Before discussing Pathao or Tootle, let’s begin our article with the transportation system in Kathmandu. The number of vehicles is increasing everyday with rise in population. This for sure has created long traffic jams and also severe scarcity of pubic vehicles. Even though there are so many vehicles in road, we often find it difficult to reach someplace in time.

There are so many two wheeler in roads of Kathmandu with empty back seats. Wouldn’t it be great if none of these seats were empty and everyone could go to their destinations in time.

So, here is tootle and pathao for that. You no more have to deal with hassles of travelling in public bus and no more worry about high taxi fares. Just use tootle and pathao app to share a ride with fellow rider in very affordable price.

pathao or tootle

What is tootle App      

Tootle is a new initiative by young entrepreneurs in Nepal. It is a ride-sharing service that aims to connect riders with passengers. It is a ride-sharing service currently in operation in Kathmandu Valley. You can book a tootle ride from the app and then enjoy it.

This is a very affordable and reliable service. All of you have to do is make a request for the ride via an app. Any riders nearest to your location will come and pick you. You can pay via cash or through electronic transfer once you reach your destination.  This is one of the best solutions to traffic jams and public transportation hassles.

How to use the Tootle App

Using the tootle app is also quite easy. Here is a brief procedure on how can you use the tootle app :

  •  You will need the app to use the service. Therefore download the app from the links:
  • For Apple users: Tootle on iOs
  •  Once you have the app you need to register yourself with tootle. Sign up with all your details and set up a user name. Once you are registered user you can use the service to go anywhere in Kathmandu.
  • Use the app and choose a pickup and drop point. Make a request via the app.
  • Your request will be accepted in five minutes and the rider will give you a call. The rider closest to your location will come and pick you.

Gender preference option

  •  Also, you have a gender preference option as well. You can choose if a girl or a boy will pick you. You can even choose a time when you want the rider to arrive.
  • Once the rider arrives to pick you, you can pay once you reach your destination. You can pay directly via cash or transfer funds through a digital wallet.
  • In all this process you will receive rider code from the tootle app. Once you reach your destination give the code to the rider and that’s how tootle confirms that you reached your destination safely.
  • Finally, you can rate your rider based on your experience.

How to register as a Tootle rider

You may be trying to make some extra pocket money then you can register yourself as a tootle rider. Give rides and earn money with every ride. To become a tootle rider you will first have to download the tootle partner app:

Once you download the app you will have to fill in the form and register yourself to become a tootle rider. If you are selected you will receive a training session before activating your account. Tootle is quite serious about the safety of its customers so the rider is selected after training and test

After completion of training and after passing the test, you are eligible to become a tootle partner. You can now activate your account using the mobile number and password you used while registering yourself.

Pathao App

Pathao was founded in 2015 by Hussain M Elius and Shifat Adnan. It is among the fastest-growing tech startups in Asia. Pathao was started by Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in order to provide easier transportation services to People and to address the biggest traffic problem in Bangladesh.

It is ride-hailing service in South Asia and is also one of the promising tech startups in Asia. Pathao with the help of motorcycles, cars, and bicycles, provides transportation facilities to its customers.

How to use Pathao App

  • Download the Pathao app from the play store and app store. The app once downloaded can be used to enjoy rides. 
  • Once you download the app, follow the instructions  mentioned :
  • Open your Pathao app on your phone.
  • Then select what kind of bike you want to go for either scooter or bikes. You can even choose your rider.
  •  Then type in your destination. You can select the menu select destination area at the top. Or, you can also select Map to manually find your location.
  • Once you select your destination,  press on Done
  • Select Bike and press Send Pickup Request
  •  Once you complete all the steps Pathao will connect you to a nearby rider and you can get to your destination in time

How to register as a Pathao rider

You may be willing to make some spare money or some college students may be willing to earn their pocket money by themselves then Pathao is the ideal thing for you.  You can make some money by giving rides to people. You need to register in order to start working as rider.

Click on the link to complete the registration process :

 Then, once you open the link fill in the required details. You need to fill your full name, Phone number, your ride type, and your current address. Then click on the submit option. You will receive further notifications if you are selected. You need to pass a test to qualify as a rider.

Why was Pathao or Tootle banned

Pathao along with tootle was banned after traffic started taking actions against the riders. In Nepal, It is considered illegal to conduct this kind of business. Recently cases were filed against many pathao and tootle riders by customers.  

Police even took action against some riders and the service was banned for some time. But then the action received a lot of criticism from the public and the rage was clearly seen in social media. Now again the ban was canceled and pathao along with tootle have again started their operations.