommodation, living allowances, general learning materials, settlement subsidy and inter-city travel allowance only once.

Application procedures

  • Scheme of scholarship is opened in January to April
  • To eligible for a scholarship, basic criteria as per application should be fulfilled
  • Applications must be filled with correct and appropriate detail with all required documents like photocopies of diploma, transcripts, study plan, health certificate, and recommendation letters and so on.
  • People who don’t know Chinese have to take 1-2 years of Chinese language course before enrollment of class, as the Chinese language is basic as classes are generally in Chinese. Only some postgraduates and research courses are only available in English.

Procedures for selection

Once an application is received, Chinese scholarship council review it before submitting to ensure that the data is correct or not. If any sort of violation or unmatched is found in the application then it will be canceled, selected and eligible applications are forwarded to the respective institutions. After then the institutions will select the eligible candidate from those candidates and forwarded the selected candidate’s name to the Chinese scholarship council.  Finally, the selected candidates’ names will be given notice through embassies to their home country after approval from the Ministry of education of China.