SEE students have just completed the biggest examination and now are on their vacation. It is for sure that you are excited for new high school, new friends and totally new environment. In few months, you will be a high school student and new phase of your life will start. Our previous articles were also  dedicated to SEE students so is this article . Joining high school is a quite different experience and it is somewhere the turning point in your life. You choose a particular field which will somewhere or the other decide your whole life.

Study effectively in high school

It is important to have fun in high school but we can’t for sure deny the fact that we have to study well. High school is quite different from school and it is comparatively tougher as well. The teachers will not have same approach as they used in school. I am listing few tips for you to do good in your high school . These little tips will help you be better in studies after all that is the reason why we go to high school.

Spend time in the library

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Unlike school, the syllabus and course structure in high school is quite tough. And if you choose A levels or IB, it will be completely different so you will need to put much effort . Library is great place to be not just to read the horoscopes but for other purpose as well. High school is Nepal usually have well -equipped library so make the most of it. Spend your time in library and read those books. Your regular class books are prepared just as per syllabus so it is better if you read other books as well. This will broaden your knowledge. Consult different books and this will really be beneficial. You have to pay good fees for the library then why not make the most of it. Take full advantage and broaden your knowledge.

 Use your Phone for the best                                                 

 Most of students have phone during their school days and some get theirs after SEE. So since you have your phone with you and also internet, then why not make the most of it. Instead of using your phone just for social media and youtube, you can learn from your phone. There are so many online lectures that you can take. Also if there is anything confusing, you can just browse it and you will find many notes and clear descriptions . This way you can clear your confusion. You will find e books from for free. Imagine being able to read book of very good writer for free. Your phone has that power so make most of it. Make your phone your study partner and see the results by yourself.

 Plan a schedule and stick to it

Make a proper schedule for studying and try to stick to that. Make a schedule of how many hours you want to study a day and how many hours you want to spend on your phone. Having a schedule helps you stay organized and updated.  Apart from a schedule keep your things organized as well. When everything is on place ie, your books, notebooks, stationaries you can become more effective and efficient. 

 Make clear and complete notes

One of the different things in high school is that teachers will not give you full notes like they used to in school. So you will have to learn to make your own notes. We have always seen nerd kids working in their notes in movies . They show it that way for a reason. You must have complete notes and updates. Make your own notes from book.  Read and understand the paragraphs from book and write it down on your simple words. When we revise in home, make clear notes for yourself in your own language.

 Stay away from distractions

When you sit for studying don’t get distracted by things. Keep your cell phone away and forget everything else while you are studying. Even if you are studying for 15 minutes, only focus on that .For some people music helps for concentration. A soothing music may help you stay focused.

  Revise Everyday

 The syllabus in high school is much tough and harsh. There is a lot to cover in very less period so you may get overwhelmed at first. But the simple trick is revising every day. Don’t forget everything you studied that day even just for hour. Once you revise you will get clear idea of the course and you will be updated with the study .Since you do it every day, you will not feel like you have to study a lot at a time.

Little revision everyday goes along way. Instead of piling up the course it is better to revise it every day so that if there is any confusion you can clear it the other day.Even if you had very tiring day, don’t skip revision. Once you freshen up, instead of spending your time on your cell phone, review the things you were taught that day.

 Study in group

You will definitely make new friends in high school so it is better to study in group. Not just in exam you can study in groups once in while such that you will be able to discuss things timely. And also this will make your friendship more strong. The other benefit is that when you study in groups, it is less boring .

You can meet in someone’s house and then do group study. You can ask each other questions and learn from each other. If you are a good student then group study will make you even better. When we teach others we end up learning more. So group study is great deal for both good and average students. Group study encourages interactive environment. You can grow together.

Of course studying is important but make sure that this 2 years of your high school is memorable . Have fun and enjoy your high school days !