ABC Nepal stands for Agroforestry, Basic Health and Cooperative Nepal. It is non-profit and non-government organization working in the field of human trafficking and right of women. It was established in 1987, the first Non-governmental organisation established in Nepal before the start of multi-party democracy in Nepal. It is led by Durga Ghimire. It is the first organisation to raise issue on girls trafficking, sex slavery trade and women rights in Nepal. In 1996, it rescued 39 minor girls from Apollo circus in New Delhi which made it one of the prominent social organization in the field og women rights and human trafficking.

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It’s vision is create society free from exploitation of any human’s life.


It’s mission is to rescue and support the girls and women, who are the victims of human trafficking including other forms of violence such as domestic violence, rape, victim of arm conflict, victims of HIV-AIDS or other sexually transmitted disease.

Focus area

Since the women education rate is very low compared to men in Nepal which is the factor that many traffickers have been able to take the advantages in rural areas of Nepal. Due to the poverty and unemployment, especially Nepalese women are found involved in the prostitution, sex labor in the different parts of India. The traffickers, recruiter and even relatives assured them to have good job and money, but in reality, they are being sold in the red zones of India. Most of them are minor and the sad part is that most of they have HIV AIDS. They are living in the hell where they are sexually and physically assaulted.

Besides sexual exploitation, girls have also been trafficked to work in circus, to have their kidneys sold, marriage, domestic worker, cheap labourers in various parts of India.

In the past few years, the traffickers have changed their destination. Now, the Nepalese women are found to be trafficked in the Gulf countries like Arab, Malaysia, Thailand beside India. So, ABC Nepal is also focusing on these countries.  Many girls lured by dream of better world and job follow the path led by unauthorized dealers and traffickers and end up being sexually exploited and enslaved.

Program and Activities

One of the best things ABC Nepal is doing is that It has been providing income generating training to rural women and victims of trafficking and help them alleviate their poverty and improve their living standard. It has been creating social awareness in rural areas about the human trafficking. It is monitoring in border of Nepal and India to prevent women and children trafficking. It promotes self-reliance, self-confidence and leadership skill in women by economic empowerment, vocational tranining, non formal educationa and cooperative and mother group establishment.

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It has a rehabilitation centre in Kathmandu, Bhairahawa and Biratnagr where the victims of trafficking are provided the proper shelter. The organisation has been advocating for women, raising awareness against tracfficking and women violence, rehabilitating and reintegrating children and victims of violence and trafficking, developing community, establishing networking among women, providing health services, promoting awareness about HIV AIDS, providing non formal education and vocational training to women and scholarships for school children.

The organization has also published several books and Audios regarding the awareness against human trafficking.

Contact Address:

Jadibuti, Koteshwor, Nepal