We are listing out the commercial complexes in Nepal. These are the business centers in Nepal. These commercial complex consists of different retail stores, shops, theaters, movie halls, gaming zones and more in a single roof.

Commercial complexes in Nepal

commercial complexes and business centers in nepal

Commercial complexes allow you to get all the service at a place. With increasing urbanization number of commercial complex in Nepal is increasing. They are areas built in cities to facilitate all commercial activities. Commercial activities include buying and selling of goods and services, wholesale buying and selling, financial institution establishment and all activities that is grouped under business. Out of many commercial complexes in Nepal, I am listing few of them in the article:

 K L tower

When we talk about commercial complexes in Nepal KL tower is one of the best we have. It is famous because of its international architecture and is famous specially among young group of people. It is also one of the best shopping centre in Kathmandu. Also the cinema hall of this shopping complex is also something that makes it famous. With features like proper parking,well managed rooms and sensor equipped toilet KL tower has always remained in top. We must at least once visit this place.

Civil Mall

Civil Mall is one of the shopping centers in Kathmandu that became very popular within first year of establishment. It is most popular for the cinema hall QFX Cinema. Also ,there are many good shopping stores inside the mall and they provide comparatively affordable products. It lies in Tripureshowr, Kathmandu. Because of location as well Civil Mall has always created good buzz. This has now become old but still it carries the same fame.There are also very good restaurants in the mall premises.This is one stop solution for all your needs.You can get all kind of clothings, accessories and also has a separate play zone for kids and adults.Civil Mall has managed to capture both high class and middle class customers.

 City center

The city center is another best shopping centers in Kathmandu Nepal. City Centre also provides all solutions under a single roof. It is quite famous among high class family while it is famous among middle class for the cinema Hall, Big Cinemas. City centre is located at KamalPokhari, Kathmandu. It is a great market destination for all age grouped Customers. It also has very well developed infrastructures and with availability of all kind of shopping products, City centre is quite popular.

 Trade Tower

While all other listing are of shopping complex, Trade tower is one of the best commercial complex that provides office space. It lies in Thapathali, Kathmandu. Trade tower is very sophisticated and elegant platform for all kind of offices. The Complex aims to bring all corporate business house under one roof. It is ultimate definition of sophistication and elegance. The office of Kantipur TV is also in Trade Tower. The structure, location and infrastructure definitely meets the standard of modern corporate house. It has features like proper security, fire fighting system, high speed elevators, emergency exit. Trade Tower is the ultimate destination for corporate offices.

Malla Complex

Malla Complex is another platform for office space. it is not a shopping complex but instead is a platoon that brings offices together. It is located in Tripureshwor, Kathmandu. It falls in category of Apartment Building, Apartment Rental and office rental agency. With seven floors, proper infrastructures, parking space and direct access to main road, Malla Complex definitely meets the need for modern day office space.