I know many of our readers are marvel fan. Marvel has given us the most amazing movies and memory for a life time. So this article is solely dedicated to our marvel fans. I am listing names of my favorite marvel characters. Tell us in the comment section who is your favorite marvel character and why ?

Captain America                      

I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t like captain America. He is kind, brave, strong and also very handsome. I am sure he is the crush of many girls out there. And also how can we forget that he is the first avenger after all.

Initially, I felt like Captain America is just a laboratory rat but as the marvel series grew the role of Captain America grew and he became my favorite character of all time. Captain marvel is actually the captain of the Avengers team. I mean just look at the way he gives direction to all the team members. Even thor and the great hulk take orders from him.

He is practically the force that keeps the team going. Whenever the team gets low, it is captain America who keeps them motivated. And of course look how handsome he is. He is sweet ,charming and has unmatchable strength. Chris Eva is the best choice for Captain America. Though I have not yet watched captain America : The winter soldier, I can tell he has done amazing job in that movie as well. He is the most visionary and kind hearted avenger in my view. How can we forget his shield, is not that amazing ?

Iron man

The other name in the list is the amazing tony stark. People often say that Iron Man is nothing without his suit but i don’t agree to that. I mean just look at him, Tony stark is  witty, good looking and always in style. Iron man is a genius inventor, billionaire and the most passionate lover. I love the chemistry between him and pepper. Though he had the image of a play boy at first but later on he settled with pepper and that’s so sweet.

Iron man is the one to take risks for the team. In Avengers : Age of Utron, he was the one to create the Ultron. But then he is also the one to make it right. He may come off a bit arrogant or selfish but he always thinks for other. He has sacrificed time and again for the team . Iron man sacrifices himself for sake of others a lot of time. Another amazing thing about iron man is that he created himself. He is not some kind of experiment  but result of his own skills . He is genius, how he created the iron man suit  with very limited resources in a cave.

How can we forget that he gave up such big business of Stark industries for a noble cause. He ended his weapon business for world good. He is also the one who funds the Avengers team, how can we say he is selfish. Iron man is one of the best avengers character.   


Yes, I love many marvel character but noone compare to thor. Thor is my most favorite avenger. He is hot, he is kind and he is so good. Is there anyone who dislike thor? Thor is the god who is protecting humans himself. Look at thor, he is saving the world that is not even his . The god of thunder is saving the world of mortals where he doesn’t belong. Can there be any great gesture of kindness than this?

Thor is the sweet one, the handsome one in the avengers and undoubtedly the most powerful. He could also defeat hulk, the giant. Thor, son of Oden  and lord of thunder, he is just so perfect. He has love for Asgard, earth and even Loki despite all the betrayals he did . They would constantly fight each other but Thor never hates Loki. He always loves his brother and that is the best thing about Thor.

 I also love the idea of how Thor has been portrayed in the modern world amidst science and inventions. He is just so different from other characters . I don’t know who defeats Thanos in end game but I am rooting for Thor. I think he is the only one who is capable of beating thanos. Thor with his hammer is just unbeatable .


 I know it is weird that Loki makes up to the list. But I don’t know why I always love villains. And again Loki is  not actually a villain for me. He just wanted power and the belonging that he never felt. And of course how can we not agree that he is super powerful with his septum.  In avengers 2012, the whole team is against Loki but still he is so powerful to be defeated. The avengers combined also find it so difficult to compete with Loki alone. I love how he can play with mind .Loki is one of his kind, raised by the gods and son of evil that gave him both the characters . Deep Inside Loki always was a good guy I   guess.


I love villains because they are so powerful,  passionate and strong . And when we talk about villains, I can’t help but include thanos. There is nothing good about him and that’s what makes him my favorite. He is the best villain, I don’t know if this is making sense or not, but I can’t help but like thanos. His first appearance in  The Invincible Iron Man was so intimidating.

I have never seen villain so fierce and strong. The one who defy death herself and later Killed the half living things in earth to prove his love for death. Thanos is fascinated with  death, worships and eventually falls in love with the physical embodiment of death, Mistress Death . Only thanos can fall in love with death. And it is fascinating enough to like him. Thanos with his gauntlet is powerful than anything in the universe.  Everything he does in all marvel movies, he never does it for himself but for his love towards death.