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It was the time when you have to go either in Asan or New road for shopping. There were no other better shopping centres. Now, the scenario has changed and you can go for shopping in almost all the parts of Nepal since there has been recently built large numbers of shopping centres. Now, you don’t need to go only New road or Asan. You have a choice and you can shop from any shopping centres which you like. Most of these centres are in Kathmandu valley.

Here are the top 10 shopping centres in Kathmandu, Nepal where you can go for shopping:

  1. The Kathmandu Mall

Kathmandu Mall is one of the most crowded Mall in the city since it is located in the heart of the Kathmandu. It is situated in between Sundhara and New road opposite to Tudikhel. It is one of the best places for shopping since varieties of global and local brands products are available at affordable price. It started its business in 2006. It is run by Kathmandu trade centre. There are also good restaurants and cafes where you can have good lunch or breakfast. Outside the Mall, there is A Big screen where advertisements are shown.

Kathmandu Mall

  1. United World Trade centre

United world trade centre, as the name suggest cover a wide range of area. It is one of the largest shopping complexes in Nepal covering 5596.11 sq m areas due to which it has a large number of shopping stores than any of the Mall of Kathmandu. You can get a wide range of international and national brands of products like clothing, jewelry, sports, furniture, electronic gadgets, cafes and restaurants, party palace, health club etc. You can varieties of offers in the complex during festivals.

United World trade centre

  1. Bishal Bazar

Bishal Bazar is Nepal’s one of the oldest and most trusted shopping centre. It was established in the year 2026 B.S. Since its establishment, it has become one of the best business centres in Kathmandu. It is situated at New road. It has more than 300 shops that include various international and national brands of mobiles, clothing, and gadgets, books, groceries, sports and kids equipment. It is mainly popular for jewelry and gems. Most of the tourist prefers going Bishal Bazar Mall for shopping. Since there has been a couple of shopping mall, its competition has increased a lot but it is still able to keep its name in the market.

Bishal Bazar

  1. Civil Trade center

Civil Trade center, also known as Civil Mall officially started its opening in the year 2013. The cost for building this Mall is claimed to be Rs 2.5 billion. It has covered a six ropani of land. It is nine storeys trade center with more than 400 shops. It is designed to make one of the best shopping destination with international standards.  It is famous for clothes, fancy items, jewelry and children items. It has also cinema hall, international standard party palace, restaurants and cafĂ©.

Civil trade centre

  1. BhatBhateni Supermarket

If there is one supermarket that has expanded its services to the major parts of Kathmandu valley, then, it’s Bhatbhateni supermarket. It is one of the most successful and leading supermarket in Kathmandu. It has opened six stores including in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Pokhara. Each day hundreds of customers come to this supermarket due to its quality service and products. It was first opened in Bhat Bhateni. It is one of the trusted names in the field of the shopping center. You can buy either visiting the Mall or through online.


  1. KL Tower

KL tower is built with a motto for business, leisure activities, shopping, and entertainment. It was opened in 2012 in Chuchepati, Chabahil, Kathmandu. It has a large number of a grocery store, jewelry store, clothing, restaurants, and café. It has a movie theater called Fcube which has become the most popular among the youth. It has also opened futsal where every Saturday there will be the large groups of youth to play football. Every festival, there will be a program where you can win different prizes along with heavy discounts. This Mall has become very famous among youth since it provides latest fashion trends clothing at affordable price.

KL tower

  1. City Centre

City centre is located at kamaladi and in a very short span of time, it has got lots of popularity. This may be due to the quality products and services it provides to the customers. This center has also a cinema theater due to which it has become popular among young generation. Many youths especially go to this Mall for watching movies. You can get every item; from grocery items, clothing, furniture, jewelry, electronic gadgets, accessories, gifts, sports and kids wear.

Civil trade centre

  1. Sherpa Mall

Durbar Marg is one of the popular shopping destinations in Kathmandu. Among various others Mall, Sherpa Mall is one of the most liked shopping Mall in the valley. You can get almost all kinds of branded products with quality services due to which most of the tourist and people of Kathmandu go for shopping in that area. It is not only famous for shopping but also the restaurant and cafes opened there to give excellent fooding services. So, people also go there for lunch and dinner since you can get Indian and Chinese continental foods.

Sherpa Mall

  1. People plaza

People plaza is getting its popularity day by day since almost all brands of products are available here. It is located in Khichapokhari, Kathmandu. There are over 300 retailer shops that have been providing the services at affordable prices. Its main feature is that it has categorized its floor on the basis of products which is may be the first Mall to do so.

People’s Plaza

  1. Bluebird Mall

It is one of the first Mall in Nepal with all branded shopping precinct. It is the first Mall to introduce food court in the valley. It is located in Tripureshwor, Kathmandu. You can buy a variety of products like clothing, branded watches, shoes, jeans, children toys, jewelry and other accessories.

Bluebird Mall