There are many commercial organizations that are influenced by multiple generations of a family. But, it is a huge surprise for us to see Krishna Poudel, who is carrying his family’s legacy ahead and that is for Tea Shop. His family started a small tea shop around Pokhara about 32 years ago. And, I think they did not realize, one of their family members will try to find a career in the same business. Krishna Poudel, the eldest son started the tea shop named “CHIYA STOP”. 

Chiya Pasal

I asked him, why CHIYASTOP? He smiled and replied “I have grown up with Chiya. My family has struggled for these 32 years and now, it’s a time to implement that idea with the modern touch. Here, at ChiyaStop we are offering properly brewed hygienic tea with a healthy environment and good vibes.” By seeing such a confident and inspiring personality, I believe he is planning for the long run. An entrepreneurial mind always thinks beyond the horizon of the common life. Here, a common man came up with his own family business but in an innovative way.

Chiya Stop Pokhara Nepal

It’s been more than four months already, CHIYA STOP came into existence and proved itself as one of the best places for the Tea lovers. I asked why they offer limited varieties of chiya. “Generally, People want to have a simple Masala chiya, Ginger chiya, Regular chiya and We’ve kept it very simple on the product side. Recently, We have launched Matka Chiya and it is getting a good response. We will definitely try every possible way to make customer’s happy and comfortable” explains Krishna. I met a number of their customers and the majority of them applaud the product’s quality and the amazing environment.

As ChiyaStop is completely a new type of business, it needs support and I am very happy to see the customer base, they have acquired in a short span of time.

You can contact ChiyaStop through their ChiyaStop Facebook page.