We have been hearing the terrifying news of rape, kidnapping, acid attacks and murder everyday, in such case can we say women travelers are safe in Nepal? Not just women travelers but every women is unsafe these days in Nepal, she is unsafe at home, at office, on her way to work, on her school and everywhere. And as a woman there is nothing we can do. The mere self defense techniques, woman empowerment campaigns are of no use when men consider woman as their toy. Not just men, women are unsafe from women as well. Is Nepal safe?

Is Nepal safe for Female Tourists?

We used to hear cases of cases of rape once in a while before, but now everyday we hear brutal news. It is frustrating to see that sexual violence is increasing, even women are being more independent and empowered. That’s why travelling is not easy for a woman in Nepal. I don’t consider solo travel safe for woman in Nepal. Our family still don’t allow to travel alone because they know that the world out there is not safe. Mocking a woman, touching her inappropriately in a public vehicles is no big deal for men. And many women tolerate this silently. A girl on her way to college gets mocked everyday by bunch of boys who are themselves so called educated college students. Whistling at a girl, calling her inappropriate names is not a big issue for boys, after all that what makes them cool, right? But for a woman it is terrifying. It is equal to sexual abuse, those actions not only hurt her self esteem but also lowers her confidence.

Nepal is not safe country for female

For instance, if i want to travel to a new place by myself. How tough will it be for me and how tough would it be for a man ? Well, the clerk at ticket counter won’t flirt with the man the way he does with woman? Anyone in the public bus will touch her inappropriately. The conductor will stare at her and there is nothing she can do but try to avoid eye contact with him. And even the waiter at a hotel will whistle at her. A woman is not safe if she rents a cab for night. Not only in night she can’t travel alone in the day as well. Recently we heard the news of a 17 year old who got raped by micro-bus driver and his helper in Saptari, terai while she asked for lift to Kathmandu. In such case, how can a woman feel safe to travel alone? Is Nepal safe?

is nepal safe

Women are not safe in anyplace. She is not safe in a hotel, she can’t roam around her home alone in night then how can she be safe when she travels somewhere away from home? Even a school kid is a victim, a year old child is brutally murdered after rape and the country is still silent. The punishments are nothing compared to the sin they have committed.

Is Nepal safe For female to travel alone in Nepal?

The point of this article is that women are not safe in Nepal. They are not safe from men or women. Most of girl trafficking racket is run by women themselves. And recently cases of sexual abuse and violence have increased so much that its high time we do something against it. Government should impose strict laws and above all men should broaden their way of thinking and stop treating women like a toy that provides them pleasure. Then only a woman can feel safe and secure to travel to any part of the world she wants to.