Loadshedding schedule, a new loadshedding schedule is over here to make each step of your action easier. Being a Nepali, it has been of great importance to know loadshedding schedule. There are different mobile or laptop applications that can show you loadshedding timetable as soon as the timetable changes.

Likewise, We are giving you online and regular updates on loadshedding timetables. Commonly power cut off due to high load usages in comparison to the rate of generation of electricity is loadshedding. It usually happens in Nepal, and this time, there will be less loadshedding as NEA has reduced the timetable/schedule.

This is the new loadshedding schedule. This Nepal loadshedding schedule is published by NEA(Nepal Electricity Authority). You will get a new Nepal loadshedding Schedule when NEA changes load shedding time to time. We will update above New loadshedding called Nepal loadshedding schedule regularly!! loadshedding schedule effective from 2073-01-01 (March 29, 2016).

Following is the latest schedule that is effective. You can bookmark this page. You will get loadshedding schedule as soon as it gets changed. We will help by providing the latest loadshedding schedule.

Latest Loadshedding schedule

Loadshedding schedule of Nepal 2077 is updated. New loadshedding schedule is out. People can check loadshedding schedule online over here. You can also see the comment section if you want to know about the latest loadshedding schedule of Nepal. Loadshedding usually increases in the winter time, and loadshedding decreases in the rainy season.

new load shedding routine

Nepal Electricity Authority is a government corporation whose primary function is the supply of adequate electrical energy in the country systematically.

Nepal Electricity Authority came into being on August 16, 1985 (Bhadra 1, 2042) as a merger of the Department of Electricity of the Ministry of Water Resources, Nepal Electricity Corporation, and related Development Boards.

It was established according to Nepal Electricity Authority Act. 1984. The reason for merging these fragmented departments was to prevent overlapping and duplication of the works so that the services provided become more reliable and efficient.

Electricity is paramount in daily lives in this century. Electrical energy is required for various purposes. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has the primary function of assuring that adequate power is provided to the country’s people which is their right. Its objective is the systematic operation of the power system.

NEA should generate, transmit and distribute adequate, reliable, and affordable power by planning, constructing, operating, and maintaining all generation, transmission, and distribution facilities in Nepal’s interconnected and isolated power system.

Additionally, NEA also should bear the responsibilities of providing recommendations to the Government of Nepal regarding the short-term and long-term plans and policies in the power sector, determination of the tariff structure for the electricity with prior approval of the Government, and also to produce skilled human resources in the power sector.

NEA management is done by a Board of Directors, which includes the chairman, five members, and a member secretary. The Managing Director acts as a member secretary and the chief executive officer.

Nepal has a high potential for hydroelectricity generation, but there is a high electricity shortage in Nepal. It is because the energy cannot be stored which is the main problem of hydropower project. For the maximum production of hydroelectricity, the supply of rain water should be maximum too.

The seasonal change does not allow this and in the dry season, the country has to face huge difficulty due to the fall in the electricity production. Some time ago, Nepal was facing the problem of load shedding for about 16 hours each day in the dry seasons. This problem has been solved for some time now.

Load-shedding has been a common topic for Nepalese for more than a decade now. However, the country has seen a light of hope through Kulman Ghising. He has proved that good intention with diligent work can make a difference.

He fought against those who had been stealing from their own country by siphoning off electricity in the black market. This had made load shedding in Kathmandu worse. But, if the resources are economised and improvised, the problem of load shedding seems to be solved though it is for a short term. Long term policies are to be made to make the country self sufficient in electricity.

It has been some time now that we have not experienced load shedding but the same cannot be said as the winter is approaching and the presently available hydropower energy might not be reliable then. If you want to get updated about the load shedding schedule then follow the steps below:

  • Through your browser, go to the official website of Nepal Electricity Authority which is nea.org.np.
  • The website’s page opens.
    nea loadshedding schedule
  • Under the latest updates, go to view all.
    nepal loadshedding schedule
  • If there is any new notice for load shedding schedule, it will be shown to you.

Latest loadshedding schedule (March 29 2016, 2072 Chaitra 16) by Nepal electricity authority NEA download new loadshedding schedule (power cut schedule Nepal) from here. Download PDF document with loadshedding schedule is available in this page.

You can download this latest loadshedding schedule and use it on your own way. Latest schedule is updated to make your life easier. NEA loadshedding schedule is generated new on timely manner. So, we are bound to update this routine regularly to provide visitors.

Loadshedding schedule is available on mobile phone as a mobile application. It is also printed on the daily newspaper so that the schedule reaches to millions of people as soon as it is updated. This time too, we are providing loadshedding schedule through website online media which has become one of the powerful news tool in Nepal. 

This vitality slash plan is kept up to date as the new timetable is rolled out regularly. As load-shedding schedule has been kind of basic dependence on us, we should take note about the noticeable change in this schedule to keep our very own time-table, it is available nearly everywhere, from your cellphone to the newspaper, here we could offer you in an electronic way and we are providing you with the schedule online. Download and stay updated with the latest load shedding schedule by nea.org.np or even you can download and print out it out as per your requirement.

Latest Loadshedding routine by Nepal electricity power NEA is exactly what controls our day to day activities, it looks like NEA is managing your entire day to day activities. Even being placed as world’s second major water resource country we must depend after a routine for electricity uses.

Hoping the end of loadshedding schedule in near future, we are providing you with the latest loadshedding schedule. PDF record is designed for download, download will be form NEA download website link officially, Download this PDF document from the hyperlink below.

The good cause of Loadshedding routine being truly a pattern in Nepal is the fact, we’ve been so much persuaded our hydro electricity crops cannot generate much electricity our country needs. So therefore we adopt the schedule and plan our work time, play time, food time, TV set time according to the schedule.

So, as this timetable control buttons our life indirectly we have been very much like dependent on these schedules. Whenever a new schedule has gone out by NEA, we don’t ask the authorities why it has changed or increased we instead follow the new plan and adopt in to the new schedule.

Nepal loadshedding apps for Android IoS iPhone

Nepal loadshedding apps have made it easy to get loadshedding time table. Loadshedding applications include battigayo notifications and battiayo notifications. Loadshedding applications alert its users with the remaining time frame for loadshedding. Loadshedding applications are available for android mobile phones as well as Iphone.

Features of Nepal Loadshedding apps

Smart notification with loadshedding time table
Send loadshedding schedule as sms feature
Standby time counting for loadshedding
Easy loadshedding timetable update
Easy selection of loadshedding groups
Compatible for android phones as well as IOS phones

How to download loadshedding apps on android?

Nepal loadshedding schedule mobile application for android phone is available at Play store.

How to download loadshedding apps on iphone?

Loadshedding apps on iphone can be downloaded from Apple store.

Nepal loadshedding apps

Features of Nepal loadshedding schedule apps

These applications for mobile phone are user friendly. Offline access to loadshedding schedule is one of the advantage of mobile application application.

Application for Android Users

This is the official loadshedding schedule application by Nepal Electricity Authority. Loadshedding schedule automatically gets updated as soon as it get few changes. A notification system has been placed which alerts users about time remaining for beginning of loadshedding hour and ending of loadshedding hour.

You can download loadsheding schedule application from Google Play Store as well as from here. https://nea.org.np/schedule/NEALoadshedding_beta.apk (official website of Nepal Electricity Authority)

Nepal Loadshedding is a severe problem for the development of Nepal. Although Nepal has potential of generating 50 thousand mega watt of electrical power from its fast flowing rivers, Nepal has lots of reasons for having severe loadshedding problem.

Nepal is commonly known as second richest country in water sources. The fast flowing rivers through hills all around the country, hundreds of lakes made the country naturally beautiful. In spite of having numerous source of water resources, Nepal is financially lagging for having hydro power plants for generating hydo electricity.

Loadshedding Problem in Nepal

Even though it is rumored and said to be that Nepal is the second most rich in water resource, the water resources in Nepal just flow in and out. There was no proper management of water resources in Nepal. People weren’t aware and educated about the importance of water resources. No matter how much so-called water we had in our country; there was always water scarcity in most of the places in the country.

There were no such thing as protecting the natural habitat and keep the water clean. Most of the drainage was thrown into the river, and the water was polluted. The fact Nepal could afford and even produce at least 70% times more water than now, because of lack of construction of hydroelectricity, there was an unbelievable amount of load shedding. To overcome this entire problem, an organisation NEA is said to take the initiative when it comes to water management of the country. NEA loadshedding routine has been an important need to take care of for every Nepalese.

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) was created on August 16, 1985, under Nepal Authority Electricity Act under the Nepal Electricity Authority Act 1984. This organisation is established with the goal set to be able not just to generate but also to transmit and distribute adequate, reliable and affordable power. This organisation is said to do its job in a very systematical and professional way by having a proper planning for construction and operation.

Not only that it also foresees the future and promises to maintain all generation, transmission and distribution facilities in Nepal’s power system which is both interconnected and isolated.

There three promises that NEA stand by its words and those are to recommend the Government of Nepal for long and short term plans and policies when it comes to the power sector and also to determine and realise traffic structure for electricity consumption with prior approval of Government Nepal. And lastly, to arrange training and educate people so that they can produce and gain skilled manpower in a generation, transmission distribution and other sectors when it comes to power sector of Nepal.

Load shedding is a thing that everyone in the country dreads. It’s inconvenient and annoying. It’s just a routine where certain areas will have power cut out of certain hours. Load shedding has affected us immensely, from not being able to watch favourite TV shows too not being able to work and function at professional side of industry i.e. offices, organisation and companies. Many organisations are working on inverters or generators. Sometimes the places you go today to days like restaurants, motor workshop or repair shops don’t be surprised if they turn you off because there is no electricity. Luckily load shedding in Nepal has improved, a lot in fact. It was once 14 hours a day too. Nowadays there is barely any load shedding, but in future, you might need to check your NEA loadshedding routine. To be able to check at the NEA loadshedding routine, you can click on this link, https://nea.org.np which will lead you to the load shedding routine.

As you can see, and it might confuse you. The NEA loadshedding routine is divided into groups: Group 1 to Group 7. These groups have different timing of when the power cut will occur according to the group and days. And you might be like what in the world is it and which group am I? Well, these groups are divided according to the location and the place you live. The grouping will be different for the citizens residing in Kathmandu and outside Kathmandu. You can check this website to see which group you fall on. I hope this helps and again all the links will be down below.

How to check NEA Loadshedding Routine

Loadshedding Nepal is a famous term in Nepal. As Nepal is older and older day by day, loadshedding problem is increasing day by day. People are suffering with the hectic problem of loadshedding.

  • No electricity, no work, less productivity: Nepal is going backward and backward with the shortage of electrical energy. Industries and factories are closed down which has decreased the productivity. Employees are in holiday. Let’s call it a paid leave. Employees are getting paid but productivity is low. Can the country develop?
  • No electricity, No mobile network, No internet network: Different ISP has already warned the users that they are closing down the internet service during loadshedding hours. Mobile companies have already warned the users to minimize the use of mobile networks during peak hours. Can a country progress with a declining technology?
  • No electricity, increasing fuel consumption: As electrical power is not sufficient for people, people are restricted to using heaters and induction cookers. The use of induction cookers is much cheaper for household kitchen cooking rather than using gas. In Nepal, gas and other petroleum products must be imported from thousands of kilometers away. Can a country progress?
  • Nepal, although having an electrical energy crisis, and electrical Engineers are bound to go to foreign countries in search of opportunities. Hydropower projects that are pending for 10 years before are not yet started.

Loadshedding problem solution in Nepal

We are discussing over here how production of electrical energy can be increased. Its not the topic how the loadshedding problem can be solved. Being farsighted, loadshedding problem solving is not a complete solution. Instead, increase in power plant is only the solution.

  • Renewable energy can be a good alternative for energy crisis in Nepal. Wind energy, solar energy has lots of scope in Nepal. Nepal, a nature gifted country with hills is very much productive for wind energy generation.
  • International investors should be welcomed to establish a power plan. Agreement should be done properly unlike khimti hydropower and bhotekoshi hydropower.
  • Electrical Engineers who must be kept in Nepal for research of alternative energies are made bound to go abroad as Nepal can not provide any kind of platform for them.

Loadshedding/Rolling blackout has been a burning issue for countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, and even the USA. The growing energy demand is the main cause of load shedding. Rolling blackouts in the USA, Texas Rolling blackout is a burning issue. Developing countries like Nepal do have lots of water resources for energy generation but due to lack of capital, Nepal could not utilize its property easily.

Reducing loadshedding hours / Rolling blackout hours is the main requirement for today. This is only possible if the generation of electrical power increases. Here are 10 facts for reducing loadshedding hours.

#1 Mutual Co-operation on Hydropower Development

Countries like Nepal can not utilize their water resources. Nepal has capacity of generation of 66000 KW of electrical power from its freely flowing water. Neighboring Countries like India should support them. This will greatly help in reducing loadshedding hours / Rolling blackout hours in India and Nepal.

#2 Highest Rolling blackout / Loadshedding hour in the world

Nepal has a Rolling blackout/ loadshedding hour of around 19 to 20 hours per day during the winter season. India has around 3 hours of loadshedding in a day during the winter season. Pakistan has 14 hours of loadshedding in a day.

#3 Using low consuming energy equipment’s

Equipment consuming high electrical power must be reduced. The illiteracy rate in India, Nepal, and Pakistan is much higher than in other countries. Public awareness is the most required factor for reducing Rolling blackout/ load shedding hours. CFL lamps are much more preferred than incandescent bulbs.

nea.org.np schedule

Loadshedding has been a serious problem for Nepalese. The Winter season has larger hours of loadshedding schedule due to a decrease in water level in reservoir. The summer season is quite rainy which makes shorter loadshedding hours in Nepal. The government has taken lots of steps for developing the energy status of Nepal. Many hydropower plants are under construction.

As Nepal has numerous sources of water resources, Nepal has to depend on hydro plants which takes lots of years for initiation. Other sources of energy like wind energy, and thermal energy are impossible in Nepal due to their geographical structure. Nepal’s Government has planned to completely eradicate Loadshedding after ten years.

The facility of electricity in Nepal is governed and controlled by NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority). With Nepalese facing the problem of load shedding, NEA has been preparing loadshedding schedule time and often as per the production and consumption.

Loadshedding schedule is generally published at first on nea.org.np schedule. Nepal Electricity Authority Load Shedding schedule can be found both on the NEA notice board and online. NEA has the schedule published on its official website. Meanwhile, various Nepalese portals have also uploaded the schedule on their website.

Load shedding takes place to bring balance between consumption and production. Despite having large production possibilities, Nepal has still remained backward and Nepalese have been facing a problem of load shedding. However, NEA is continuously committed to bringing out the solution.

NEA officials are working on possible solutions. There are problems of electricity leakage too and NEA is dedicated to taking action against the convicts. Nepal Electricity Authority’s load schedule specifies various groups and the hours they shall be having load shedding.

These days, Nepalese face load shedding for hours every day and this brings the importance of schedule to help individuals to know when they shall be having load shedding so that they can plan their work accordingly.

Nepal Electricity Authority load shedding schedule has been helping individuals to plan their work and daily chorus. NEA charges standard rate for the unit of electricity consumers consume. NEA is Government controlled body and all the personnel are appointed by Government. So, NEA works as per the instructions of Government and is the sole body that controls the service of distribution of petroleum products throughout the nation.

It has also been criticized for not being able to manage transparency, resulting in unmanaged use of electricity bringing the problem of load shedding. However, to handle the load, NEA has been regularly cutting off the electricity. And to make the load shedding regular, it publishes schedule. You can easily find Nepal Electricity Authority nea Loadshedding Schedule over the internet and other resources.

Nepal Loadshedding 3 Reasons

Financial Problem

Nepal is a developing country, and its slowly moving ahead on the development path. All sectors like transportation, communication, health, and education are average. The annual budget of a country must be spread equally in each sector for steady development.

So, Nepal Government could not give its entire budget for installing hydropower plants. ADB (Asian Development Bank) supports Nepal in developing different sectors.

Political Instability

Nepal is in the transition phase. After a sudden change in Nepal’s Monarchy system, Nepal has been politically unstable for 11 years. Nepal does not have a constitution, good laws, or good rules and regulations.

During the ten years of the underground war in Nepal by Maoist, Maoist destroyed lots of hydro-power plants which made Nepal more behind.

Public Awareness

The literacy rate of Nepal is only 71.6 percent for men and 44.5 percent for women. People are not aware of different factors which increase Nepal loadshedding.

The use of low power consumption electrical equipment is necessary for minimizing Nepal loadshedding.

The public should be aware of not making unnecessary demands when hydropower plants are ready to install. People should be aware of the necessity of electrical power for the development of the country.

Nepal’s Loadshedding hour is increasing and increasing, which has been a great hindrance to the development of the country. Industries, Factories, and Hospitals each every sector needs electrical power for efficient running.

Without sufficient electrical power, metro trains, and cable cars can not be installed, which hampers the living standard of people in the country. So, Nepal Government should make effective plans and projects for having long-term development of Hydro energy. This will help in decreasing Nepal loadshedding hours.

Ideas to Reduce Loadshedding hour in Nepal

It has been a great need to reduce loadshedding hour in Nepal. This problem is becoming a great difficulty in the development of the country. There are few best steps which can decrease loadshedding hour in Nepal.

Following are the effective tips which can be done to reduce loadshedding duration and these steps are not so much difficult to follow. There are best, easy steps which can save Nepal.

  1. Stop electricity theft, this decrease loadshedding by nearly 1 hour per day.
  2. If everyone in Nepal uses CFL, loadshedding decrease by nearly 2 hours.
  3. Government office and a quarter should be allocated a fixed unit to use if it exceeds that the official should pay money from their own pocket.
  4. NEA ‘bad debts’ stands at ‘billion’, that money should be recovered and NEA can then only invest in hydropower.
  5. Factories should be operated from 10 PM-5 AM(night duty for all factory workers, I know it’s hard, during winter only), which will result in nearly ‘zero’ loadshedding in day time.
  6. Almost every MAJOR HYDRO PROJECT is at ‘stop’ or ‘pendulum’ position due to the quarrel of POLITICAL parties. Politics is never wrong POLITICIANS are.
  7. Hydropower investment-friendly policy is a must.
  8. Chance should be given to new faces, the new generation in the power sector.
  9. Transmission line construction between India and Nepal for an immediate solution, is in progress.
  10. Alternate power source development(solar, diesel) and development of micro hydel.

Loadshedding is common in Nepal. Loadshedding schedule, loadshedding routine has been a basic thing that we need to check four times a day. New load shedding routine 2076 is a loadshedding time table for 2076.

We regularly update loadshedding time table and loadshedding timing hours in this page during 2076. So, do not forget to check this page New loadshedding routine 2076 regularly.

New Loadshedding Schedule is always updated on Loadshedding schedule page.This page is updated regularly with new loadshedding schedule for Nepal Electricity authority. NEA regularly updates loadshedding time table for Nepal.

New load shedding routine 2076

Load shedding routine 2076 is updated regularly and is provided to visitors in timely manner. New load shedding routine 2076 is available on this page regularly. All visitors are requested to bookmark this page to be updated with latest load shedding routine 2076.

Due to load shedding, people in Nepal are having a troublesome period in Nepal. People need to check load shedding routine many times during a single day remembering their work.

load shedding problem in nepal

Important Update: This year 2076 has been quite surprising. Nepalese need not face huge loadshedding hours. Nepalese need not wait for the latest loadshedding schedule.

We would like to congratulate the Nepalese for these circumstances. Nepal has currently imported electricity from India. It has been connected to the national grid and has been supplied all across the country. This has made an easy supply of electrical power throughout the nation.

Lastly, if we have loadshedding in future, we will update this page regularly with the latest loadshedding schedule.

Load shedding schedule 2077

As Kul Man Ghising’s tenure has come to an end in 2077, there is a considerable possibility that loadshedding will be again introduced in Nepal. Please follow us for an updated loadshedding routine 2077.

Nepal started exporting electricity from 2079

Nepal started to sell 37.7 MW of electricity to India from 12.15 am Thursday, June 2, 2022. The 24MW electricity generated from Trishuli hydropower and electricity generated from Devighat hydropower 15 MW were sold.[source]

We started this post when there was loadshedding in Nepal with a title Nepal Loadshedding. This is great news that in a few years, Nepal began selling electricity. We are happy with the progress of NEA.