With the vast opportunity for business available in Nepal, you can start with something as small as starting with a food vendor at supermarkets and malls. The sensible logic is that if you want more profit from your business, you will have to earn the profit. High-risk, high profit means you’ll have to invest an immense amount of money in the business and hopefully get a high profit. The reason why it’s called high risk is because although this kind of business tends to have a high capability for high profit, the high amount of investment that takes place makes it very risky. But hey, go home or go big. So here are a few High Risk, High Profitable Areas of Investment in Nepal.


Almost 40% of Nepal has no access to electricity, and it’s such an irony, especially when Nepal is said to be one of the richest countries in water resources. Nepal itself has not been capable of using the assets that nature has proficient it to create electricity, Electricity deficiency has constantly been a major hassle in Nepal, and a business undertaking in generating electrical energy through water is a concept that is truly set to create profitable opportunities in the future.

Financial Institutes

Financial establishments grant economic services performing as a monetary intermediary. While most of these financial establishments are regulated by the government, there is a massive range of possibilities for personal traders to invest in financial institutions and acquire some profitability.

High Profitable Areas of Investment in Nepal


Nepal isn’t in a good state regarding transport and road conditions. Although countries like China are kindly helping us build the road, it’s still in a bad state. Nepal has solely one international airport, and the necessity for other international airports makes up for a commercial enterprise recreation in transport. Railways in Nepal are a rising thought that has a massive doable for profitability.


Nepal, as the top priority, needs improvement in the medical sector. Although the profit may seem to be calculated in huge amounts, maintaining and providing services and all the technical tools, hygiene, and customer service, everything is very hard to keep up with and maybe a lot of investment. But saying that, due to the lack of quality medical sector, this has a lot of potential for high profit.


Agriculture can be some other essential quarter for development and investment activities. Nepal is an agricultural country, with most people in rural areas mainly depending on earning their livelihood in agriculture. Nepal is blessed for the ecosystem and diverse environment that is offered to us an aspect while having plenty ample of water resources further simplifies the entire debate of whether or not agricultural investments will give us high profit.