Nepal Telecom has published a notice regarding job openings for various jobs. Online applications are invited from interested Nepali citizens who have yet to be taken into action for not being able to participate in any examination.

Notice Date: February 27, 2023

The notice says, “By the Staff Regulations of Nepal Telecommunications Company Limited, 2078 (including the first amendment) in the following written posts vacant in the company, permanent posts are to be filled through open and inclusive competition, and those qualified as follows, who are not disqualified according to Regulation 17 and who have committed irregularities in the examination by the Public Service Commission, have been conducted by the Commission for a certain period before.”

Nepal Telecom Has 2079 Job Openings for a Variety of Jobs

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The applicant must upload the following documents to the online form on the company’s website,, or through the online system through the certificate of Nepali citizenship, a recent passport-size photo, a sample signature, credentials of the applicant’s minimum educational requirement, training, and experience, as well as council registration and inclusion certificates and equivalency determination letters. Action will only be taken on an application submitted on time or with the documents attached. The applicant will be held accountable if the information they entered and submitted online when completing the application is found to be inaccurate or not as indicated.

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For the post of Deputy Manager, Nepal Telecom: Having completed the post-graduate level in the topic required for entry into the official level job of the group and being registered with the Nepal Engineering Council following applicable laws and the Nepal Government Civil Service/Government Service or University Alternatively, they should have at least five years’ worth of experience working as a teacher or in an official capacity for a formalized organization. Nonetheless, candidates with a degree can still be considered even if they have fewer than two years of work experience.

Nepal Telecom Has 2079 Job Openings for a Variety of Jobs

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