Nepalese are the most hospitable people in the world. They are very innocent. But as no one is perfect in this world, they do have some bad habits. They need to replace these bad habits by a good one. Here are the top five bad habits of Nepal.

  1. Superstition belief


One of the main bad habits of Nepalese people is to have a deep belief in superstition. Still, Nepalese people are not getting rid of superstition. In fact, they are deeply bounded by this superstition which is the reason they are not able to move forward. Some of them are listed here:

  • Bad luck if you see empty Pot on the way
  • Bad luck when cat pass away from the way
  • Getting money if you feel itch on your hand
  • Whistling at night will invite ghost

There are much more superstitions like these which have been rooted in Nepalese mind which needs to be replaced by good one. If these beliefs are not replaced from Nepali minds, then it gone cost Nepalese people for long.

  1. Lack of health conscious
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Most Nepalese don’t have a habit of doing exercises in their life. When they get up in the morning, they simply brush their teeth and wash their mouth. After that, have breakfast. Very few people are conscious about their health and go for morning walk. Nepalese don’t have awareness regarding their health though they have knowledge that health is wealth. Due to this, the life expectancy of Nepalese is in between 50 to 60.

  1. Not utilizing free time
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Free time utilization

A group of Nepalese who are free mostly utilize their time either by playing cards, carom board or by gossiping about some topics by having tea in a tea shop. There are hardly people who utilize their free time in a productive way. So, this is one of the most contributing habits in Nepalese people due to the reason why Nepalese youth are not being productive. This habit is slowly being transferred to the upcoming generation which is a very serious matter. This is not a good sign for the country. So, the children in the schools need to be taught about how to utilize the free time.

  1. Not raising voice when needed
Nepalese people voice

People voice

Most of the Nepalese don’t raise their voice unless they get suffered or they become victimize. When a neighbor has a problem, the other neighbor just become the viewer of the scene rather than supporting them and raising voices. Due to this habit of Nepalese, many political parties are taking benefit of it for their personal growth and there are no any incredible developments in the country as they had promised during elections time.

  1. Habit of copying
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Habit of Copying

The most common bad habit of Nepalese is how fast they copy. When any new trend gets successful in the market, Nepalese copy them and follow the same path to get success. It will have been much better if Nepalese learn from the new trend and use their own creativity and idea.