NEB has updated new syllabus of Physics for class 11 and class 12. You can download the course syllabus of NEB (Physics) from this website. We have updated the syllabus today on our website.

The NEB class 11 and 12 syllabus is new and updated one. The first column shows the Grade 11 physics syllabus. The second column shows the Grade 12 physics syllabus.

We have also included the syllabus for the practical of physics.

class 11 physics syllabus
class 12 physics syllabus
class 11 12 physics syllabus
Neb exam syllabus
NEB science syllabus
NEB exam syllabus
NEB physics exam
class 11 exam syllabus
Class 12 exam syllabus
class 11 practical exam syllabus
class 12 pratical exam syllabus
class 11 12 pratical exam syllabus
class 11 12 neb pratical exam syllabus

Please share the new syllabus with your friends. This helps everyone.