Marriage is a beautiful bond that connects two people for eternity. In case of Nepal, marriage not only connects two person but two families as well. That is the beauty of Nepali culture, when two people decide to get married, the two families also get connected forever Previously, Nepal had and still has culture of arranged marriage where the family members pick bride and groom for their Children. But now with modernization,the trend of love marriage is increasing. People choose their life partners by themselves. In present time that proves to be good since you already know your life partner and is well familiar to him/her. In this time when finding a right person is so difficult, it is good that people choose their life partner themselves and get committed only after knowing each other. It very important to test your compatibility before tying knots. Marriage in Nepal is very difficult. Parents always force for arrange marriage in Nepal and only 1% of parent takes love marriage in Nepal easily. Many people thinks about society first before any kind of marriages in Nepal.

Arranged Marriage and Love marriage in Nepal

Arranged marriage has been Nepali trend since always and its amazing to see that the arrange marriages work very well. Even if there is trend of arrange marriage in Nepal, divorce rate is quite low in Nepal compared to developed countries where love marriage has dominance. I think reason behind the lasting of marriages is the support they get from family members and the freshness they have in their relationship after marriage. Even though arrange marriages are successful till now in Nepal, it may not work in every case. I personally believe that you should get married to the person you love rather than being forced to love the person you get married with.

love marriage in nepal perfect couple

Perfect couple

Love marriage is not the Tradition

Love marriage in Nepal still have to go through a lot of hardship in case of Nepal especially when the marriage is between two different cast. Even in this modern time, inter cast marriage is a big no in Nepal. Well, many parents now have adapted to this trend for the sake of their Child happiness but still there are some who don’t accept this. We see many examples of young couple killing themselves for their parents didn’t allow the marriage. After all, all that parents want is Children’s happiness but sometimes because of communication gap and misunderstanding from both the sides, they end up losing each other.

But there are many parents who are ready to change the way they think for the sake of their child. It somehow fair for our parents to stick with their principles because that is what they believed growing up. For them inter cast marriage is a sin. They have carried this principle their entire life and it would definitely be tough for them to give their life long belief. But with time, parents should also broaden their way of thinking. Thus Children should have patience while dealing with this issue, and try to persuade their parents patiently rather than going against their will. Similarly, parents should also be a little positive about Children’s choice. If that can be done love marriage in Nepal will not be a big deal. And about society, you don’t have to care about society when your family is supportive towards your decision. On a survey by, the maximum difficulty of love marriage in Nepal is found to be from the side of female parents in Nepal.

Reasons why love marriages are not the common in Nepal

One of the main reasons parents don’t support love marriage in Nepal is that they can’t believe that their children are mature enough to choose their life partner by themselves. They don’t trust their child’s choice. All they want is the best for their child and want to choose a deserving partner for their children themselves to ensure their life long happiness. Arrange marriage worked till now but it is not necessary that it will work forever. We should get freedom of choosing our life partner but we should not leave our parents behind while fulfilling our wish.

In overall view, love marriage in Nepal has become quite easy compared to past especially in urban areas. They still have to go through a lot of difficulty in remote areas but with time people will eventually start giving acceptance to love marriage.