Nepal Pharmacy Council

The Nepal Pharmacy Council is a public organization established to provide an effective platform for registering and regulating pharmacists within the country. This council not only ensures that professional standards are maintained in the pharmacy field but also plays a vital role in promoting patient safety and public health. To stay up-to-date with the latest developments, the council continuously updates its guidelines and requirements, which can be accessed easily through its official website and blog.

New pharmacists and pharmacy professionals in Nepal must register with the Nepal Pharmacy Council to be recognized and practice their profession legally after their pharmacy education. The registration process involves meeting specific criteria and undergoing a license examination to ensure aspiring pharmacists have the knowledge and skills to provide a high standard of pharmaceutical care. This process not only helps in maintaining the credibility of the profession but also aids in improving the quality of healthcare services provided to the public.

Nepal Pharmacy Council

Moreover, the Nepal Pharmacy Council is also responsible for setting up and implementing various continuing education programs and workshops for pharmacists to stay informed about the latest medical science, research, and technology advancements. By doing so, the council creates an environment where pharmacists can continually update their skills and competencies, ultimately leading to better patient care and increased public trust in the profession.

Nepal Pharmacy Council Registration License Examination

The Nepal Pharmacy Council License Exam is crucial for all aspiring pharmacists in the country who wish to obtain a license to practice professionally. The Nepal Pharmacy Council is the governing body responsible for regulating the pharmacy profession and ensuring that all individuals engaged in it meet the highest standards of practice and ethics.

As part of its role, the Council administers a comprehensive license exam for those seeking registration. To participate in the process, candidates must first submit the required registration form with all the necessary personal and professional details, such as name, educational qualifications, and relevant experience. As part of the registration process for the license exam, candidates must provide a series of essential documents, such as certificates of academic achievements, proof of identity, and work experience.

To complete the registration process, students can use the following steps.

  1. Go to the Online Registration Website of the council at
  2. To start the online name application form, Select your level – Diploma in Pharmacy or Bachelor in Pharmacy.
  3. You need to put your personal information on the form.

Nepal Pharmacy Council Online name application form

Once the registration form is submitted, eligible candidates will receive information regarding the exam schedule, location, and structure. The license exam consists of multiple-choice questions that test candidates’ knowledge of pharmacy practice and relevant medical laws and regulations.

Applicants can use the following steps to get the Nepal Pharmacy Council Admit card.

  1. Go to Admit Card webpage of the Council at
  2. Put your mobile number and click Submit.

Nepal Pharmacy Council Admit Card

Upon successfully passing the Nepal Pharmacy Council License Exam, candidates will receive their license to practice pharmacy in the country. This prestigious credential signifies that a pharmacist has met the stringent professional standards set by the Council, ensuring their competence and integrity in providing healthcare services.

The license serves as a testament to the dedication and commitment of the individual in their pursuit of excellence and ethical practices in their profession.

Nepal Pharmacy Council exam Questions

NPC published the latest syllabus and subjects for license examination.

Diploma In Pharmacy: Name Registration Exam Syllabus

Nepal Pharmacy Council model questions with answers:

License exam questions:

Nepal Pharmacy Council Result

The Nepal Pharmacy Council is an organization established to regulate the pharmacy profession in Nepal, ensuring that pharmacists maintain the highest standards of competence and ethical practice. One significant aspect of their role involves conducting the pharmacy registration examination, which is essential for pharmacists to obtain their license to practice in the country. Aspiring pharmacists await the Nepal Pharmacy Council Result, a testament to their hard work and aptitude in the field.

To check the result, individuals need to visit the official website of the Nepal Pharmacy Council, where they can access the necessary information by entering their name, registration number, and other relevant details. The council also provides regular updates on their blog, keeping us well-informed about any changes or announcements.

Additionally, the organization has a dedicated section on how to check the result, making it easy for those new to the process to easily get the information they need. In conclusion, the Nepal Pharmacy Council plays a crucial role in ensuring the credibility and proficiency of pharmacists in the country.

By establishing rigorous examination processes and providing an accessible platform for candidates to check their results, the council upholds the profession’s integrity while allowing individuals to continuously update their knowledge and skills.

To check the result, follow these steps:

  1. Go to result website of council at
  2. Put your valid Symbol Number (Example D-xxxxxx)
  3. Click on submit button

Nepal Pharmacy Council Exam Result

Nepal pharmacy council website

The Nepal pharmacy council’s official website publishes a recent notice, and an online form is