SOS Children Village is one of the humanitarian organizations that come in frontline in Nepal. SOS Nepal (Save Our Souls) Children village is an independent and nongovernmental international organization that was founded by Hermann Gmeiner in Austria in 1949 for the protection of interest and rights of the children and meeting their needs.

The main focus of the organization is abandoned, orphaned and destitute children devoid of family care of which they are in utmost need of.  SOS is present in more than 130 countries around the world and Nepal is also one of them.

SOS Children Village Nepal is a non-political and non-denominational organization that is the part of the global federation of SOS Children’s Villages International in Austria. SOS Children Village Nepal came into being since 1960s.

Initially the work of the organization started near the capital city of Kathmandu. Now, it is present in 10 districts in Nepal and all the branches work with the single focussed vision that is the care of the abandoned, orphaned and destitute children.

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SOS Children Villages are present in Jorpati, Sanothimi, Kavre, Bharatpur, Gandaki, Pokhara, Lumbini, Surkhet, Dhangadhi and Itahari. All these SOS children villages of Nepal primarily works for ensuring the future of those children who are deprived of parental care or are in the risk of loss of the parents.

SOS Children Village Nepal functions through their own vision, mission, values and strategy. Sticking tightly to their vision, mission, values and strategy it has been able to live up to its principles and reason of its foundation. It has been able to provide help to many helpless children and has made their future secure.

The vision of SOS children village Nepal is focussed on the growth of the children. It has a vision that during the period of the growth of the children, every child grows with love, respect, security and sense of belonging to the family. The children gain the solid foundation for their growth in which all of their basic necessities are taken care of and they also learn the moral values.

SOS Children Village Nepal has the mission to build families for the children in need, help to shape the children’s future and share in the development of their communities. They have their core values which are their beliefs and attitudes that have always kept them strong and moving on. These values are courage, commitment, trust and accountability.

With courage, they take action to support the children who have no one else to turn to and pioneer innovative child care purposes. With commitment, they keep their promises of ensuring a better life for the children. With trust, they believe in each other, they believe in the potential of every child and with accountability they present reliability. Their main strategy is making the quality care available for each child.

SOS Children Village in Nepal works to strengthen the struggling families. They work with the families for the proper care of the children for their proper growth. If the children cannot be cared for in their own family and cannot stay with their families then they are cared for in one of the SOS villages of the country by the respective SOS mothers.

There are SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools, SOS Youth facilities, SOS Vocational Training Centers, SOS Medical Centres and SOS Social Centres. These take care of education and support of the children. Also, medical advice and treatment is provided where the health care is not widely available.

Works done by the organization is made possible through various supporters, sponsors,   donors etc. All have been in support with their kind humanitarian work that can help a child to ensure his or her future in this vast world.

SOS children village Nepal is a non-governmental and non-denominational organization. It has been working to take care of the children who have lost their parents and who are at risk to lose parents. It ensures their education so that their future will be bright which in turn contribute to the nation building. It has been running under the financial supports of sponsors and donors, institutional and cooperative partners, and loyal friends worldwide.

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  • Every child belongs to a family.
  • Every child grows with love.
  • Every child grows with respect.
  • Every child grows with security.


  • To build families for children in need by providing the opportunity to build a lasting relationship within a family.
  • To help them shape their own futures by ensuring education and skill training they need to be successful.
  • To share in the development of their communities by conducting facilities and programs to strengthen families and prevent the abandonment of children.
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Courage: we take action

  • To take care of the orphan with new technology and innovation.

Commitment: We keep our promises

  • To dedicate to helping the orphans children to have a better life.

Trust: We believe in each other

  • To support and respect to build an environment with responsibilities.

Accountability: We are reliable partners

  • To guarantee the well-being of the children with high standards of care.
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  1. To focus on the continued provision of quality care to children and to prevent abandonment of children in the community.
  2. To achieve greater strategic partnerships with other organizations who share a common vision and values
  3. To build more relationships with friends who can support us to sustain a long-term to childcare.
  4. By supporting the people and associations who work directly with children we will be in a strong position to meet the ultimate objective of providing a loving home to one million children in 2020 all over the world.

Functions of SOS Nepal

  • Family-based child care

It provides a secure and loving care in a family setting for the children who have lost their parents. Its main focus areas are family-based care for orphaned, abandoned and neglected children and comprehensive community-based social programs for disadvantaged families.

  • Family strengthening

Its main motive is to create an environment where orphan children or those who are at risk of losing their parents can get an opportunity to grow in their root family.

  • Education

SOS is providing the quality education to the children who have lost their parents. it runs kindergartens, day care centers, schools and vocational training centers to address the need and right of children.

  • Emergency responses

It initiates and implements emergency rescues during the difficult time of flood, landslide, earthquake etc. It focuses on children and youth in regular activities and emergency operations.

  • Child rights Advocacy

It assesses whether the national alternative care center is under the UN Guidelines for Alternative Care of Children in order to address the plights of needy children.

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Currently, SOS has its branches in Itahari, Bharatpur, Dhangadhi, Gandaki, Jorpati,

Kavre, Lumbini, Pokhara, Sanothimi and Surkhet.

SOS Nepal Contact Address

SOS Children’s Villages Nepal
Post Box: 757
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 977-1-6630391
Fax: 977-1-6630191
For Staff Members: